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Pearl Jewelry and You

Pearl Jewelry: The Gem for All Reasons

When we think about pearl jewelry, we often think that this gem should be saved for weddings or funerals and worn only with a black dress or suit after we have reached a certain age. Thoughts like this limit the full potential and magnitude of enjoying one of mother nature's greatest treasures.

Pearl jewelry has been given as a gift for some of the most important occasions in a woman’s life. It’s often given or borrowed to be worn on a young lady's wedding day as she starts a new life with her betrothed. Pictures throughout history show happy brides wearing their pearl necklaces on that special day. Who can forget the delicate graduated strand that Jacqueline Bouvier wore when she was marrying John Kennedy? This time honored tradition of a bride wearing pearl jewelry dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman days when they believed this practice would bring about a happy marriage with few tears. Other special occasions that come to mind for pearl jewelry are graduations, important birthdays and other special celebrations. These esteemed moments in time are often marked by the gift of classic pearls because they are considered rights of passage. What better way to celebrate that than with a timeless treasure like pearls? When life has passed for a special person in the family, we often hear of “grandma’s, mom’s or auntie’s pearls”. This shows how important this gem and the jewelry made with it can be.

Pearl jewelry isn’t just for special occasions and for treasured heirlooms. Today’s lady can enjoy pieces made with this gem and always feel that she’s appropriate in her apparel. For instance, many ladies are in the corporate world and their dress code calls for more conservative suits. Pearl earrings are always the perfect choice. Classic white studs are always safe while dangles can still be understated yet flirty. Whatever the design, this gem’s always right on the money when it comes to fashion.

Ladies who have more casual lives such as students, stay at home mothers, creative types and the like can also enjoy today’s pearl jewelry. Fun fashion colors like green, maroon and blue are created with the light hearted gal in mind while more reserved yet still unique colors of gray, chocolate and lilac are made for the ladies who like to be a touch daring but still reserved. Shapes in cultured pearls combined with colors also invite more creative accessorizing with the lady’s gem. Pearl jewelry has never been more fun than it is today as the selections are varied just like the facets of a girl’s personality.

Pearl Jewelry: The Lady's True Best Friend

Every lady can enjoy the magical glow in pearl jewelry. It doesn’t matter your body frame, face shape or complexion…there’s a pearl for you.

Where the necklace is concerned, keep in mind these few and simple guidelines. Shorter women can add height to their look by trying longer styles; however, if the frame and stature of the lady is small, chunky styles can be overwhelming. Taller ladies can de-emphasize height with shorter necklaces and even choker styles; however, if the lady is larger in frame, a choker is not flattering.

Pearl jewelry in necklace, rope or pendant style is most flattering on ladies when you follow the 2”-3” rule. When selecting a style, take a look at the neckline of your shirt. Then, for the most pleasing look, select a length that will fall 2”-3” above or below the collar. This little trick will create a frame of glowing light around your face.

Earrings made with pearl are a hidden secret when it comes to an instant pick me up. They can give even the most tired lady a quick burst of life by surrounding her face in a natural luminous glow. While the pearl stud is a time honored tradition, dangles are fresh and exciting no matter what the shape or color of pearl. Oval dangles are the most flattering for any lady as they can soften angular faces while elongating a rounder one. These earrings can come in large and small oval dangles as well as the chandelier style. The size of the dangle should be selected according to height and body type. A simple rule to keep in mind is size and length of the earring goes hand in hand with the size and height of the lady.

The color of pearl jewelry can also enhance your face much like your choice of blush or lipstick. The best part is that if you normally don’t wear cosmetics, the natural luster of your pearls will give you a quick luminous enhancement.

The color selection of pearls is a very personal choice. While it may seem daunting to choose, your eye will naturally select the most flattering hues. But as a general rule, ladies of more fair complexions look best in white pearls with a rose overtone, pinks and other softer shades of peach and lilac. For a more dramatic contrast, these gals can have fun wearing the darker colors of chocolate and peacock. If your skin tone is darker, you’ll probably gravitate more toward the white pearl with a silver overtone. You’ll also fall in love with the golden, grays and maroons. Nice contrast is achieved when you experiment wearing the pastels.

Whatever your choice, trust your instincts. It’s amazing how the eye chooses what’s most pleasing.

Pearl Jewelry: How to Keep the Glow

There's pearl jewelry for every occasion. This gem can be classic and reserved as well as fun and trendy. While it’s true that pearls are on the delicate side, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them quite often. For all pearl jewelry, cleaning is a snap. You only need a soft damp cloth to wipe their glowing faces. Harsh detergents can destroy the nacre thus extinguishing the luster. Professional ultra-sonic machines are never needed in cleaning your jewels.

If the pearl jewelry is extremely dirty, gentle liquid soap (just a drop) in clean water can wash the surface. A soft natural hair brush can be used, if necessary, to GENTLY brush the crevices of the jewelry. Lay the jewelry, especially the necklaces and bracelets, flat and allow them to completely dry before storing them or wearing them again. For necklaces and bracelets, be sure to check the knots between your pearls to ensure that they're not loose. Also, on occasion, you’ll want to have them restrung.

When storing your jewelry, keep the pearls away from other abrasive gems so the surface won't be scratched. When applying cosmetics, perfume and hairspray, always do this first THEN put your pearls on. At the end of the day, take the pearls off first. With these few simple care tips, your pearls of today can become your heirlooms of tomorrow.