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Learn About Topaz Jewelry and Gemstones

Where do topaz gemstones come from? Topaz can be found in a variety of Asian countries like China, Afghanistan and Japan as well as the U.S., Australia and Mexico. Some of the most valuable topazes are found are mined in Brazil and Pakistan. The only naturally occurring blue variety is found in England, Scotland and Ireland. If you can find natural blue topaz and diamond ring , you have an opportunity to own something both rare and beautiful.

There is some confusion as to the origin of the name "topaz." One possibility is that it was named for the island of Topazos, located in the Red Sea. "Topazos" is Greek for "green stone." This island was once a source for the yellowish-green peridot gemstone. However, in ancient times, people referred to all stones that were yellowish-brown or green as topaz.

The many colors of topaz

While you may think blue is the more common color for topaz, natural blue stones are actually quite rare. The only place to find natural blue topaz is in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So, how come you see a lot of blue topaz jewelry in stores? Because blue topazes are created by exposing clear stones with radiation and this process physically changes the color. The blue color that is achieved depends on the type of treatment, either neutron or electron blasts of radiation. Once the color changes, the stone is heated to hold the color. Yes, radiation is used, so it is necessary to allow the stones to cool for about a year before they are released to the market. This is to reduce the possibility of radiation exposure from the gemstones. So, don't worry about your blue topaz diamond earrings . Safety precautions have been taken to protect you.

Common topaz is a sort of orange-yellow color, like amber. The Champagne topaz is a yellow-brown color and is found in Mexico. One of the few topazes not color-engineered is the Imperial topaz. It is a perfect topaz for its pure golden color. Brazil is the main source for this color stone. It makes a wonderful topaz ring and, with the right setting, could be used in place of a champagne diamond as an engagement ring.

It is rare to find a natural pink topaz, but if you do, you will pay a pretty penny for it. A reddish-pink tint is the most valuable of the colors, though blue is the most popular. Because they are so rare, most of the pink topazes found in stores are heat-treated yellow stones. When heated, the color changes and you get a pink topaz. But, whether you have a natural color topaz or heat-treated, pink topaz earrings.

More recently, designer gemstones have been created from white topaz. mystic fire topaz is the result of adding a thin layer of titanium to the bottom of the stone. This creates a prism of color as light passes through it.

Topaz is the birthstone for November

Is your birthday in November? Topaz jewelry is popular in all colors. But typically, the yellow topaz is considered the official birthstone for November. If you want to be different, it's ok to wear blue, mystic fire or pink topaz earrings to celebrate your birthday. It's your birth month and physically, they are all topazes despite the color.

Caring for your topaz

Topaz ranks an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. While it is a fairly durable stone, you must take care when wearing and cleaning it. Extreme and fast temperature changes and knocking it into hard surfaces can cause cracks and scratches. Warm soapy water is the best way to clean your topaz ring and other pieces. Though home ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended, you can feel safe taking it to your jeweler for a professional cleaning.

Topaz lore and trivia

  • Because of its golden color, topaz was associated with the sun gods Ra and Jupiter of ancient Egypt and Roman mythology.
  • Ancient Greeks believed it created a cloak of invisibility to the wearer.
  • Quite possibly, kings and dictators used topaz to test their food and drink for poisons. Well, if they were worried about assassination attempts anyway. Just in case, they probably wore a topaz ring they could easily dip into the food or wine. A color change supposedly meant that poison was present.
  • It is believed that topaz elevates mood, improves fertility, increases strength and has an overall calming effect on the wearer. True or not, it couldn't hurt to wear a yellow gold smokey topaz ring or even pink topaz earrings . Just wearing beautiful jewelry can make you feel better regardless of any mystical powers.
  • The largest smokey topaz is on display at The Smithsonian. It is cut and weighs almost 23,000 carats!
  • The most famous topaz is found in the Portuguese crown. Weighing 1680 carats, this topaz was long thought to be a diamond because of its beautiful cut and clarity.
The color you choose to wear is a matter of personality and preference. Luckily, topaz gemstones offer you a variety of choices to make a statement with your jewelry.