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Fashion rings are so much fun because they can be anything. They are not limited by gemstones or diamonds but rather limitless. Just look at the list to the left of various categories including animals to puzzles. Fashion bands really get to the essence of jewelry, passion. Fashion rings are designed to allow you to express your passion, whatever that may be. Go ahead, you are free to let your inner desires wander !

Can’t Quite Put Your Finger on It?

Are you drawn to certain shapes, colors, or animals but you aren’t sure why? Many shapes, colors, and animals are symbolic in nature. Sometimes we are drawn to these things that represent us in an unconscious way. For example, do you love elephants? They symbolize mental and spiritual power and are a representation of becoming one’s true self. Have you always been drawn to stars? They are a symbol of mystery, imagination, and adventure. Is yellow your favorite color? It means happiness, optimism, and energy. Sometimes we just can’t put our finger on why we like something. Whether it is monkeys, clouds, or the color red, it could be that our subconscious is drawing you towards a deeper meaning that applies to you.


Butterflies are a beautiful insect with deep symbolism. In the late 1990’s researches were able to determine that butterflies were alive and flying around at the time of the dinosaurs. Certainly they are one of the most ancient creatures still found on this Earth. In Greek they word Psyche means soul and is represented by a butterfly. Butterflies are depicted in ancient Christian art found in tombs, as well. Because of their ability to transform from the lowly caterpillar into an amazing winged butterfly, they have become a symbol of transformation, transition, resurrection, celebration, and faith. They also represent the soul – while the outside of the insect transforms, its soul remains the same. If you are drawn to butterflies, you may enjoy GEMaffair’s collection of Butterfly Rings in their Fashion Ring section. A particularly interesting piece is the Women’s Butterfly Adjustable Toe Ring in Sterling Silver.


If you have always admired claddagh’s you are aware they depict two hands holding a heart wearing a crown. This is a traditional Irish symbol and very often found on rings. Rings called Fede Rings were used since Roman times to show loyalty. They showed clasped hands to represent a pledging of vows. During Medieval and Renaissance Europe, they were used as engagement and wedding rings. Claddagh Rings come from those Fede Rings. The heart, hands, and crown motif were produced since at least 1700, but it didn’t get its name until around 1840. Bartholomew Fallon was a 17th century goldsmith in Ireland that made Claddagh rings. His rings (many signed) are among the oldest surviving examples of Claddagh rings as are Thomas Meade’s gold rings and Richard Joyce’s silver pieces. The Claddagh Ring represents love (heart), friendship (hands), and loyalty (crown).

Claddagh Rings are sometimes given as friendship rings and other times worn as engagement or wedding rings. Some people believe that the way the ring is worn can represent the status of the wearer in a relationship. GEMaffair has a selection of Claddagh Rings to suit everyone. There are choices in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and titanium. Styles range from classic to modern. There are many choices for women – like the diamond Celtic claddaugh ring in 14 karat white gold, but also choices for men - like the men’s Celtic comfort fit claddagh ring in titanium.

The Heart

For centuries, humans believed that the heart was the center of human emotions. It was thought that the brain housed the ability to reason and use logic. The liver, it was believed, housed passions. But the heart was the center of love, romance, the soul, and emotions. Even after the circulatory system was identified, the heart remained the symbolic system of emotions and the soul. How the heart shape came to be a symbol for the heart or love is a center of controversy. It has little resemblance to the human heart, but some think that is where it started as the general shape could be related. Some believed it represents the seed of the (extinct) silphium plant. Others claim it represents the shape of a woman. Still others theorized it is the shape made by a swan’s neck during courting.

The Catholic Church says that the shape came about in the 17th century when the Saint, Margaret Mary Alocoque had a dream about that shape surrounded by thorns. That symbol became known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was represents love and devotion. Whatever its origin, today the heart is a symbol of love. GEMaffair has the perfect Heart Ring for everyone that you love. With forty-two rings to choose from, there is everything from classic to modern, from dressy to casual, and from traditional to abstract. Rings come in white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and with or without gemstones. A classic choice is found in the Entwined Multiple Heart Adjustable Toe Ring in Sterling Silver. A more abstract choice is the best-selling Radiant Sea Mist Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver.

Always Fashionable

GEMaffair knows that everyone has their own style. In addition to butterfly, claddaugh, and heart rings, GEMaffair also has Rolling Rings. These rings are made up of three or more intertwined bands. Give your hands something to do while you look great with these Rolling Rings. If color is more your thing, check out the many fashion rings made with gemstones that GEMaffair has in its line-up. Maybe the mystic fire topaz ring in embellished sterling silver with a rectangle shape is exactly what you are looking for. Is purple your passion? Check out the Radiant Mystic Fire Topaz Ring with Diamonds in Sterling Silver.