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Newsletter Summer 2011

Summer Issue 2011

Summer of Fun

As if anyone ever needed an excuse to go shopping, defend your summer splurges with the need for a little more fun! Everyone at GEMaffair is working hard to build on our colorful collections of jewelry to bring you the most fun and affordable jewelry options compared to any other online jeweler.

This summer you’ll see tons of new sterling silver jewelry as well as some new and exotic varieties of gemstones and diamonds - including the very popular moissanite stone. Keep checking back for new items to expand your fun and fabulous summer jewelry collection.

Tackle Some Sports Jewelry

Calling all sports fans! GEMaffair has now officially launched four new collections of sports jewelry. We have expanded our line of NFL jewelry to reach MLB, NBA, NCAA and NHL sports fans. All of our sports jewelry is officially licensed and features official team names and logos on all of the jewelry.

Many of our items are identical to the sports jewelry found on the official NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA and NHL websites but are offered at a fraction of the price. Check out our sports jewelry to celebrate your favorite teams and to find the perfect present for any sports fan.

July's Birthstone – Ruby

The Latin origins of the name for ruby gemstones comes from the word rubar… meaning red. Recognized as one of the oldest gems identifiable by man, the brilliant ruby has been referenced in such aged and historical scriptures as far back as the bible and ancient Sanskrit reference. Because of its ancient orientation, the ruby has been thought to have a large variety of beneficial healing properties.

For example, the ruby was once believed to have the abilities to protect the wearer from wounds, preserve health and to protect the wearer's possessions from being stolen or taken. Women who wore ruby pendants and earrings were signified as having pride and passion. Men adorning this July birthstone were thought to have admirable character traits such as nobility and valor. However, no matter what age or gender, the red ruby is said to inspire love, enhance creativity and give the wearer wisdom and spirituality. Today, some still believe that wearing a ruby ring inspires confidence and courage to stimulate leadership qualities.

The Ruby is the ideal gift to give to those born in the month of July as well as for 40th wedding anniversaries because it is the symbolic gem for both occasions. Rubies also make a popular choice for Valentine's Day gifts because of their passionate red color representing love and affection.

Augusts' Birthstone – Peridot

Peridot is a playful gem, appreciated for its vibrant green color and lust for life. Peridot was even called the "emblem of the sun" in ancient Egypt because its green hues represent life just like the sun gives to the earth.

Until the eighteenth century, peridot was not always known to be peridot. It was actually originally called Topazion because it was found on Topazios (known today as Isle of St. John in Egypt) in the Red Sea.

However, it was in the eighteenth century that the gemstone Topaz was named (very similar to Peridot’s Topazion ) so the original name for Peridot was changed to a word with Greek origins meaning “mellow stone.”

This August birthstone is said heal and give vitality to the body and soul. Some even believe that it increases patience, confidence and assertiveness when needed. Historically, many women would wear peridot pendants and rings with the belief that the beautiful gem would help slow aging. Wearing a peridot gem was also believed to assist in healing heart, lung and eye disorders as well as to be helpful in child birth.

September's Birthstone – Sapphire

September's birthstone is the regal blue sapphire, which is as majestic as it is marvelous. It is often referred to as the Emblem of the Heavens as its color mirrors the sky at different times of the day.

Ancient civilizations believed that by wearing sapphire jewelry, the wearer would receive divine favor above all others. It also was believed to make peace between enemies and protect the sapphire wearer against envy, fraud, poison and even sorcery! Wearing a sapphire ring was also considered a character sign of generosity, manners, great wisdom and noble thoughts.

Sapphires come in a variety of sparkling colors, but none is more popular or desirable than the classic blue hues. However, each color comes with its own mystical lore and powers. Black sapphires are thought to protect wearers from physical harm and enhance one's self-confidence. Green sapphires strengthen loyalty and honesty while pink sapphire’s inspire love and creativity and yellow sapphires bring wisdom, wealth and prosperity.

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