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Newsletter Summer 2010

Summer Issue 2010

Summer Jewelry Styles 2010

Summer is here and its time to celebrate the season with some fabulous summer styles. Maximize your newly bronzed skin with a yellow gold chain paired with your favorite gemstone pendant or go barefoot at the beach with a shimmering white gold anklet. Beat the summer heat in style by decorating your sun kissed skin with some sensational new jewelry that perfectly compliments that new summer tan.

Toe Rings: Summer’s Barefoot Bling

Experience the zest of life with flirty and fun toe rings. These delightful accessories change any ordinary open toed shoe or sandal into something extraordinary. Compliment your summer tanned toes with a sterling silver toe ring or show off your fresh pedicure with colorful enamel designs. Toe rings are a festive choice for any season but are the perfect footcandy for your summer style.

Traditionally, toe rings are worn on the second toe, but with adjustable bands on nearly all of our rings, you can add some barefoot bling to every toe! These toe rings should fit comfortably snug around the narrow section of your toe, just beneath pad and nail. Dance through wild summer nights and lounge through hot summer days decked out in decorative sterling silver toe rings. Here at GEMaffair we offer an increasingly large selection to spice up every simple sandal with a fabulous sterling silver toe ring.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to match your toe ring to a sensational new anklet. Take advantage of this delicious break from boot season and treat your newly tanned feet to something shiny. Especially if you're wearing a basic open toed heel or sandal, anklet and toe rings can be your new best friends.

Back to School Shopping

Although all good things must come to an end there is always some light at the end of the tunnel. With a forlorn farewell to summer break comes a brilliant excuse to buy new jewelry… back to school shopping! Whether you're taking some fall classes or trying to find your kids that perfect "first day of school" outfit, don't forget to accessorize! GEMaffair has something for everyone to kick off the new school year with a bang. Sterling silver pendants are a great way to make a fabulous first impression matched with sterling silver dangle earrings to show off your impeccable style. Or you can make an entrance with one of our many statement fashion rings decked out with an assortment of different gemstones. No matter what you end up wearing on that big first day back, make sure it’s complimented by some fabulous GEMaffair jewelry.

Kick Off Football Season in Style

What better way to support your favorite NFL team then with a commemorative pendant or bracelet? We are proud to offer you a considerable collection of masterfully crafted and officially licensed NFL jewelry at unbeatable prices. Choose from titanium dog tags, men’s titanium link ID bracelets, button earrings and a variety of key chains and money clips all sporting your favorite football teams name or logo and earning superior marks for construction, comfort and durability. These items make excellent gifts for the ultimate football fan and come in an assortment of different designs to suit every kind of style.

Whether you are rooting for the New York Jets or a die hard fan of the New England Patriots, this commemorative NFL jewelry is the perfect way to proudly represent your team during everyone's favorite season.

July Birthstone

With the growing summer heat it's no wonder that the red ruby has been elected as July's fiery birthstone. Rubies are adored for their luscious color ranging from sizzling bright reds to romantic dark saturations. Typically set in yellow gold settings, rubies are often paired with diamonds in heart shaped pendants and rings as the ultimate sign of affection and love.

Rubies are one of the most desirable gemstones and have a permanent seat in the "Big Four," a title given to the top four gemstones found in jewelry. Rubies are believed to make the wearer wise as well as protect the wearer against a variety of misfortunes. However, they are remembered most as the gemstone of love bringing the owner a passionate and loving life.

August Birthstone

August has been given the joyful gemstone of Peridot. Colored with a lively green, this whimsical stone is thought to bring the wearer good luck. Peridot is one of the only gems traditionally found in such a bright shade of kiwi green and celebrates a lighthearted life and happy thoughts.

Often found in multigem jewelry, the peridot stone brings a flirtatious burst of color you won’t find in any other gemstone. Solitaire peridot rings and earrings are somewhat of a rarity and a treasure and make a very gracious gift.

September Birthstone

The summer heat begins to fade as we welcome the cool fall winds with September's majestic birthstone, the sapphire. Adored by royalty and worn by the rich and famous, the sapphire is truly a prize to be won. Found in a rainbow of colors, the traditional blue sapphire is a color beyond compare.

One of the many myths surrounding sapphire jewelry is the belief that it was created as a way to protect the wearer from envious thoughts. Ironically this sapphire shield backfired and instead created envy from the owners peers as they longingly gazed at the imperial stone. Many owners would then find their precious sapphire pendants "lost" and slowly reappearing around their envious friend's necks.

It’s Never Too Soon to Start Shopping!

They say the early bird catches the worm, but they don't mention that he also gets some pretty good deals! It's never too soon to start shopping for the winter holidays and GEMaffair has your wallet in mind. We're constantly offering different sales on our website as well as exclusive offers on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Check back frequently to find our latest deals, clearance items and constantly updated stock for quality jewelry at discount prices and get a running start on all your holiday shopping.