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Anniversary rings are traditional rings that are given after a certain amount of years after marriage. Each milestone has cultural and traditional expectations, for instance a diamond ring is given on the 10th year anniversary or pearls on the 30th. Of course you can give any kind ring during any anniversary you want.

Say It with an Anniversary Ring

Jewelry…a form of personal adornment present since the dawn of mankind. As a matter of fact, the oldest piece of jewelry, most recently found in a Moroccan cave is believed to be about 100,000 years old. Surprisingly, it wasn’t made of diamonds, gold or similar noble materials, but out of clay and mud snails! The idea of jewelry has long since existed, it’s not unexpected it’s a tradition that still continues to this day.

Few Facts about Popular Jewelry

The word jewelry (or jewellery in the UK) comes from an old French word “jouel”, and earlier Latin “jocale”. In modern days, most of the jewelry is made out of diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones. Often the belief is that diamonds are a very rare type of gemstone while the truth of the matter in regards to their rarity is the complicated and arduous extraction process (mostly from southern Africa and mid-eastern Russia) has created a high value. Diamonds hold a special place in everyone’s hearts with their brilliant sparkle and radiant look; however they are in fact not the rarest type of gemstone!

Ring Symbolic

Most popular type of jewelry is a ring. Why? Well, nothing says “I love you, and I believe in our love” like a beautiful, expensive ring. Its round shape represents something without end, which can be related to endless love (some preachers like to address that symbolic during the marriage ceremony). That is the reason why the ring is a symbol of love in marriage. After engagement, a ring is most often given to spouse for anniversary. Anniversary rings are a gift you can’t go wrong with. Especially for big anniversaries, like 10th, 15th, 20th, and similar. Some rings, such as Claddagh rings have a deeper symbolic. Their design features two hands clasping a heart, usually surmounted by a crown. In this case heart represents love, hands friendship, and crown represents loyalty. Because of that, Claddagh rings are becoming more popular as engagement rings.

Diamond Anniversary Ring

If you give diamond anniversary rings to a person you adore, with whom you spent years with, a tear of happiness is the least you can expect. It will be obvious that you have carefully thought out and selected such a lovely gift. That beautiful gesture says that you believe in your marriage, a marriage that will last for years to come. A diamond has qualities that lend to a durability that will last forever, and by giving it to your spouse, you insinuate that your love has the same lifetime. Rings of this type are mostly made in combination with sterling silver and gold, while the most expensive ones have a white gold base. Diamond anniversary rings come in many shapes and sizes, fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding customers!

Gemstone Anniversary Ring

Another type of anniversary ring as well as the most popular type is gemstone anniversary rings. Gemstones should not be underrated as a gift. A diamond itself has one unique color, but gemstones are mostly minerals and they come in many colors. Being available in many colors, gemstone anniversary rings are even a better choice than diamond ones for people who appreciate unique design. In addition, some gemstones are much rarer than diamonds, and can cost about the same! For instance, cut Red beryl (also known as red emerald) fetches about 8 thousand per carat. If you can't exactly afford a diamond, gemstone anniversary rings are the perfect choice!