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Welcome to our fine jewelry watch gallery. Here you will find a selection of name brand watches all in stock and ready to ship. We feature Bulova, Caravelle, Accutron and Wittnauer. We also offer you fashion watches that are stylish and value priced. A watch is a statement of your fashion sense. You can wear a fine time piece or a whimsical jewelry watch accessory. A cuff watch for those Saturdays when you are wearing your favorite jeans and a tank top or a bulova diamond watch with that business suit. It's the perfect time for you to find the one that makes you tick.

Selecting a Watch

These days, wearing a watch has way more purpose than simply telling time. Aside from the obvious reasons established by multifunction watches, wearing a watch is an outlet in which you can express you personal style and showcase your interests. Although there are obvious differences in the design of a watch such as the materials it’s made out of, the shape of the case and different embellishments like Swarovski crystals and colored gemstones - there are also purposeful design details that dictate what type of watch you’re wearing.

Although the most practical solution to selecting a watch that is best for you is by evaluating its bonus functions like a stopwatch or calendar window, sometimes you just have to pick a watch that you are the most attracted to. It’s all about how wearing that special watch feels (and I’m not just talking about texture or weight of the watch). It’s about the emotional connection you make with a fine piece of jewelry and having pride in your selection.

Among our varied selection of Bulova, Caravelle and Wittnauer watches you’ll find many different styles and collections. Each type of watch has their own unique features and distinct details that designate which type of watch it is categorized as.

Classic Watches

Classic watches are available in many styles. Because of their versatile look they can be worn for almost any occasion and never go out of fashion. Classic watches are those that solely incorporate the basic time-keeping function and come with a simple, but decorative casing and band. However, they can feature nearly any shaped dial and use any material for their band, although stainless steel or leather straps are often the most popular. Some of our most fabulous classic watches can be found in our Wittnauer collections as well as in many of our professional sport watch categories.

Dress Watches

Dress watches earned their name because of their lavish appeal. Dress watches like many of the one’s found in our Bulova collections, are designed to promote an expensive price tag (no matter how little you paid) and have a fancier design compared to classic watches. Some of the most popular upgrades found in dress watches is the addition of Swarovski crystals, colored gemstones and diamond accents around the outside bezel or on the dial itself. Dress watches are most appropriate for professional business attire or evenings out on the town. However, dress watches can also add a sophisticated appeal to even the most casual of outfits.

Sport Watches

Sports watches are designed for endurance and functionality. They are made with straps that are designed for durability and made from specially selected materials such as polyurethane and water-resistant leather. Sport watches also usually include added functions like a stopwatch or lap counter. Sport watches are also noted for their sleek and striking appearance giving the wearer a sophisticated yet “sporty” accent.

High-Tech Watches

High-tech watches utilize a watches multifunction abilities to the best of their abilities. They push the bar when it comes to intricate and technologically enhanced designs to ensure that your watch has every feature possible. Nothing short of remarkable, high tech watches can come equipped with everything from built in GPS systems to digital cameras. With high-tech watches it isn’t just about looking fashionable or even telling time.