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Wedding bands are the type of rings that should outlast you, being passed down into your family for generations. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to choose a memorable wedding ring that’s high quality, comfortable, and durable. These are the moments of your life that you will never forget; you want your ring to make your heart swell up with memories of your bride, the look on her face as she walks down the aisle. It’s a concrete memory of why you’re in love, a moment to cherish for the rest of your life.

The Unforgettable Wedding Band

The thing that’s most important in a wedding are the wedding bands. That is, unless you belong to some exotic Amazon or African culture. For all other cultures, at least one of the partners must have a ring on his or her finger. It is one of the most important elements of a successful wedding in addition to the love the partners have for each other and of course, the presider. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. For successful marriages, every element of the wedding should be treated as paramount in importance as the memories will become lifetime treasures. Woe is the husband and wife who have rings of insignificant value, as they will not last into the coming centuries.

Everyone dreams of the perfect marriage, be it the man or the woman and most people define perfect as a wedding with a concisely sized pair of pretty gold, diamond or titanium wedding bands, a beautiful wedding gown, a good corsage, a complete entourage, perfect music, happy relatives and a lively reception. Give or take a few of these quality, but a wedding wouldn’t the same if the rings weren’t high quality.

What would make wedding bands unforgettable and intrinsic in value both financially and emotionally? How can partners choose rings that each other would really treasure and even pass on to their children and so forth? Our first piece of advice is to never cut corners. Spend as much as you can reasonably justify (and afford) as you can on these keepsakes. Cut and shave when possible on the other expenses, the venue, the reception, the caterer, the photography, and even the number of guests. The material is also important. The rings’ value is linked to what it’s made of. The more precious the material, the more importance there is to the value of the marriage and to each other. There is gold, diamond, titanium and platinum or a mix of these can make the perfect wedding band. Next, the design or how well it is crafted is something to take into account. Gold wedding bands, the higher the karat can be more delicate; silver, the lower the purity easily fades and can be allergenic; diamond jewelry if not crafted carefully can come loose and get lost; platinum and titanium wedding bands while not too popular are durable, lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

The design depends on the taste of the pair of star-crossed lovers. Some are thrilled on the elaborate multi-jeweled diamond wedding bands diamond wedding bands while others like it simple yet elegant gold or platinum rings. Sometimes, an elaborate and intricate ring can be a great conversation piece and can bring back all the details of the wedding. Simply designed rings are reserved for the less showy and less chatty portion of the populace. Yet even the simplest of rings should be distinct enough that owners never forget to put them back on when they choose to take them off. Still important but not very is where they were purchased or where they’re from, which also adds to the bands’ intrinsic and emotional value.

Wedding bands should be made to be unforgettable as to make an unforgettable wedding because the most important moment of the wedding is the moment when the presider asks for them and asks the couple to put them on.