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Summer Issue 2007

Summer of Love, 2007
Forty years ago, The Beatles declared to the world that "All You Need Is Love". It was probably true. After all, there was no such thing as John Lennon Jewelry then, nor had we at GEMaffair.com significantly expanded our selection of silver items. It was a much simpler time, but times have changed, and so we decided to compose an updated version of the song, e-hem: "All You Need Is...."

Okay, scratch the song. Instead, we're gonna stick to what we do best: proclaiming the fantastic news of the season via our Summer of Love 2007 GEMaffair.com newsletter! So take a moment and relax, dip into these cool, refreshing words, splash yourself with sentences about sapphire and paragraphs of Peridot , and overall great news about what's been happening lately with us as well as some great savings in store for you!

John Lennon Jewelry Collection
It's back! A couple years ago GEMaffair.com made a hit by selling select items from this prized set of jewelry. Not only is John Lennon a beloved cultural icon for people throughout America, but pieces from the John Lennon Jewelry Collection have become widely-sought collectors' items. And GEMaffair.com has just secured a portion of the coveted John Lennon Jewelry Collection at bargain basement prices! The John Lennon Dancing Hearts earrings dangle lovingly from the ear, or arc into elegant hoops in sterling silver luster. Also, the sleek toggle bracelet harmonizes a musical note on one end and a heart shape on the other. John Lennon Musical Notes feature a playful pendant in the shape of a delectable, three-dimensional musical note. The simplicity of John Lennon's iconic self-drawn image is embodied in all the John Lennon Self Portrait items, from the silver cuff bracelet to the 14K golden pendant and the fun, brightly colored women�s watch. In its effortless straightforwardness, the sterling silver John Lennon Imagine ring combines that immortal message with his self-drawn depiction of his childlike face; a powerful symbol of this great artist's love for humanity.

Beautiful, Beautiful Boy.
At 8:16am on Saturday May 19th, Stephen Riley Jansma answered a question that had everybody stumped and was the world ready for him? Apparently, yes. The 9lb, 12-ouncer has been settling into his first summer with ease, sleeping just like a baby. And despite being woken up several times at night, his parents are doing alright. Michael Jansma, GEMaffair.com owner and proud "Da-aah!" passed the first real diaper-changing test INSIDE the hospital with flying colors; this despite an army of watchful nurses that would make ANYONE nervous!

Young Stephen currently hangs his hat in a snoopy-themed nursery, which has also seemed to attract the household dogs as well. Needless to say, the Summer of 2007 has been even brighter and warmer than usual for the Jansmas.

Silver, Supersized.
GEMaffair.com is happy to announce a significant increase to our silver jewelry collection. Our showcase of Silver Rings features exquisite designs ranging from mother-of-pearl embedded black onyx mens rings to women's pieces, both elegant and ornate. Embedded with citrine, amethyst or even dangling with patriotic American flags, our Silver Earrings offer something for everyone. The selection of Silver Bracelets ranges from understated elegance of "links" to inspirational and romantic bracelets bedecked with words like Faith and Love , or charms in heart-and key-and-locket shapes. More vibrant yet, our beaded and chain-work Silver Anklets deliver an extensive selection of floral patterns.

Walking Through Tampa
Saving money on jewelry is great, but it's even greater when you can do so while helping fight breast cancer. In honor of the Tampa Bay Breast Cancer 3-Day on October 19-21, 2007, GEMaffair.com is holding a special sale on breast cancer jewelry and donating ALL proceeds of those items to the cause.

During this period we also offer FREE SHIPPING for everything on the site. Plus we'll donate 10% of proceeds on every item we ship out. Not only are we excited about raising lots of money for the cause (about $1300 last year!), but we all plan to help out where we can!

Ruby Tuesday
And everyday in July, the month that's lucky enough to claim the Ruby Birthstone , which has received the rapt attention of world culture's for millennia. This fact is reflected in the countless mythological references to ruby. As a drop of blood from the heart of Mother Earth, ruby mesmerized practitioners of Eastern philosophy. It also lit up the bedchamber of China's emperor and the stone had magical, lucent properties. Many myths give consequence to rubies darkening over time; while in Medieval Europe it boded ill-fortune, South East Asian philosophy regarded darkness as a "ripening", marking the passage of time in the ruby's life. Medieval folklore had rubies at the center of various curative practices, including the healing open wounds. But enough about what ruby can do for you, here's how to care for ruby jewelry: it's a very sturdy stone, so a careful wipe down and a bath in alcohol is often recommended.

Arr!-gust The Peridot Birthstone (for those born in August) was a favorite among the pirates. Why? Well, when these fierce marauders weren't busy frightening their victims on the high seas, they had a lot of free time to be afraid themselves. Plus lots of dark, stormy and treacherous nights in the middle of nowhere! So Peridot , with its mysterious emerald color, was thought to muster up some fabled protections from the sea gods, especially when set in gold. Also, if you were to drinketh a remedy from a Peridot-studded chalice, the medicinal effects of whatever it was you might taketh would be greatly enhanced. The hardly detectable trace of gold found in blazing green Peridot has led many to draw a connection to the sun, and royalty. Peridot Jewelry might even have enhanced the beauty of Cleopatra, and no matter what, today it is a daring and elegant refinement. Clean with warm, soapy water and avoid ultrasound if the stone contains any flaws.

September on Sapphire Summer is far from over once September roles around, and the searing beauty of Sapphire Jewelry only aids the hot temperatures. Most people are familiar with this gemstone in its bluest manifestations, from celestial bright to deep velvet. Of course, sapphires come in a wonderful selection of purple, orange, yellow and pink sapphire . Mythology surrounding Sapphire is steeped in purity and grace, as it was traditionally designed to protect its bearer from envy. You can return the favor by caring for the Sapphire Birthstone - soaking in warm sudsy was are careful wiping is the recommended way to keep sapphires clean.

Enjoy the rest of the 2007 Summer of Love!
Thanks again for checking in with the Summer of Love 2007 GEMaffair.com Newsletter. We hope you enjoy the rest of the season safely, happily and full of jewelry!