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Sea Mist Topaz

Sea Mist Topaz: About This Gem

If you haven’t heard about sea mist topaz, it’s one of the most delightful and beautiful gems out on the market today. This fabulous stone is a hybrid between nature and technology. Sea mist topaz starts with a natural white topaz gemstone created from Mother Nature. Then, actual titanium is applied to the bottom of the stone. This process combined with a few secrets from a company called Azotic Coating Technology, Inc. in Minnesota enhances this gem to create sea mist topaz.

When you gaze upon this treasure, it's hard to fully describe the beauty. Sea mist topaz is clear, but the strong hues of pink, purple, blue, green and golden seem to float over the surface creating a definite yet transparent kaleidoscope of color.

Sea mist topaz is so extraordinarily unique because of its ethereal color and light. When you see the stone for the first time, you’d think it came from a fantasy world. While the gem is clear, strong gossamer color hovers over the top like the prism effect found on a bubble. The beauty is almost beyond words.

Bright light adds to the magnitude of wonder in sea mist topaz. Because the stone is basically clear, beams of illumination flash from every angle creating the most captivating jewelry.

Sea Mist Topaz: Why So Special?

Sea mist topaz is one of the modern day choices for the November birthstone. Moreover, the magical characteristics of this gem make sea mist topaz highly celebrated. You can easily be mesmerized by the transparent yet strong color and light. It’s like gazing into a crystal ball. In fact, many believe that sea mist topaz can serve as a life guide, helping the wearer chart the course in his life. Further, it has been said that sea mist topaz can energize and refresh your mind, giving you the wisdom in seeking truth as well as forgiveness in your heart.

Sea Mist Topaz and Fashion

While sea mist topaz has association with plenty of enchanting qualities and special meanings, you don’t have to subscribe to them in order to appreciate its beauty. Simply said, this gem is just plain fun to wear. When you put any jewelry on that's made with this stone, you can’t help but smile. The iridescent colors are so fun and flirty. Wearing sea mist topaz is like an instant perk me up. Because the stone is basically clear, it virtually goes with anything. Jeans and a tee shirt get jazzed up when you wear sea mist topaz earrings. Sundresses are extra charming and suits become less somber when accessorized with the sparkle of this jewel.

Sea Mist Topaz and How to Care for It

Sea mist topaz is chemically made of genuine fluorine aluminum silicate which ranks an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This is a general comparison system used in the gemstone industry ranging from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest. So, as you can see, the stone is relatively hard. However, keep in mind that this gem is coated on the bottom with a thin layer of titanium. So, when you clean it, very mild soap and water is all you need. Harsh chemicals can damage your treasure. If you must, you can GENTLY brush the stone to remove any debris. A natural hair cosmetic brush is recommended. Take special care to not scratch the coating on the gem or the prismatic effect can be damaged.

General care should be taken to avoid knocking your jewelry on hard surfaces. Even diamonds can break if they are hit at the right angle and sea mist topaz is no exception. This gemstone is actually quite durable and with just a little special care, your treasure will last a lifetime and then some.

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