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Newsletter Spring 2010

Spring Issue 2010

Battle of the Designers

This year fashion designers are battling traditional neutral spring shades against vibrant floral prints. While many designers have chosen to stick with spring's highly anticipated boho chic style, several designers and name brands have decided to celebrate spring's tribute to life with a rebirth of colorful styles. Whether you're sticking to tradition, embracing the new, or creating a stylish combination, GEMaffair has got all your fabulous spring accessories covered. From classy pearl necklaces to vibrant flower fashion rings, you can find something to match every spring style.

Give Mom a Birthstone Ring for Mother's Day

"The phrase "working mother" is redundant."
- Jane Sellman

Whether it's spending long days at the office or racing to soccer games, Moms are incessantly working hard year round to love and support their family. This Mother's Day tell Mom how much she's appreciated by giving her a fabulous piece of jewelry she can wear every day to remind her why all her endless efforts are worth it. Birthstone rings are a great way to keep mom reminded. Pick out a sensational style she’'ll love, set with all of her "babie's" birthstones. GEMaffair has made it easy to pick out the perfect piece of birthstone jewelry by creating an entire birthstone section right on our website! You can shop by jewelry type by browsing through every birthstone ring, earring, pendant, necklace and bracelet that we have already separated by category for you. Or you can shop by month where you will find every piece of jewelry GEMaffair has to offer with that particular month’s gemstone.

While you're browsing, make sure to check out our birthstone guides to learn more about each month's birthstone so you can tell mom all about the thoughtful accessory you're giving her.

Dads Can Accessorize Too!

This father's day make sure you let Dad know that it's okay to treat himself to some fashionable accessories.

Inspire this "new" concept by giving Dad a tie clip suited to his style or a character money clip that showcases his personality. We have an exclusive line of NFL jewelry with an assortment of men's bracelets and dog tag pendants sporting the logo of 27 different NFL teams. Cuff links are a timeless gift appropriate for Dad's of all ages and ideal gift to have personalized with their initials. When it comes to finding a present for all those hard-to-buy for Dads, GEMaffair has got you covered.

Personalized Graduation Gifts

With graduation just around the corner it's time to start thinking about how to honor all the hard work and accomplishments of the graduate. Personalized engraved jewelry is a great way to give something fashionable, valuable and sentimental. Sterling silver toggle charm bracelets offer a large flat area perfect for engraving a graduation date, school name or initials. Gemstone rings with solid bands are also an ideal slate for engraving short mementos.

GEMaffair is proud to offer both script and block font to write your sentimental message as well as a large assortment of engravable jewelry. From tie clips to lockets, GEMaffair has everything you need for your personalized graduation gift, including a list a jewelry engraving ideas.

April Birthstone Guide

The lucky April birthdays are compensated for their constant rain showers by being afforded the diamond as their month's birthstone. Diamond gifts are a symbol of everlasting love, loyalty and commitment. There is no better gemstone to give that is more devoted to the promise of an everlasting relationship than the brilliant diamond. Most appropriate for engagement rings and 75th anniversaries, diamond jewelry is never a gift that will be denied on any occasion.

Historically, the first records of the diamond date back to over 3,000 years ago in India where diamonds were first appreciated for their stunning ability to refract light. Back then diamonds were used purely for decoration and to ward off evil spirits. Today, the diamond is considered the "King of Gems" and is the world's hardest known substance. It is worn around the world with the same appeal appreciated 3000 years ago and for its romantic symbolism.

May Birthstone Guide

May is bursting with flowers and associated with gorgeous green growth and new life which is why it has appropriately been awarded the emerald as its official birthstone.

Its beautiful name originated from the Greek word "smaragdos" and literally translates to "green gemstone." It represents love and rebirth as well as everlasting youth. The ancient Egyptians were buried with Emeralds around their necks to symbolize their perpetual youth and also worn on the crowns of their kings, similar to the Inca and Aztec culture in South America. Emeralds have always had a place in royalty and have bedazzled countless historic crowns and chalices and are now found in the most sensational gemstone jewelry for everyone to enjoy.

June Birthstone Guide

Classic pearl necklaces, stud earrings and bracelets have captured hearts around the world for centuries with their unsurpassed beauty and elegance.

Throughout the years pearls have been used in medicine, ground up and used for cosmetic purposes and in some cultures… worn as an aphrodisiac to attract their life partners. They have graced the necks of celebrities and first ladies as well as decorated countless crowns and temples of royalty. According to Greek mythology, pearls were created by Goddess of love and are the hardened tears shook from her head and she was born from the sea. Pearl jewelry is a universal symbol of class and sophistication and an elegant accessory to wear wherever you're going.

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