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Peridot Jewelry: The Spring and Summer Gem

Peridot Jewelry: What is Peridot?

Peridot jewelry has led a roller coaster kind of popularity across the ages. New mines in Pakistan and contemporary fashion have brought it back into the forefront of fashionable gems. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt of around 2nd millennium B.C. It came from a volcanic deposit on St. John's Island in the Red Sea.

This green-hued stone comes in various shades of lime, olive, dark green and yellowish green. Its chemical make-up is magnesium iron silicate. The iron is what creates the beautiful shades of green.

Peridot is the popular name for the gemstone, but it is also referred to as a green olivine, which it is a mineral in the olivine family. It is also sometimes called chrysolite, which is the Greek word for "golden stone." The name peridot is up for interpretation because there are several possibilities as to the origin of the name. But, wherever the name came from, this gemstone is back in the limelight again!

Peridot Jewelry: Where do they come from?

This St. John's Island ancient mine was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th Century but it no longer yields any gems. Instead the stones in peridot earrings and other pieces likely come from Arizona. Other mine supplies are found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar, Brazil and other U.S. locations.

The Pakistan deposits are the most recent, having been discovered in the 1990s. The quality and color of these stones are so exceptional that they have been named "Kashmir peridot" linking it to the fine and famous Kashmir sapphire varieties. This find was huge for the proliferation of this gemstone's popularity.

Though not a reliable or plentiful source, peridot also comes from outer space. Yes, outer space! In 1749, a meteorite fell to earth and landed in Siberia. Peridot was discovered in the meteorite. Other bits and pieces of gems have been found in these space rocks, but peridot has been discovered in larger pieces that are gemstone quality for jewelry.

Peridot Jewelry: Perfect for Spring and Summer

This lovely green stone is a great accessory for any spring and summer wardrobe. The color is representative of new life and growth. The trees, grass and flowers are waking up and the world is awash in new life and colors. A peridot bracelet catches the glint of the sun, sparkles on the wrist and represents the new season.

With its refreshing green shades, itís no wonder that August gets the peridot birthstone. It is also a commemorative gemstone for the 16th wedding anniversary.

Peridot Jewelry: Interesting bits of history, lore and magic

Ancient Egypt enjoyed the beauty of the peridot. Egyptian rulers were so enamored with the sunny green gemstone that they didn't let the poisonous snakes that covered the island stop them from mining. Beginning around 1500 B.C., they sent crews to the island that was also known as "the Serpent Isle." Eventually, the snakes were eliminated because they interfered too much with the mining process. Unfortunately, once it was safe, miners were basically enslaved on the island to do nothing but unearth stones for peridot necklaces for the Egyptian royals and noblemen.

It also has a Biblical history as one of the twelve gemstones described in Exodus as representative of the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve stones are where the birthstone charts of today originated.

Like many gemstones, ancient cultures and even modern day healers believe the peridot has magical powers and healing properties. Crushed and powdered, it is believed to be a treatment for asthma and other upper respiratory conditions. Peridot pendants could be worn to protect against evil and to ward off curses. Emotionally, it may reduce anxiety and sensitivity as well as have a calming effect.

Peridot Jewelry: How to take care of them

A peridot ring is somewhat vulnerable because it ranks a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This shouldn't deter anyone from wearing them, but to simply take care when wearing them. To clean them, a simple soak in warm soapy water and a scrub with a toothbrush should be enough to bring it back to its original luster. Do not clean in an ultrasonic machine because of the extreme heat and agitation process. When in doubt, take it to a jeweler for a professional cleaning.

This green gemstone with yellow undertones looks especially elegant in a gold setting. The gold highlights the various shades of green and yellow, making the stone glow.

While it often has to play second fiddle to that other green gemstone, the emerald, the peridot has a beauty all its own. It is unique in the green hues it offers and offers a completely different look to the emerald. There really is no comparison.

For spring, summer and anytime of the year, peridot offers a refreshing and different green to any wardrobe.