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Newsletter Spring 2009

Spring Issue 2009

Spring 2009 Jewelry Forecast
Spring is here and GEMaffair.com has the jewelry styles that will keep you fashionable all the way through until the hot days of summer arrive. Like the flowers blooming all around us, this year's spring jewelry trends are alive with both color and texture. Fashionistas predict the market will bloom with designs inspired by nature. These flora and fauna jewelry pieces will feature bold designs set with vibrant gemstones like blue topaz, purple amethyst, lime peridot, light green prasiolite and lemon yellow citrine. As always, in addition to this season's idyllic style trends, the upcoming months will be alive with pieces featuring the traditional birthstones of April, May and June.

April Birthstone Jewelry
April lays claim to the diamond. Regardless of whether or not you were born in April, you too can claim the diamond as your own. This spring, jewelry themes will mimic nature's awakening from the icy winter months. We'll be seeing a lot of flower themed diamond jewelry pieces. It's a timeless style as it works well in both white gold and yellow gold and easily translates to different types of jewelry. Look for rings featuring flower clusters, pendants abloom with posies of captivating diamonds and earrings set with blossoming buds of fire and brilliance. In addition, classic diamond hoop earrings will reappear of the fashion scene. We'll see celebrities don diamond huggie hoop earrings, saddle earrings and channel set hoop earrings for both day and evening looks. When looking for diamond jewelry that is right for you, find pieces that will complement both your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Choose pieces that are easy to wear, consider your budget and look for styles that flatter jewelry you already own. This will ensure that your diamonds will work for you and not the other way around.

May Birthstone Jewelry
As spring swings into full effect, those born in May have more than the sunny days and the fragrant flower scented air to be thankful for. May is the month of the emerald. Since ancient times, this deep green gemstone has been associated with love, nature, beauty and sophistication. Today, the emerald is prized as one of the most precious of all precious gemstones. This spring, the emerald will be seen in everything from vintage inspired cocktail rings to modern minimalist pendants and earrings. Classically, the emerald has been paired with rich yellow gold. This season the more traditional styles will continue to play by the rules, but modern pieces will see cooler color palettes of white gold and sleek, tailored designs. Whether choosing a sophisticated classic style like an emerald tennis bracelet or a sultry emerald pendant inspired by the latest fashion trends, the May birthstone is the quintessential spring gem.

June Birthstone Jewelry
Topping off the spring season is June's birthstone, the pearl. Pearls are one of only five organic gemstones and are easily the most coveted. It can take thousands of hours for one oyster to produce a pearl. Revered for their lustrous beauty, the sublime creations naturally occur in cool whites, creams, pinks and yellows but can be dyed to almost any color. The gem's versatile nature makes them perfect for everyday wear. This season we expect to see ladies in the know wearing traditional styled pearl and diamond rings in silvery white gold; vibrant dyed pearl jewelry in teals, purples, and reds; as well as the comeback of the pearl necklace. When buying pearl jewelry this spring, don't be fooled by its traditional roots. Pearl jewelry is seeing a revival. It can be worn by all ages, at any event and be paired with any combination of colored gemstones.

GEMaffair.com Jewelry Services
In addition to outfitting you with the latest jewelry trends, GEMaffair.com has added the several great services to ensure you get the most out of your shopping experience. This past March, we added professional ring sizing, engraving and third party appraisal services for our customers. Regardless of which service you choose, your jewelry will be attended to by a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist with A.G.S certifications. Both ring sizing and engraving are done in-house in under twenty-four business hours.
For our appraisals we use a nonaffiliated professional jeweler for unbiased, guaranteed appraisals. Just like everything else we do, our services are affordable. We can size any ring in our inventory to any size you need for a flat fee of just $19.95. Our custom engraving service is just $14.95. And a G.I.A. certified appraisal from a nonaffiliated A.G.S certified gem lab is just $24.95. Get more from your jewelry; cater it to your needs.
Investing in Jewelry
The newest investment portfolios aren't stored in dark filing cabinets; they're a type of investment that soars in value as you wear it. By investing in jewelry, you're investing in yourself - and wearing a new ring is a lot more fun than watching the stock market. With the price of gold and silver soaring to new heights each day, purchasing jewelry is more than simply a way to accessorize; it's a valuable commodity that works while you wear it. Blend fashion with finance and make your wardrobe work for you. Every piece you buy not only enhances your status as a fashionista, but also your prowess as a smart investor.

Pay It Forward
Times are hard. But instead of seeing the people turn inward; we've seen the opposite. We've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people these past few months. We've met selfless men and women who strive to make the lives of those around them better and we've tried to learn from each example. So, we're going to "Pay It Forward" and we need your help.

Every month we will hold a contest on different blogs across the Internet asking people to acknowledge the things they do for other people everyday. We want to people to be proud of their hard work, their dedication to family and the small things done to make life easier for someone else. Each contest will ask entrants to divulge something about themselves they are proud of or something inspiring they've seen another do. We want you to take a moment for yourself to see that even though times are tough, great things are happening all around us.

Join us in celebrating the strength of kindness, love and family. Take a moment to think of the things you do everyday to make life a little better for someone else. Now think of something someone did for you. Now spread the word and help us Pay it Forward.

Major Holidays
April 1 April Fool's Day
April 12 Easter
April 22 Earth Day
April 24 Arbor Day
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 10 Mother's Day
May 16 Armed Forces Day
May 25 Memorial Day
June 14 Flag Day
June 21 Father's Day

Fun Holidays
April 4 World Rat Day
April 10 ASPCA Day
April 14 Be Nice to Lawyers Day
April 30 National Honesty Day
May 3 Lumpy Rug Day
May 9 National Babysitter's Day
May 22 National Maritime Day
June 2 Yell at Cobras Day
June 6 Do-Dah Day
June 20 Vinegar Day
June 28 America's Kids' Day

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