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Sapphire Jewelry

What is a sapphire?

Under the earth, heat and pressure create a mineral known as corundum. This mineral is made up of crystallized aluminum oxide and is commonly known as a sapphire. Well, except for the red ones- those are rubies. But, every other colored corundum is a sapphire. Particles such as chrome, iron and titanium are what give the stones color.

When you think of sapphires , you probably think of blue gems. But, there is whole other world of sapphires to enjoy. Fancy sapphires are the non-blue variety and they come in pink, black, yellow, green and purple. Those extra particles determine the color. So, if you love sapphires but blue doesn't fit your wardrobe, choose a fancy sapphire. If you have a dressy event and your dress is pink, pick out pink sapphire and diamond necklace to finish your ensemble.

Where do sapphires come from?

Sapphires were first discovered in Sri Lanka, known at the time as Ceylon. But, some of the most desirable sapphires come from Kashmir. The stones from these mines tend to have a hint of violet with a vivid blue, known as cornflower blue. Another coveted stone is the Burmese sapphire. Burma, now known as Myanmar, has mines that produce a range of beautiful shades that are also popular. The Kashmir and the Burmese stones are considered the most desirable and, therefore, the most expensive.

Africa, Brazil and India also have sapphire mines. However, your sapphire necklace probably came from Australia or Thailand because they have the most productive mines and create the most affordable stones. True lovers of sapphire can tell where a stone has come from based on the color because of the other minerals found in the soil at the mine location. These particles are what create the color of the stone.

Sapphire the September birthstone.

Every month has a gemstone dedicated to it and people born in those months tend to be very loyal to their gemstone. For September, the sapphire is the birthstone and September babies are no different. They may even say it is more special because the sapphire is one of the four classic precious gems also including diamond, ruby and emerald.

In the month of September, sapphire ring sales soar because the birthstone ring is the most common piece. If you want to be different, pick out a yellow sapphire necklace or yellow sapphire ring instead. But, especially for the purists, no color will ever top the classic shades of blue.

Another special occasion (if you need one) to celebrate the sapphire is on your 5th and 45th wedding anniversary. So, you get two shots at adding diamond and sapphire rings to your jewelry box.

How to take care of your sapphires

Your sapphire necklace will be easy to care for. With a rank of 9, this gemstone is second only to the diamond on Mohs scale of hardness. That is not to say you can't break or chip your sapphire ring , but it holds up better to daily wear and tear. Cleaning is easy too. You can take it into your local jeweler and have them steam it or drop it in their ultrasonic cleaner. If you want to clean it at home, soak it in warm soapy water and brush it with medium bristles to get up under the setting.

Legendary Sapphires and Lore

Prometheus of Greek mythology was noted to wear a sapphire . According to the myth, he stole the sapphire when he stole fire from the gods to give to the humans. Evidently the sapphire did not protect him from harm, because the gods exacted a brutal punishment for the deed. There is also a biblical reference to the sapphire in the Book of Exodus. Finally, in Indian culture, a sapphire necklace is worn to ward off evil.

The most famous modern day sapphire is probably the enormous sapphire ring Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana for their engagement. And, as the norms for wedding etiquette change, more and more women are opting for a colored gemstone instead of a diamond engagement or wedding ring.

Like most gemstones, the sapphire is also believed to have mystical properties. Serenity, happiness and insight are all associated with the sapphire. Probably the most important is that it is believed to repel evil spirits and protect the wearer from illness. Who knows what magical properties, if any, that the sapphire possesses, but can it hurt to wear a sapphire necklace ? Of course not.

Whether it is your birthstone or you just like the vast serenity of the blue shades, sapphire jewelry makes a beautiful statement. Set in platinum and silver, any shade of sapphire necklace is elegant and sophisticated. And, you can wear your sapphires every day. You don't have to wait for a special occasion or that they will get damaged. Wear them with everything! And, if blue doesn't go with your wardrobe, get a pink sapphire necklace or yellow, green or black. There is a sapphire for every personality and preference.