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Pendants large and small are forever near the heart. Imagine the smile in her eyes, when you hand her the little box that every girl longs to receive. AS she opens it and sees a diamond journey pendant or a circle of life pendant, the message is clear. Your love is true. Romance is only a click away. If you need more information, read our what to consider when buying pendants.

Pendants Make the Perfect Gift on Any Occasion

Giving someone the gift of a pendant takes all the guesswork out of determining appropriate size. Aside from earrings, pendants are one of the only traditional female jewelry accessories that don’t require prior knowledge about size in order to find something that fits size-wise, as long as it fits into their style. Pendants are also one of the most versatile accessories. They come with the ability to dress an outfit up or down and are available in a limitless amount of styles, designs and sizes. Because pendants come in such a wide range or affordability, they make appropriate gifts for any occasion.

Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants are typically the most luxurious of all the pendant styles available. Nothing screams expensive sophistication like the sparkle of a diamond in a white or yellow gold setting. Even though diamonds are the birthstone for April babies, they are also every woman’s best friend. If you’re undecided about what kind of pendant you think she’ll love, just about any pendant accented with a diamond will do.

Although diamond pendants are typically the most expensive - selecting a less expensive metal like titanium, stainless steel or silver usually makes the diamond pendant more affordable while still providing you with the opportunity to give the lavish gift of a diamond pendant. The standard diamond is white in color; with the best grade of diamonds having little or no inclusions. These types of diamonds have the luxury of looking fabulous in any type of mounting metal or setting and allows you make sure that it comes in a style she’ll love.

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendants bring a brilliant parade of color to a basic colored outfit and are a great way to add a little spice to your attire. The vibrant pendants make excellent gifts because they are both beautiful and affordable. If you’re looking to give a more personal gift, try giving her a gemstone pendant that features her month's birthstone. Presenting someone with a birthstone pendant definitely makes the gift more sentimental while letting them know that you pay attention to detail by matching their preferred taste.

Zealous red rubies, romantic blue sapphires and confetti colored opals all make stunning gemstone pendants. Check out our shopping guides to learn about each gemstones mythology and lore so that you can select a meaningful gemstone to decorate your pendant. Depending on who is receiving your pendant or the occasion it is being given, you will want to be knowledgeable about the gemstone’s history so that you can assure them that wearing your gemstone pendant will not only make them look fabulous but also bring them good health, passionate love or good luck.

Fashion Pendants

Fashion pendants are unique in the jewelry world because they are so much more than an abstract design created by a nameless designer. Fashion pendants usually include collections of symbolic pendants like life’s endless circle and journey pendants as well as traditional designs that can be found in our religious and heart pendants. Fashion pendants typically incorporate gemstones, diamonds, enamel and various mounting metals to bring you a fashion pendant that is completely unique and perfect for your style. Fashion pendants stay up-to-date with today’s trendiest styles and can be worn with your casual attire or evening wear.