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Threader Earrings Guide

What are Threader Earrings?

Innovation and style define the jewelry industry and earrings benefit as much as any other piece of jewelry. From the first hoop, to the addition of gemstones, the invention of the screw-back and clip-on, the French wire and now, threader Earrings. Gold and sterling silver threader earrings are more than just an innovative way to put on an earring- they make a truly unique look. The earring is threaded through the pierced ear just like wire backs are, but the difference is that it keeps on going. To get started, the end is a bar or post, but the rest is a flexible chain. Silver and gold threader earrings are slender enough so that they easily pass through the hole. The final effect is a double dangle- swinging from the front and the back. The front section of threader Earrings can be simple or it may have a design, a gemstone or a charm. For a dramatic look, choose a style that is long and just sweeps the shoulders. Wearing long gold threader earrings, an off-the-shoulder top and a great tan are chic and very celebrity. The key is that these pieces are light weight so they donít weigh down the lobe and pull the hole out of shape.

Spice up this Unique Look

If itís still not exciting or different enough, silver and gold threader earrings are very versatile. Anymore, most women have more than one piercing- some travel all the way up to the cartilage. For those who have more than one hole, gold and silver threader earrings can be laced through the holes- yes, similar to a shoe lace. Of course, the length of the earring determines how far it can go. To further personalize the look, slip a charm or gemstone through before completing the thread. It will rest in the center of the draped portion creating an illusion of floating in front of the lobe.

There are plain styles and there are designs for any personality. Beads, gems, charms and designs adorn different styles. Hoop designs, gemstones, colored beads and pearls can all be added to the bottom or even incorporated into the middle of the front thread. The chain may also be decorative- a twisted-rope style, box or a simple polished chain. Give as a gift Gold or sterling silver threader earrings make a special gift to that special girl who likes to be on the very edge of fashion. The great thing about these as a gift is that they can be worn anytime and with anything. In a t-shirt and jeans, it is a casual look. In an evening gown, it is stunning and elegant. For a birthday gift, add her birthstone or a lovely charm to make it even more special. The versatility afforded by this new trend in ear fashion is amazing. They just might become her favorite pair of earrings for just this reason.

Storing Threader Earrings

Just like bracelets and necklaces, threader Earrings need to be properly stored to prevent tangling. The best way to this is to use an earring tree that the piece can be threaded through just like a pierced ear and each one has its own hole. Another way to keep them is in their own compartment. They may get tangled with each other, but at least they wonít get tangled with other earrings, bracelets or necklaces. A bonus with this style is that there is no tiny back to keep up with. Some backs are so tiny they slip out of the fingers or simply fall off the earring, never to be found again. Silver and gold threader earrings donít need these little backs or other pieces that can be lost. Because of the way it threads through the hole and down the back, the risk of unknowingly losing an earring is eliminated. The solid post that is part of the chain makes it easy to thread the earring through the hole.

As for cleaning this style, gold threader earrings can be cleaned by soaking them in soapy water or jewelry and a quick polish with a soft cloth. Sterling silver pieces should be cleaned with special silver cleaner to get rid of the darkened tarnished spots. Be careful when wiping down with a cloth because the metal is thin and could be broken if pulled on too hard. Sterling silver and gold threader earrings are practical and stylish. They can easily be the go-to earring when nothing else seems to go with an outfit. Whether laced through several holes or left to dangle and brush the shoulders, this trend is sexy and hot. It remains to be seen if threader Earrings will become a classic style, but for right now they are all the rage which makes them a great investment in fashion.