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Newsletter Summer 2006

Summer Issue 2006

GEMaffair presents GEMAFFAIRS, the newsletter that gives you fun, educational information about jewels and jewelry. This Summer 2006 edition will deliver to you a plethora of information about the following birthstones: Ruby ( July birthstone ), Peridot ( August birthstone ), and Sapphire ( September birthstone ). Expect to read facts you never knew. Expect to read lore you won't believe. Expect to giggle at how some of these jewels have been used in our history!

In addition to birthstone jewelry information, GEMaffairs will let you know about GEMaffair's promotion coming in the fall for The Tampa Bay 3-DAY, a 60-mile walk that benefits breast cancer. Also, GEMaffair has made some major upgrades to our website, to enhance and improve your entire shopping experience! So please... read it up!


Typically, in our newsletter, we provide you with specific information about each birthstone, by month. With this newsletter, however, we have the unique opportunity to share information about Rubies and Sapphires together! Both jewels come from the exact same mineral: corundum. So before we get into the specifics about either Ruby or Sapphire, first we want to tell you a little bit about corundum.

Corundum is a very hard mineral. Both the Ruby and Sapphire get a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (The ONLY 10 goes to the Diamonds). Corundum, which comes from the Sanskrit kuruvinda, is used as a gemstone, occurring in all colors. Since corundum is so popular and valuable, the synthetically produced gem corundum has been used as an inexpensive substitute for years. This mineral is also used as an abrasive. Corundum that has been synthetically manufactured from bauxite is most often used for this purpose. Some Corundum lore: it is said to enhance creativity, awareness, intuition, self-confidence and ambition. It also helps release negative feelings in constructive ways while giving you inner peace! Not bad, huh? Now, on to Rubies...

The Latin word ruber means red. This is where we get the name Ruby. The Ruby (definition). Ruby is one of the oldest gems known to man. With several references in the bible, as well as ancient Sanskrit references, this red jewel has been thought to have a large variety of beneficial properties.

The Ruby was said to protect the wearer from wounds... and to preserve health... and to protect one's possessions from being taken or stolen. For a man, the wearing of a Ruby was a sign of nobility and valor. For women, it signified pride, as well as passion. The Ruby is said to inspire love, and to enhance creativity, wisdom and spirituality. It is also said to give confidence and courage and to stimulate leadership qualities. The Ruby is also said to have been helpful in treating heart disease, as well as circulatory disease.

The Ruby is the symbolic gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary. July Ruby birthstone jewelry is a wonderful gift for those born in the month of July, but also Ruby is a traditional gif for Valentines Day given it's deep red color. Rubies are often heated to produce or intensify color, create color uniformity and/or appearance. These enhancements are permanent.

Rubies can be cleaned using both steam and sonic treatments.

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Once known as the Emblem of the Sun in Ancient Egypt, Peridot was a favorite of Cleopatra and was frequently mistaken for the Emerald. Peridot was not always Peridot.

In ancient times up until the eighteenth century, Peridot was referred to as Topazion. This is most likely because it was found on Topazios (known today as Isle of St. John in Egypt) in the Red Sea.

In the eighteenth century the name Topaz was given to our mineral topaz of today, and the lime green gem became known as Peridot. Yellowish Peridot also has been referred to as Chrysolite which comes from Greek, meaning mellow stone.

Peridot is said heal and give vitality to the body. It also increases patience and confidence, and generates assertiveness. This jewel is said to help slow aging, and to aid in the treatment of digestive, heart, lung and eye disorders. It is also said to be helpful in child birth!

Peridot jewelry can be cleaned using both steam and sonic treatments.

The Tampa Bay 3-DAY. Thousands of women and men will unite in cities across the country and walk 60 miles over the course of three days. It's a weekend of hope, as we honor lives lost, celebrate survivors, promote breast cancer research, and help bring breast cancer care to those who so desperately need it. Net proceeds from the Breast Cancer 3-Days benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fund breast cancer research and community outreach, as well as the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund, to provide an endowment for breast cancer initiatives.The following areas have 60 mile walks in the fall of 2006: Boston: August 4-6; Michigan: August 11-13; Twin Cities: August 18-20; Seattle: August 25-27; Chicago: September 8-10; Kansas City: September 15-17; Philadelphia: October 6-8; Tampa Bay: October 13-15; Atlanta: October 20-22; Dallas/Ft. Worth: Oct 27-29; Arizona: November 3-5; San Diego: November 10-12.

The Tampa Bay 3-DAY walk takes place from October 13th to the 15th. GEMaffair (based in the Tampa Bay area) will be running a promotion in conjunction with this event! A percentage of profits generated from this promotion will be donated to the 3-DAY! Prepare to shop for a cause!

Special ink Ribbon (Rose Gold) jewelry will be available soon!


The Sapphire derives its name from the Latin word sapphirus meaning . It is often referred to as the Emblem of the Heavens as its color mirrors the sky at different the times of day. In lore, Sapphire (definition) created divine favor, made peace between enemies, and protected against envy, fraud, poison and even sorcery! Wearing Sapphire jewelry was a character sign of generosity, manners, great wisdom and noble thoughts, too.

There are many colors of Sapphire, and each color has its own lore! Black Sapphire protect one from physical harm and enhance one's self-confidence. Green Sapphire strengthen loyalty and honesty. Pink Sapphire inspires love, and enhance one's creativity. Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom, wealth and prosperity.

The Sapphire is the symbolic gemstone for the 23th wedding anniversary. The Star Sapphire is the symbolic gemstone for the 26th wedding anniversary.

Sapphires can be cleaned using both steam and sonic treatments.

That is all for this edition. Next edition will contain lot so holiday information for the upcoming holiday season.