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Newsletter Winter 2010

Winter Issue 2010

Super Bowl XLIV
Hey there, sports fans! This Super Bowl season we are sporting official Colts or Saints fan, we offer NFL memorabilia from 26 different NFL teams as the perfect way to show your support year round. From dog tags to money clips, these items make an ideal gift for any football fan!

Heart Pendants: A Contemporary Sign of Affection
Today's society recognizes the heart as an organ, a blood vessel essential for survival. However, people from the 12th century had no such scientific knowledge and instead romanticized about the heart. They knew their heart beat faster when they became excited or nervous, and concluded that their heart related directly to their emotions. A pounding heartbeat in the presence of a beautiful woman could only mean love. Poets, screenplays and writers were inspired by these emotions and verbally transformed the heart into a symbol of love. This theory carried into the 1800's and had men wearing their lover's name written on a paper heart and pinned to their sleeve as a sign of affection; hence the expression "wearing your heart on your sleeve." Although today's science has disproven 12th century beliefs, the myth of the heart still lives. Instead of men pinning paper hearts, they give heart pendants as a symbolic representation of their feelings.

Heart pendants come in a variety of gemstones, colors and styles. Depending on what you want your heart pendant to say, choosing the right style and gemstone is essential. The color of a candy apple red ruby or a deep red garnet represents passion and stimulates energy. A heart pendant speckled with diamonds represents purity and amplifies the wearer's thoughts and feelings. To awaken your imagination and inspire your dreams, the answer lays in an opal heart pendant. Amethyst heart pendants are thought to have great healing powers and can even repair a broken heart. And of course there is the heart with key, giving the wearer the "key to your heart." No matter which heart combination you choose, even a simple sterling silver heart pendant says so much. This Valentine's Day it's all about showing her that sign of affection with a beautiful heart pendant.

Garnet: January's Birthstone
Garnet is derived from the Latin word meaning Pomegranate because of its resemblance in color. Historically, Garnets were believed to posses magical healing powers and protected and cured the wearer from poisons, fevers and bad dreams. Today the Garnet is worn for its deep red color and is thought to increase sexual desire.

Amethyst: February's Birthstone
Amethyst was named after the Greek word "amethystos" which means "not drunk" or "remedy against drunkenness" and was thought to sober the wearer because of its similarity in color to wine. Amethyst is a calming stone and brings peace and unity to the beholder. Spiritually, it is believed to cure insomnia and allows for a peaceful sleep.

Aquamarine: March's Birthstone
Aquamarine was named after the Latin words meaning "sea water" was often worn by sailors as a good luck charm for safe journeys over seas. This gemstone is transparent in color, but offers a wide range of natural blue hues. Aquamarine gemstones are believed to attract lasting friendships and give a woman a happy marriage with a wealthy man.

March is Women's History Month
Ladies, it's time to treat yourself! March is Women's History Month and your time to celebrate all things feminine. Accentuate your attire with accessories inspired by famous women throughout history.

Jacquelyn Kennedy was known for her vibrant outfits and fabulous fashion sense. She wore an array of gold crosses, emerald rings and adored watches. JFK's last gift purchased for her was a bright pink Kunzite Ring to "match her bright personality."

Often referred to as "a diamond's best friend" a pair of diamond drop earrings graced the ears of the fabulous Marilyn Monroe, accented by layers of gold bangles and bracelets around her wrists.

80's fashion icon and adored member of the British Royal family, Princess Diana was often seen wearing button earrings or an elegant pearl necklace. Princess Diana is famous for her original simple style which exploded into glamour and class during the late 80's.

All of these women set the bar with their sensational style and fabulous taste while being strong and incredible women of their time. What better way to pay tribute to these lovely ladies then layering some gold bracelets or treating yourself to an emerald ring?

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring
A favorite Irish tradition celebrated internationally is the claddagh ring. This ring is composed of three symbolic pieces:

Two hands- Friendship
Heart - Love
Crown- Loyalty

This ring can be worn several ways, depending on the wearer. Traditionally, it is worn on the left hand with the heart facing outwards which showcases the owner's engagement. When married, the ring is flipped symbolizing a happy marriage.

Today, the claddagh ring. is worn not only across Ireland but across the entire globe as a right hand ring. When the heart is pointed out, it shows the wearer's heart is searching. When the heart is faced in, capped with the "loyalty" crown, it shows their heart is taken. The claddagh ring makes a precious gift and a wonderful keepsake for both men and women.

Holiday Shipping
This Valentine's Day, we've got everything you need to give that perfect gift. We offer discounted prices and wide selection of gemstone jewelry, guaranteed to have something for everyone. At your request we can even include a hand written note and custom gift wrapping with bow.

**Last day to order for PRIORITY shipping**
Noon on FEBRUARY 10

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Noon on FEBRAURY 12