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Newsletter Summer 2008

Summer Issue 2008

Welcome to GEMaffair.com's Summer 2008 Newsletter. Summer is here and it's time for some fun in the sun. Barbeques, pool parties, and long days on the beach are here in full force. As the temperature increases, the amount of clothing decreases, and the amount of romance goes through the roof. Summer loving is the perfect time to shower your loved one with the jewelry she deserves. Don't forget the season's birthstones when choosing what to shower upon her. Whether you are looking for the most radiant ruby, the perfect peridot, or a stunning sapphire, we have what you need to make her light up, on her ears, neck, fingers, wrists, and in her eyes.

If you are looking to impress your significant other, choose something sparkly to set off her golden brown tan that summer is surely going to bring. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, or Peridots set in silver or gold will be an amazing accent to her golden skin.

Investment Time
Did you know that Gold has gone from $350 per ounce to an all time high of $1030 per ounce in the last five years? Even in this time of economic slump, gold is worth $820 per ounce. Gold is a safe and beautiful investment that your significant other is sure to be pleased to have.

Diamonds are up by more than 30% from their worth five years ago. Diamonds truly are a girls' best friend and can be worn as a pendant, tennis bracelet, earrings, or as a beautiful dinner or engagement ring. If you choose to invest in diamonds, you will be able to enjoy the investment as it is making you money. Women will be much more excited about a beautiful gold and diamond solitaire than stock in the latest Fortune 500 company.

In the last year, silver has also spiked in value, from $12 an ounce to $21 dollars an ounce. Silver is a terrific investment that tends to be affordable on any salary, and then turns right around and starts making you money. What a terrific way to look your best and make money simultaneously by wearing silver jewelry.

Jansma News
Michael Jansma, owner of GEMaffair.com, had the amazing experience of speaking at the Internet Retailer Conference in the early summer of 2008. He was asked to serve on a panel for the Amazon.com webstore, which provided him the opportunity to teach others about the ins and outs of the internet retail business he has lived and breathed for many years.

"To be associated with the number one brand on the internet is nothing short of fantastic!" said Jansma" Having the opportunity to share internet retail facts and tricks of the trade with other companies ranging from books to cars, was an honor for Michael as well as for GEMaffair.com.

Michael was also recently featured in Floridatrend.com. The article, titled, "Digital communication is transforming how businesses market their products and services" focused on Michael's path to success and outlined his forward progression in the e-jewelry business. If you would like to read this article, visit our press page.

Ruby Red
What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than a July Ruby birthstone, September Sapphire birthstone, and April Diamond birthstone combined for a true red, white, and blue jewelry. Rubies are actually the second hardest gemstone after diamonds. People once believed that people who possessed rubies possessed health, wealth, wisdom, and love. The July Ruby birthstone is a perfect symbol of our nation's freedom and success.

This patriotic combination will also help you show your support for your favorite candidate. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Undeclared, you are an American, and you can show your love for your country by combining these three precious gems in a pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings, or anklet. The possibilities are endless.

Green with Envy
August marks the end of summer and the beginning of school for many people across the country. Make everyone "green with envy" with your beautiful peridot gemstone. A peridot pendant, peridot ring, or peridot earrings will be the perfect accent against the naturally bronzed skin that the end of summer typically displays. Be sure to give your loved one something to make her the talk of the town.

Let the unique clear green color of the peridot make your loved one the talk of the town and the envy of all of her friends.

Gold and silver both make a terrific setting for the peridot, giving the gem two totally different looks. You can choose which setting best suits your needs by looking through GEMaffair.com's amazing variety of peridot jewelry.

Don't be Blue
To a heart that's true:¦September Sapphire birthstone is the perfect kind of blue to guarantee her heart will remain true to you. This beautiful stone can range from celestial bright to deep velvet. These amazing stones can actually be found in a variety of colors such as purple sapphire, orange sapphire, yellow sapphire, and pink sapphire.

If you want to keep with tradition, pair a clear blue sapphire with diamonds and you will have a pendant or ring that will be the crowd favorite. Look through the inventory on GEMaffair.com to find the combination that will be perfect for your significant other.

Sapphires and diamonds set in yellow or white gold will prevent her from being blue. It will lift her spirits and warm her heart. She will have no problem knowing that your heart is true every time she looks at her finger, ears, or throat.

Check out your options by clicking on pendants, earrings, or rings on GEMaffair.com and looking through the amazing variety of sapphire options. Be sure to check out the clearance jewelry if you are looking for something that will be a little easier on your wallet.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze
In honor of the 2008 Summer Olympics, this is a terrific time to visit GEMaffair.com and purchase your own versions of gold, silver, and bronze jewelry. Any of the aforementioned birthstones (rubies, peridot, or sapphires) would be beautifully complemented by traditional yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver settings. Know what your loved one prefers to adorn herself with, and go for it. Both gold and silver will be a terrific accent on the glowing tanned skin of her summer look. Congratulations to all of our athletes who medaled in Beijing during the summer games.

Labor Day Wrap Up
Labor Day is a great time to start your holiday shopping. A day off from work, means a day available to surf the web in search of the perfect Christmas or Hannukuh gift for the one you love the most.

By planning this far ahead, you will be able to put for the research and effort to get the best quality jewelry for the best price. GEMaffair.com offers you a variety of reasonably priced, beautiful pieces of fine jewelry for all your holiday gift giving needs.

As summer comes to a close and the holiday season is upon us, thinking about what to get your special someone before December 24th will allow you to make an educated decision about the investment/gift for your significant other. Whether you decide to invest in yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver jewelry accented with precious or semi-precious gemstones, or a life changing diamond engagement ring, GEMaffair.com has what you need to make her sit up and take notice.