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Summer Issue 2009

Summer Jewelry Styles 2009

Summer is a time for lounging around outdoors, airy fashions and bold colors. This year, we'll be celebrating the beauty of the outdoors with organic rough cuts like druzy paired with crisp white and yellow golds; unique gemstones like kunzite and labradorite; and organic gemstones like pearls, coral and amber.

You'll also see lots of pieces inspired by nature with butterflies, flower designs and even dolphins as well as slinky chains and sultry dangle earrings for evening. The more skin you show, the hotter it gets. At the beach and on the boardwalk, you'll see anklets in silver and gold, unique body jewelry and chunky unisex pieces. On the avenue you'll see more refined styles with colorful gemstones and vibrant metals. And in the clubs you'll see an array of chunky, modern pieces layered for a dynamic look, vivacious pearls and sultry, streamlined rings for men. (Don't forget Father's Day on the 21st of June!)

Summer of Love

You don't have to be a child of the 60s to celebrate the summer of love; it's for everyone regardless of when you were born. However, there are a few people in particular who do get bragging rights to the steamy season: those born during the summer. In the fashion world, the summer months include June, July and August and they're each alive with color and beauty in their own unique ways.

June Birthstone

The birthstone for June is the pearl. The June birthstone represents the beauty of nature as pearls are one of only a few organic gemstones. Though many see this as a classic gemstone, pearls are quickly becoming a staple for young Hollywood for both day and night fashions. Worn at the wrist, pearls are playful yet elegant. To freshen up the traditional pearl earrings, choose dyed pearls in a chandelier or dangle design. Though they were once regulated to formal events and evening wear, it's now appropriate to wear pearls anytime; to the store, the office or to a summer barbecue.

July Birthstone

One of the hottest months of the year is July. It's no surprise that July's birthstone is the fiery red ruby. As temperatures climb, rubies are a hot accessory for mid-summer. One of the precious gemstones, rubies are celebrated for their rich, luxurious color and strength making them excellent for both men's and women's jewelry styles.

For 2009, you'll be seeing a return to classic ruby settings with oval and princess cuts for rings and pendants and earrings done in simple yet elegant button styles. Generally paired with yellow gold, rubies are a jewelry box staple whether you were born in July or not.

August Birthstone

Though it marks the end of summer, August is alive with its own unique fashions and a gemstone all its own. Those born in August call the colorful, lime green peridot their own. Don't lament, though, anyone can wear peridot and it's particularly appropriate for summer. Peridot is one of the semi precious gemstones and it features a richly saturated lime green color that works well with both white and yellow gold. It's often used in summer styles as its perfect in flower jewelry and multi gemstone pieces.

Many say peridot has the power to bring the wearer good luck. In addition, the ancients believed peridot had strong cleansing powers; it was used for centuries to help protect and aid the wearer. Whether it's worn for its powers or beauty, peridot owns the month of August. Take note, and make sure you own some as well.

Summer Colors

Aside from the colorful array of summer birthstones, vivid color is key to summer fashions and they're going to be as hot as the weather outside.

Make sure you select pieces with bright, saturated colors like blue topaz or lemon quartz, to accent yourself through the hot summer months. Color is transformative; by adding just a pop of color to your outfit with a ring or bracelet, you'll create a whole new look for pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Vivacious purple amethyst, lime green peridot, sunny citrine and grape rhodolite make perfect gemstone accents for summer. Each jewel is brightly colored and lends itself beautifully to the types of pieces you're going to see this season.

What are you going to See?

Like the colors, the styles are meant to be noticed. You'll be wearing a lot of basics like tanks, denim and solid colors during the day so it's easy to add effortless style with just a few key pieces. Pair a set of dangling chain earrings with briolette gemstones with layered necklaces and stacking rings for day. To dress up designer denim, which is wardrobe staple year round, wear pearls at the wrist. Dyed pearl bangles are perfect for any look at any age. They're a must have this summer.

At night, floral patterns in soft chiffon will sweep the town. Think "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn. You'll be seeing a lot of vintage inspired bias style pieces reminiscent of the 1950s in subdued floral prints and rigid a-line skirts in solid colors. To accent these styles, add a sweet button pendant with cool colored gemstones like light blue topaz, pink tourmaline, diamonds or kunzite on a lithe golden chain or a dainty cocktail ring are one of the easiest ways to update this look.

Another popular style this summer will be gemstone bracelets. With a rich tan and accented with fine gemstones, bare arms never looked better. Look for crisp summer colors like lemon lime quartz, peridot, citrine and bright pink sapphires. Whether the bracelet features just one type of gemstone or many, you'll be able to wear it with every summer trend from beach wear to the vintage inspired pieces.

Major Holidays
June 6D-Day
June 14Flag Day
June 21Father's Day
June 21Summer Solstice
July 1Canada Day
July 4Independence Day
August 14V-J Day
August 15Feast of the Assumption
August 22Ramadan Begins
Fun Holidays
June 4National Donut Day
June 8Name Your Poision Day
June 16Eat Your Veggies Day
June 18National Splurge Day
June 23National Pink Day
June 29Hug Holiday
July 1International Joke Day
July 7Chocolate Day
July 13Embrace Your Geek Day
July 14Bastille Day
July 20Ugly Truck Day
July 25Parent's Day
July 30Father-in-Law Day
August 2Sister's Day
August 4U.S. Coast Guard Day
August 10Lazy Day
August 13Left Hander's Day
August 18Bad Poetry Day
August 21Senior Citizen's Day
August 30Frankenstein Day

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