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We are one of the leaders in our industry, you will find various news agencies and the like who often contact us for our opinion on market trends. Sometimes they even write articles on milestones or accomplishments we have made for our company or our industry.

We are providing some links to these stories in case you would like to read some of what the world has to say about us.

E-Commerce Observer - Internet Retailer: E-commerce Faces a Generational Divide

After tuning in to Michael Jansma and Nicole Pepe's session at IRCE 2011 about digital natives, senior editor and blogger, Thad Rueter, featured the GEMaffair pair and the theme of their session in the E-Commerce Observer.
Read the article here: E-commerce Faces a Generational Divide.
IRCE 2011

Internet Retailer - GEMaffair.com Owner Asked to Speak at Internet Retailer Conference 2011

After speaking at the previous years conference about social media, Internet Retailer wanted Michael Jansma to expand on his reasons for hiring a 20-something year old to man his social media sites. They asked Jansma and his social media manager (22 year old Nicole Pepe) to come and speak at the 2011 conference about how to find, hire and manage this younger generation to run your companies social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Read about the Internet Retailer Session.
IRCE 2011

Internet Retailer - GEMaffair.com Owner Asked to Speak at Internet Retailer Conference 2010

Internet Retailer took a special interest in GEMaffair's cutting edge tactics in engaging their customers in social media and asked Owner, Michael Jansma, to share his wealth of knowledge about how he has made social media work for his company.
Read about the Internet Retailer Session.
IRCE 2010

The Weekender - Tracking the Twitter Trends

We Wanted to use Twitter to get to know our customers and for them to have the opportunity to get to know us. GEMaffair.com is more than a ecommerce jewelry store; it's like a neighborhood jewelry store
Read the entire Full Weekender Article
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Internet Retailer - GEMaffair.com Jewelry Sweepstakes

And that's why GEMaffair.com is using Twitter: to establish close relationships with as many consumers as possible.
Read the Full IR Article
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National Jeweler - GEMaffair.com Holds Twitter Contest

"an online purveyor of fine gemstone jewelry, is using social-networking media to build buzz--and generate good will"
Read the entire National Jeweler Magazine Article
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Internet Retailer - GEMaffair.com Owner asked to speak at Internet Retailer Conference

"Amazon Webservices asked owner of GEMaffair.com to speak at the Internet Retailer Conference about the Amazon Webstore product. "to be associated with the number one brand on the internet is nothing short of fantastic" said Jansma"
Read the entire Internet Retailer Bio
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Florida Trend Magazine -Digital communication is transforming how businesses market their products and services

"Change is here. Commerce in general is changing exponentially daily. So keeping your head in the sand and complaining about it is not going to help you. Embracing change, even in a small way, is going to make a big difference."
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National Jeweler - Retailers and the internet�Survey

"the popular believe among retail jewelers-that the internet is eroding the brick-n-mortar business and is a threat-demonstrates a limited perspective"
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Online Shopper's Survival Guide: Order Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Informative and easy to understand. Jacquelyn really captures every aspect of what you need to know about being an informed internet shopper. She does it in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat, page after page. Read entire article Buzzle.com -Online Shoppers Guide

GEMaffair's Committment to Charity Work - There�s no greater resource than America�s youth, and under your leadership...

September 13th - sellers who have stepped up to list a significant amount of their inventory with eBay Giving Works include:
Read the entire Charity Letter to Bill Cobb

Press Release from BuySAFE.com - Consumers trust the buySAFE Seal and feel more confident buying from a Bonded Seller

June 12th buysafe.com - "We anticipate that using buySAFE will continue to help us turn online browsers into buyers."
Read the entire BuySAFE.com article

Ecommerce-guide.com - Secure Selling Beyond eBay

July 26th eccomerce-guide.com ......A recent impact study done by the company showed that bonded items received 4.7 percent higher prices than non-bonded items. Michael Jansma, CEO, Gemaffair agrees, saying bonded items boost the bottom line.
Read the entire ecommerce-guide.com article
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CNN.com - Jewelry dealer Michael Jansma used to be one of eBay Inc.'s biggest cheerleaders.

July 6th CNN.com - " .... he added inventory on his own site, www.gemaffair.com, which sells about $60,000 worth of pearls and other luxuries each month.
Read the entire CNN.com article.
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USATODAY.com - The entrepreneur from Largo, Fla., sells roughly $250,000 worth of baubles every month"

June 27th USATODAY.com "I hope eBay gets the message: People have choices, and if we're not happy we'll look elsewhere," Jansma said. "I hope eBay will rise to the occasion."
Read the entire USA TODAY Article
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Entrepreneur.com - Pre-Sale Preparation

October 1ST Entrepreneur.com - Jewelry seller Michael Jansma, 34, says you need to approach your business on eBay with the same respect and planning that you would dedicate to any brick-and-mortar operation.
Read the entire Entrepreneur.com article.
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Jewelry Merchants Bond to Create Worry-Free Valentine's Day Shopping; buySAFE Seal Ensures Merchandise is What It Says It Is

Jan 27th Businesswire.com - " Jansma said most sites of reputable jewelers, including his (www.gemaffair.com), have consumer education sections.
Read the entire Buysafe.com article.

Gem of a Deal -GEMaffair teams with the U.S.P.S.

August 4th - As business increased, so did the amount of time Jansma�s employees spent standing in line.Hoping to change that, he switched his business to a competitor.
Read the entire U.S. Postal Service article .
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Building Trust in Transactions

Square Trade.com - Michael has an outstanding feedback record, and customers can take great comfort in knowing that thousands before them have been satisfied with the way he conducts his business.
Read the entire Square Trade article .

Professional Ebay Sellers Alliance - PESA announces official committee chair persons and formalizes it's structure.

Membership Committee Chairperson - PESA provides a forum for members to exchange innovative and creative ideas and business solutions for the purposes of leveraging strategic or technological influence with online selling platforms;
Read the entire PESA announcement.
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