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November Birthstone Guide

round london blue topaz gemstone image

london blue topaz gemstone image

oval london blue topaz gemstone image

Round Blue Topaz Gemstone

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Gemstone

Oval Blue Topaz Gemstone

Pronunciation: Topaz = TOE-PAZZ

Topaz, probably the perfect center of jewels... affordable, abundant, durable, dynamic color availability... whatever color the Topaz does not come in naturally has become available through several different permanent treatments of this gemstone! Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry and Twilight Topaz jewelry would both be examples of permanent treatments. All of these variations look incredible as jewelry: Mystic Fire Topaz pendants, Twilight Topaz rings, Blue Topaz Earrings, Pink Topaz necklaces...and we offer them all. Topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage, in itís rarest natural color: blue. Commonly known as the November birthstone, the Topaz is linked to Scorpios and Sagittarians.

oval cut pink topaz gemstone image

oval mystic fire topaz gemstone image

twilight topaz gemstone image

Oval Pink Topaz

Oval Mystic Fire Topaz Gemstone

Mystic Twilight Topaz Gemstone

imperial topaz gemstone image

white topaz gemstone image

Imperial Topaz Gemstone

White Topaz Heart Gemstone

History/Lore of Topaz

Topaz powder ground into wine was believed to relieve asthma. Leaving a Topaz crystal in wine for several days produced an elixir that was used on the eyes to improve vision. Some even believed Topaz could make you invisible during moments of danger. If you are on a spiritual journey, Topaz makes an excellent companion, teaching you to trust in the Universe. Topaz strengthens confidence, helps in making correct decisions, and gives courage in following through on choices, changing dreams into reality.

Topaz Gemstone Variations

Topaz Gemstone Variations Image


The Topaz is known as aluminum fluorosilicate. Most often, it occurs colorless. On the Mohs scale, The Topaz is rated at an 8 for hardness. (The Mohs scale of mineral hardness was devised by German mineralogist Frederich Mohs in 1812. He selected ten minerals because they were common or readily available and rated them. The scale is not linear, but arbitrary.)

Topaz Gemstone Care and Cleaning

The best way to clean Topaz jewels is with soapy water. Steam cleaners work well with Topaz gemstones, however, ultrasonic cleaners can damage these jewels.

Topaz Gemstone Fame

The immense Braganza gemstone, weighing in at 1,680 Carats and mounted into the Portuguese crown jewels was originally thought to be a Diamond ; but it is a beautiful clear Topaz.

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