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The Business of Three Stone Jewelry

It is the business of the jewelry designers to create pieces that tug at the heart strings of the giver and the receiver. Throughout history, there have many promotions that spawned a new trend in jewelry. Whoever said a solitaire diamond ring was what a man gave a woman when he asked her to marry him? Remember Mother's rings? They were very popular in the 80s as a Mother's Day gift. This ring or pendant held the birthstone of all the children. What about right-hand rings? The right ring finger used to be reserved for anniversary rings, but the introduction of right hand rings made fashion or cocktail diamond rings popular for everyone.

Whether we like it or not, the concepts attached to these pieces of jewelry compel us to buy them and past, present future three stone jewelry is no different. Besides, it really is a lovely way to celebrate all those special and not-so-special occasions that come up during a lifetime. And, they don't wilt like flowers- they are forever.

What is past, present, future jewelry?

Jewelry is usually purchased or given as a token of love or affection or to commemorate a special event. Past, present and future refers to three stone jewelry that is given to celebrate a life together- the past, the present and a promise to the future. It is a very romantic sentiment anytime of the year. There can be varying types of stones used in past, present and future three stone jewelry. The same size stones can be used, but typically they are graduated stones starting with the smallest to the largest. Another popular option is to display a large stone in the center flanked by two smaller stones of the same size.

3 Stone Special Occasions

A past, present, future ring makes a unique engagement ring as it symbolizes the past as a new couple, the present as betrothed and the future as husband and wife. The same concept can be applied to a wedding band as well. It can complement a simple engagement ring.

Three stone diamond jewelry can commemorate any anniversary, but it is better saved for those milestones like the 10th, 25th and 50th. Any one of these special days is deserving of a three stone anniversary pendant or ring.

Past, present and future pieces also make beautiful three stone family jewelry. A pendant or ring is a great way to commemorate the moment a couple finds out they are having a baby or on the day of the birth. A ring or pendant made with diamonds and the baby's birthstone is a beautiful way to represent the past as individuals, the present as a couple and the future as a family. It becomes a personal memento of the most special day of a couple's life and has a lot of meaning as a family heirloom.

Classic and contemporary designs

Classic style three stone jewelry typically runs the stones in a straight line with either same size stones, graduated or a large center stone with two on the side. If the relationship is anything but the norm, there are contemporary designs to appeal to the quirky side of a relationship. Stones set along a curved setting, like buoys riding on the waves. Or, geometric designs like a triangle formed from the stones. This setting would make a very fitting three stone family jewelry pendant. The two bottom stones represent the past and present and the top stone, the child's birthstone, represents the future.

How to care for three stone jewelry

For gold and diamond pieces, cleaning is easy. Soaking the jewelry in a warm soapy solution or jewelry cleaning solution is the best way to loosen up the debris. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the stuff trapped in the setting. A steamer or ultrasonic cleaner can also be used. If there are other gemstones in the setting, the most delicate stone determines how rigorous the cleaning can be. Pearls and opals require delicate handling so cleaning around the stones is important. The best cleaning method is with a soft cloth.

As for maintaining the pieces, always check the clasps of bracelets and necklaces so that they don't slip off. Because a past, present, future diamond ring marks a special day or milestone for a couple, these pieces are really irreplaceable. That moment is gone and if the piece is lost, a replacement just isn't the same. To be on the safe side, have a safety chain put on a bracelet and replace a spring loop clasp for a lobster claw on a necklace. For any piece of three stone jewelry, have the prongs checked regularly for chipped tips and a loose fit. Losing a stone is as disappointing as losing the whole piece.

Three stone jewelry is a tangible way to remember those abstract moments in time - it helps capture the memory of an engagement, a marriage, a birth or an anniversary.