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Ruby Jewelry: The Allure of the Ruby

Ruby jewelry- prized for its luster and richness. With shades ranging from blushing pinkish tones to bold blood reds, there is a stone that suite every personality.

Ruby Jewelry: A very precious gem

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds are the original precious gems and as such, they will always be desirable and valuable. When it comes to a ruby ring, necklace or other piece of (ruby jewelry), color is everything. While some, like the blood red Burmese variety, are more valuable, color is relative to the taste of each person.

Ruby Jewelry: The physical elements

Ruby is a variety of the aluminum oxide mineral corundum. To make it a ruby, it also contains beryllium and silicon. Wait…is it a ruby or a sapphire? It wasn't until the early 1800s that gemologists realized that the ruby was really a red variety of sapphire. There was some discussion as to what to call it once scientists realized it was corundum (same as the sapphire) with trace elements of chrome to give it shades of red.

So why is it called a ruby necklace instead of a red sapphire necklace? Basically because the ruby has had its own reputation of power, passion and fire for thousands of years. Changing its name would be denying the essence of ruby jewelry.So, though they are chemically the same, red is the only color in the corundum family that is its own gemstone. All the other colors are sapphires.

Ruby Jewelry: Origins and trivia

There are many ruby mines around the world. The most valuable and significant mines are located in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma which is why the most desirable color is called a Burmese ruby. This variety has the deep blood red hue that is the epitome of ruby red. There are other deposits scattered across Asia to include Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Newer deposits were found in the Africa in the 60s. Tanzania, a mega-supplier of a variety of gemstones, and Kenya both have been found to have lustrous shades of quality rubies.

The ruby has a long history as a revered gemstone. In India, the palace would arrange for a lavish welcome to celebrate the discovery of a particularly large exquisite gem. The color red has always been known for its fire and strength which is why from ancient times and on, red is believed to hold protective powers against evil. Ancient warriors may have adorned their swords and shields with rubies to protect them as they went in to battle.

Ruby Jewelry: Gift-giving and special occasions

July is the month to give the birthday girl a ruby tennis bracelet because it is her birthstone. On the traditional, modern, mystical and the Indian Ayurvedic chart, rubies rule the month of July. It is also the healing stone for December and Capricorns.

Because it is one of the original precious gems, it is also used to celebrate one of the big marriage milestones. A ruby pendant for a 40th wedding anniversary present is a beautiful way to commemorate all of those years together.

Anniversaries are not the only occasions befitting the ruby. Traditionally, when a man wants to express love and affection, he gives red- red rubies, red roses and red boxes of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is a popular day for the ruby. But anytime a person wants to express love and passion, this gemstone is the perfect token to say it.

Ruby Jewelry: Keeping them vibrant

The ruby ranks a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The only mineral harder is the diamond. This means that a ruby bracelet and other more vulnerable pieces can withstand daily wear because of its durability and hardness. That is not to say the gemstone cannot be chipped or broken, but it is a lot harder to accomplish.

Cleaning these stones can be done in a variety of ways. A simple soaking in warm water and gentle soap can be done at home. A scrub with a toothbrush gets rid of the gunk trapped in the setting. Drop some ruby earrings in the basket and an ultrasonic cleaner also does a wonderful job of knocking away the dirt and debris as does a steam cleaner.

Whether it is faceted or cabochon, a deep blood red or paler pinkish red, ruby jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to give on a special occasion. Some might even say they are better than diamonds! There is no doubt what the sentiment is when opening a box and finding the sparkling red gemstones.

Women and men alike can wear rubies. So, as a pair of cufflinks or a ruby ring, they exude confidence, power and passion and they pass on these properties to whoever wears them. So, wearing rubies every day is a good idea.