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Newsletter Winter 2011

Winter Issue 2011

Celebrating the New Year with New Website Features

Last years New Years resolution was to try and improve your GEMaffair experience in every way possible…. that is why we are thrilled to introduce the ability to add custom cards, gift wrap and engraving to any order. All of these options have been made available when viewing your shopping cart so that you can easily add them to individual items.

We've even designed these customizing options so that you can directly enter your card or engraving message right into the system. Now, you can get exactly what you need to put the finishing touches on the perfect personalized gift.

Popping the Question with Gemstone Engagement Rings

You've found the perfect words to say and you've reserved the perfect dinner on the most perfect night of the year. But the real question is… have you found the perfect ring? True, diamonds are the traditional favorite when getting down on one knee, but more and more contemporary brides are requesting gemstone engagement rings for fella's popping the big question.

Different gemstones bring different sentiments and meaning and can change the overall effect of the perfect evening. It's a ring she's going to cherish forever so you want to make sure the one you've picked is the one she'll love for a lifetime. Think about her favorite color, what month she was born, the month you're proposing or what you want this ring to represent. The answer to any of these questions could lead you to the best gemstone choice for her personalized engagement ring.

Make sure your'e educated on the gem of your choice. GEMaffair even offers a growing collection of informational jewelry articles that will help guide you in the right direction and tell you all about the gemstones that we sell. She'll love how much time and thought you put into choosing the perfect gemstone engagement ring and will appreciate every effort you made to make sure it's everything she's ever wanted.

Bulova Watches: A History

Bulova is an esteemed watch company that prides themselves in their ability to sell luxury watches at affordable prices. Bulova is noted as creating the first watch to ever run on batteries completely changing the way the world keeps track of time. Other noteworthy accomplishments include praise from several United States Presidents, inventing the world’s first clock radio and perfecting the total standardization of watches creating precision time keeping accurate to the ten thousandth part of an inch.

Founded by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova, Bulova watches began as a dream. Freed from any creative restraints from him homeland, Bulova began creating his own designs when he moved to New York City in the late 19th century. He was inspired by his new found freedoms and celebrated his skills and love for the trade by opening his first jewelry store in 1875. Today, Bulova Watches has grown larger than Bulova ever imagined possible. The company specializes in precision timekeeping and sells the world's most accurate watch, guaranteed.

January Birthstone: Garnet

The garnet is a luscious red gem that brings a romantic appeal to any outfit. The Garnet is often referred to as “The Stone of Commitment” because it symbolizes dedication to your goals, relationships and New Years resolutions. A garnet ring or pendant is the perfect accessory to wear to give yourself a constant reminder of the promise you made to yourself to stay committed to your ambitions and loved ones.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

February babies are the privileged few who have been blessed with the amethyst gem as their birthstone. Amethyst gemstones are among the 4 most desirable of all the gems, including diamonds. It has been idolized and worn by kings and queens, but mostly just admired for its delicious purple color by ladies of all ages. Amethyst pendants make a wonderful accessory during high stress situations because they are thought to keep the wearer with a sound mind and temper. However, the amethyst gemstone is most famous for its alleged mythological power of preventing drunkenness. (perhaps something to keep in mind for any future college bound graduates?)

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstones come in a wide range of color, from a rare and flirty teal to a nearly colorless pale blue that brings a refined elegance to every piece of jewelry lucky enough to feature it. Aquamarine gemstones are known to enhance concentration and even bring the wearer psychic powers. Aquamarine earrings are even thought to bring the wearer love and affection. Historically sailors kept aquamarine gemstones in their pockets to prevent seasickness. However, no matter what purpose this versatile gem is serving, I believe everyone can agree that this march birthstone always looks fabulous.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Celtic Jewelry

Celtic knotwork and traditional Celtic designs were first worn by the Irish but have grown to be appreciated by different cultures all over the world. This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate by giving and wearing Celtic jewelry.

Some of the most popular Celtic designs include the Claddaugh Ring (also known as the Irish wedding ring) Celtic crosses and trinity knot jewelry. All of these items feature classic Celtic knotwork with ancient meanings and symbolism.

For example, Celtic earrings sporting the trinity knot, or triquetra, represent units of three. Some of the most common meanings include the relationship between daughter, mother and grandmother as well as the three main components of nature; land, sea and sky. Christianity also adopted the symbol to represent the Holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

One of the best features of GEMaffair is that we offer a fantastic shopping experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to buy your last minute Valentines gifts at the very last second possible while still picking out someone special that she (or he) is going to love.

**** The last day for priority shipping is:
Wednesday, February 9th at 10 a.m. ****

**** Last day for Express Shipping is:
Friday, February 11th at 10 a.m. ****

Using these last minute dates, packages may actually arrive on Valentines Day:
Monday February 14.

Read more about our shipping policies.