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Newsletter Winter 2009

Winter Issue 2009

What's Your Resolution?
We're blasting into the New Year and our resolution is to not only make sure you have the best shopping experience possible, but also ensure that you have fun while you're doing it. We added a new Unique Gem section to the Gemstone and Diamond sections in the rings, pendant and earrings category. The new section caters to rare beauties like prasiolite, kunzite, lemon quartz, smoky topaz as well as rhodolite garnet and our jewelry selection grows and changes everyday to give you exactly what you need. In addition, we're taking over the net with our newJewelry blog that covers everything from the latest trends to sale information, a strong presence on the web's most popular social media sites, and with our fun jewelry sweepstakes where contestants can win genuine diamond jewelry.

Give and Get
Since there is so much going on, and we have you to thank for our record sales in 2008, GEMaffair.com's owner, Michael Jansma, wanted to come up with a way to say, "Thank You." Throughout the upcoming winter months, we will be holding jewelry give away contests on twitter, kaboodle, facebook, and myspace. In addition to winning some swanky swag, we'll be posting "How To" guides, the latest info on jewelry fashions in the States and abroad, and interesting facts and trivia. The best part, however, is that through these social media sites you'll have a chance to give us your opinions, tell us what you want from the site, and interact with the GEMaffair.com team. It isn't our site; it's yours and we know 2009 is going to be a great year.

Winter Style '09
To kick off the New Year, style yourself with the season's latest trends. As is common, fashionistas in the know put birthstone jewelry at the top of the list. January is the sophisticated garnet, February is the regal amethyst, and striking aquamarine closes the winter months as the March birthstone. Stylists are choosing chunky cocktail rings and boldly designed earrings and pairing them with both day and evening wear.

For January - whether you were born an Aquarius or not - heat things up with a traditional red garnet or add a bit of drama to your ensemble with a purple rhodolite garnet. While garnets can come in every shade except blue, the crimson and purple versions are the most common. Once revered by shaman for its unsurpassed healing qualities, the garnet is now famous for perfectly punctuating both classic and contemporary designs. The January birthstone will complement both yellow and white gold as well as accent sterling silver pieces and makes an excellent addition to any woman's jewelry box.

Another versatile yet captivating gem, the amethyst, claims February. The rich and regal purple amethyst is traditionally used in February birthstone jewelry, but those with a hankering for something other than violet are still in luck. Amethyst also comes in a beautiful light green color. Commonly called prasiolite, our green amethyst jewelry can be found in the new Unique Gems section of our website as well as in the February Birthstone section. The prasiolite's subdued hues make it an excellent choice for more streamlined styles as well as vintage inspired pieces. Amethyst, like the garnet, was prized for its supernatural powers in ancient times, while today it's lauded for its vibrant versatility. Whether you choose the royal purple of the traditional amethyst or the subdued, light green of the prasiolite gemstone, you can be sure that the gems will get you noticed.

Rounding out the long winter months, icy aquamarine is a fitting selection for March. The stone, which is perfect for both casual and fancy jewelry, is one of the top picks for the year and perfectly embodies the spirit of winter. Magazine pages are full of both yellow and white gold jewelry all cradling light blue aquamarine gems. The March birthstone, once said to increase wisdom and keep sailors afloat, translates from Latin and means "Sea Water." A close cousin to the emerald, aquamarine jewelry won't just be the birthstone for the month of March, but possibly the stone for 2009.

Another trend we have our eye on for winter is jewelry creations inspired both by fire and ice. Fire selections see powerful combinations of rich yellow gold set with fiery rubies, golden yellow citrine, and dazzling smoky topaz. These vivacious designs are sure to bring heat to any attire, no hearth necessary. Designers are pairing the beauties with the bold designs that will also be popular. Look for cluster and cocktail rings, channel set hoop earrings covered in gems, and pendants or necklaces with large feature stones. The rich color palette of the fire inspired jewelry is juxtaposed with the opposite. Creations in silvery white gold with light blue aquamarine, sparkling diamonds, and bright blue topaz represent the cooler side of winter and bring the snow indoors. These delicate gems will be seen with more modern and contemporary designs. Pieces with an Art Deco inspired aesthetic or simple channel set rings will be popular, as well as pendants and earrings with similar clean lines. The combination of crisp colors with striking yet simple designs is sure to make an impact.

In Closing
The next three months will introduce us to 2009, give us a chance to make (and in some cases break) our New Year's Resolutions, and allow us more ways to express who we are. Whether you show the world your personality through fashion with the latest jewelry trends or tell the world what you think on a social media site, make 2009 your year to shine. That's what we're going to do, and we hope you're a part of it. Remember, GEMaffair.com is your site, not ours.

Major Holidays
January 1 New Years Day
January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 2 Groundhog Day
February 14 Valentine's Day
March 8 International Women's Day
March 17 St. Patrick's Day
March 20 International Earth Day
Lesser Known Holidays
January 4 Trivia Day
January 8 Bubble Bath Day
January 17 Ditch the Resolutions Day
January 20 Penguin Awareness Day
January 28 National Kazoo Day
February 9 Toothache Day
February 14 National Organ Donor Day
February 15 Single Awareness Day
March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 13 Jewel Day
March 17 Submarine Day
March 22 National Goof Off Day
March 31 Bunsen Burner Day\
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