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Newsletter Winter 2012

Winter Issue 2012

This winter jewelry fashion trends are leaning more in the direction of the vintage, rustic yet vibrant designs. Of course, diamonds and pearls are timeless and never go out of season. We’re also discovering a lot of sophisticated, presidential looks. It’s no coincidence, but we have just recently introduced our new Jackie Kennedy jewelry, look your best without an ounce of trying!

New Collections!

We’re pleased to inform you that we have recently introduced a whole slew of new jewelry products and collections to the GEMaffair website; Posh Mommy, NASCAR Watches and Jewelry, and Jackie Kennedy Jewelry are all now available. There will be over 30k additions in the next quarter, so keep an eye out!

The Jackie Kennedy Jewelry Collection
Inspired by the late first lady Jackie Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy jewelry is the epitome of elegance, delicately wrapped in perfection. Try our fabulous Jackie Kennedy earrings for an fine finish to your wardrobe. Every piece of Jackie Kennedy jewelry is an authentic replica of the original, at an affordable, unbeatable price. Don the same jewelry Jackie Kennedy wore to her wedding, meetings with celebrities, politicians, or simply an evening at home with her family.

Posh Mommy
Mommy, you don’t need to sacrifice your style anymore! The Posh Mommy collection celebrates motherhood in a fashionable, yet elegant style. Personalize a piece of jewelry in a way that you can celebrate your beautiful family for the whole world to see. Think birthstones, children names, birth dates, in sterling silver, yellow or white gold. The Posh Mommy collection is your oyster. Exemplify your unconditional love forever with the Posh Mommy collection. NASCAR Watches & NASCAR Jewelry
Show your NASCAR racing spirit with our recently added NASCAR watches and NASCAR jewelry. We now carry NASCAR pendants, NASCAR bracelets, NASCAR necklaces, NASCAR earrings, NASCAR money clips, and other NASCAR jewelry. Celebrate your favorite racers today!

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

When it rains, it pours cute little red & pink hearts. Birds sing through patches of snow. It’s not at all surprising that Valentine’s Day is also recognized as World Marriage day. And with that thought, I present to you a couple unique Valentine’s Day proposal ideas:

Say it with a Candy Heart
Buy a sweetheart chocolate box for a yummy candy related marriage proposal. Plop that beautiful diamond and white gold engagement ring in place of one of the chocolate and be ready on one knee at the perfect moment. She won’t know what hit her.
Revisit a Moment in Time
Find a place that’s significant to you both, perhaps a remote lake you visited on a first date or in a location where ‘I love you’s were first exchanged. Wear the same clothing you wore that day, recreate the same elements for a surprising, nostalgic marriage proposal idea that will leave her breathless.
Leave a Love Note Trail Secure a lovely, remote spot with significant meaning and make a trail of clever, unique clues to get to it. Lead them around town, straight to a lakeside picnic with wine, chicken, and a diamond engagement ring in hand.

March is Irish Heritage Month

Why not celebrate with the most famous type of Celtic jewelry, the Claddagh ring? Also a common type of engagement and wedding ring, the Claddagh ring has roots straight out of Galway City and Claddagh, Ireland. The Claddagh ring is marked by three different symbolic elements; the crown, a pair of hands, and a heart. The crown symbolizes loyalty while the hands embody friendship and the heart, love. It is worn four different ways. The Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand to show relationship status, and on the left hand to represent marital status.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet, a derivation of the Latin word granatus (grain, seed), is a vibrant gemstone birthstone of January. It’s symbolic of love, compassion, purity and truth. The garnet bears a remarkable resemblance to a pomegranate fruit. Garnet is also the state mineral of Connecticut, and New York’s gemstone. Garnet has numerous meanings and purposes. It can cure depression, preserve friendships, produce confidence, increase business success, and heal the body. When three garnets are placed on your desk, success of your business will increase. Depression will wane completely if a stone is placed under your pillow. It will also increase self esteem if worn as jewelry. The red garnet is said to cleanse and purify the thyroid and spleen.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Violet amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a gemstone latent with wisdom, security, sobriety, and spirituality. The word stems from the ancient Greek Word, μέθυστος methustos (intoxicated) and is a derivation of the belief that amethyst protects against intoxication. Medieval soldiers of Europe wore amulets of amethysts with the theory that amethysts could heal wounded soldiers as well as keep them cool-headed. Amethyst beads were found in the Anglo-Saxon gravesites in England. In Greek mythology the god of intoxication, Dionysus, was said to be pursuing the maiden called Amethystos who refused his courting efforts. Amethystos prayed to the gods that she remain chaste which was then answered by the goddess Artemis who transformed her into a clear, white stone. Dionysus, humbled by Amethystos effort to be pure, poured wine over the white stone as an offering; changing the stone to a brilliant purple color.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, from the Latin word aqua marina (water of the sea) is a type of lovely aqua-blue colored beryl gemstone. Aquamarine, the birthstone of March, is found in all over the world from the United States to Russia with the largest beryl stones found in Albany, Maine, measuring 5.5m x 1.2m (18ft x 4ft). Aquamarine is a birthstone that has protective properties, as well as healing and power. With these combined qualities, aquamarine is a gemstone of courage. Aquamarine is said to release anxiety and/or restlessness, combat depression, soothe fears and phobias, and promote safe water travel. Sailors often wore aquamarine to protect against dangerous waters and storms.