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Newsletter Spring 2012

Spring Issue 2012

This year’s spring styles include our new Jackie Kennedy jewelry collection; our all new Posh Mommy jewelry is ready for Mother’s Day, pastel gemstone jewelry, whimsical toe rings, and heartthrob heart pendant accessories. Look for all this and more at GEMaffair.com as you browse for this season’s trendiest styles. Make sure to scan the QR code with your smart phone for a discount on your next purchase!

Posh Mommy & Little Dude Jewelry

We recently introduced our new Posh Mommy jewelry collection, jewelry that’s as easy as a few clicks of your mouse to customize that will last generations to come. Posh mommy is a kind of idea that centralizes on the concepts that moms can be wonderful, irreplaceable caretakers and look beautiful while filling that tough role. Our Posh Mommy collection is chalk full of gift ideas and styles, from hearts to little dude dog tags, in all your basic metal types. Add a classy engraving starting at $11.97 and you’ve now made a fancy accessory absolutely priceless!

Jackie Kennedy Jewelry Collection

February 14th, Valentine’s day marked the 50th year anniversary of a broadcasted tour of The Kennedy’s humble abode, the White House. With that significant date, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library released much paperwork to the public and with this release, Jackie Kennedy is all abuzz! We released dozens of new Jackie Kennedy jewelry, authentic replicas of the jewelry that she wore on a daily basis! Not only that we now offer purses she donned, sunglasses, and watches she was spotted wearing. Kennedy was influential well past her reign as Queen of Camelot, and now you can be too!

Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

With Mother’s day right around the bend, it’s no wonder you’re scrambling for yet another innovative gift idea. Every year is the same thing, with so many gift giving holidays you’re just about dry out of ideas. Look no further, in fact browse backwards and consider our Posh Mommy and Jackie Kennedy jewelry as present ideas! We’ve just added dozens upon dozens of heart pendants to our heart pendants tray; some can be engraved with a personalized, one of a kind message.

April Birthstone: Diamond

Diamonds are perhaps one of the most popular types of gemstones; nearly 10 million people globally are supported by the diamond industry. So our rare April Aries may have just about lucked out with this gemstone.
Many people know that diamonds are the hardest substance found in nature, but not many know that diamonds are four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum. It’s no surprise that the word diamond is derived from the Greek word, “adamas” which means “hardest metal”. It is said, the properties of diamonds actually reflect the characteristics of those born within April. Diamond-born are said to be full of inner strength, able to see with distinct clarity and have a great sense of balance. The diamonds themselves are reputed to have healing properties, effective for health problems relating to brain diseases within the pituitary glands. Diamonds are used to draw out toxins from the body, supposedly a great remedy for poison.

May Birthstone: Emerald

Like diamonds, emeralds are gemstones that have qualities that reflect in those born in the month of May. Traditional properties associated with emeralds are clairvoyance, faith, and a good memory. Other qualities May born are said to possess are unwavering loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness.

The stone itself is reputed to be beneficial to health problems relating to fertility, the spine, headaches, and eyes. So expectant or would-be mothers should consider donning an emerald ring. Emeralds come in a deep green color, favored once in Victorian jewelry and representative of life and nature. Emerald is a word derived from the Greek word “smaragdos”, which simply means, ‘green stone’. As a member of the Beryl family, emerald is considered the most valuable member.

June Birthstone: Pearl

Pearl, the gemstone of good luck and protection, is perfectly suited to our June babies. Like emerald, pearl is a stone associated with friendship, loyalty, and faithfulness. Other properties that pearls exhibit are chastity, purity, and modesty. Those Gemini who can claim the pearl as their own may do well to don their birthstone to protect against health problems concerning the stomach, intestine, spleen, and heart. What’s better, pearls come in a variety of colors, like white, silver, cream, gold, green, blue, or even black!

Pearl, from the Latin word “pirum” means ‘pear’, a description of the shape of the gemstone as it occurs naturally inside a mollusk. Pearls are priced and graded according to their color, surface, size, shape and luster.