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Spring Issue 2008

Hop to it!
Welcome to GEMaffair.com's Spring 2008 Newsletter. While Easter is behind us, the reference to hopping is more than appropriate. Spring is here, and the sun and warmth have begun to melt away the frost of winter. As buds begin to bloom and birds sing songs of happiness, one can witness the rebirth and renewal that is so indicative of the spring season. For some it means strengthening those ever precious relationships, and for others it is a cleaning out of the old to make room for the new. Whatever your spring cleaning entails, our Spring Newsletter will lead you in the right direction. Tis the season to celebrate those wonderful people who brought us into this world, mothers and fathers. In addition, the spring season boasts of fun-filled events such as graduations and weddings. And let's not forget the season's birthstones. Whether you are searching for the perfect diamond, the exquisite emerald, or the versatile alexandrite, certainly, we have what you need to make your celebrations extra special and your spring a season to remember!

A tribute to our mothers
Mothers truly deserve recognition every day of the year, which is all the more reason to make this Mother's Day extraordinary. Our wide array of pendants will remind mom of the unconditional and unwavering love that exists between her and you. Our traditional lockets are the perfect way for mom to house your photo and keep you close to her at all times. Where would Mother's Day be without the legendary mother of pearl? From earrings to bracelets, our mother of pearl jewelry will bring opulence and good luck to your mother's life. If you feel your gift choosing abilities may be a little off, perhaps our charm bracelets will suit your needs. This way mom can accessorize it how she sees fit. This May remember to show your mother how much you truly appreciate her.

Don't forget Dad
Every year consumers find themselves struggling to find fathers the perfect gift. Look no further; we offer an extensive collection of men's jewelry. From rings to watches, men will take pleasure in wearing our distinguished, masculine trinkets. If the father on your list is not one for donning jewelry, we offer cuff links, money clips, and key chains. No matter how finicky the irreplaceable man is in your life, we have what it takes to make this day a day to remember.

Pomp and Circumstance
Every spring graduates across the country take that leap into the next phase of life. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Nothing suits a graduate better than a watch. Not only is a watch a gender neutral gift, it is also a practical token to help the graduate on his way to being responsible. If a watch seems too pragmatic and impersonal, check out our selection of cross pendants to aid the graduate on his spiritual journey. We also proffer elegant and delicate rings for the female graduate, while male graduates can enjoy our sturdy, masculine rings. Help the graduate march off in style.

Time to tie the knot?
There is something about spring that brings couples closer together. Perhaps it is the fact that so many weddings take place during this time of the year. Or perhaps it is just the radiant sunshine, beautiful flowers blooming, or the rebirth of the season. It may even be your time to take the plunge and ask your one and only for her hand in marriage. If so, you are in luck. Check out our diverse selection of wedding and diamond engagement rings. They are offered in sets or as exclusive pieces. Bridesmaids will appreciate anklets and toe rings, so they are ready to adorn themselves for the summer months. For the guys, GEMaffair.com presents a spread of sports jewelry. Your friends will be glad they decided to help you out.

Speaking of weddings...
Since this is the season for weddings, there must also be a great deal of anniversaries taking place. We suggest our diamond journey pendants to let the women in your life know that you want her on your life journey forever. If you are planning on renewing your vows this season, we have diamond jewelry galore. However you choose to spoil your spouse, we, here at GEMaffair.com wish you a happy anniversary!
April Birthstone Guide
So often nowadays we oversimplify the diamond by referring to it as a girl's best friend. Truly it is a remarkable gemstone that has distinctions to hold it above other jewels. One quality that sets the diamond apart is its hardness. In fact, it is one of the most durable minerals found in the natural world. Another characteristic of the diamond is that it is the supreme conductor of heat, at least in the mineral world.

Diamond jewelry is available in a multitude of colors. Most commonly the diamond is represented as colorless or yellow; however, the spectrum of availability runs from black diamonds to pink diamonds. Diamonds are mined from a type of rock referred to as Kimberlite, often found in the remains of volcanic eruptions. Amazingly, the rock is compressed between steel rollers, leaving any present diamonds unaltered. It is just another testament to the diamond's brawn.

The gift of a diamond is priceless. Because of the diamond's splendor, prestige, and strength, it is a gift few would turn down. This April birthstone is believed to bring loyalty and commitment to personal relationships and encourage love for others. No wonder diamond rings are used to secure and finalize engagements.

May Birthstone Guide
No one can ever overlook the unique green of an emerald, May's birthstone. Emeralds are unmistakably a different breed of gems as they are always green and much admired. The Ancient Egyptians held emeralds in high regard as evidenced by Queen Cleopatra's enormous collection of them. Today, emeralds are still venerated.

Despite Cleopatra's mines shutting down in the 1920's, other areas such as Siberia, Brazil, Madagascar, and more still contain emerald producing mines. Emeralds are found as a result of volcanic rocks, which contain crystal schists.

The beauty of having an emerald birthstone is that it is used in all categories of jewelry. You will find emerald rings, emerald necklaces, and emerald pendants to name a few. No matter what piece of emerald jewelry you choose to give, know that you are giving a gem that symbolizes harmony and all around healing.

June Birthstone Guide
A pearl is formed inside a shellfish as it reacts to some sort of irritant such as sand. Paradoxically, this pest that bothers the shellfish actually produces the stunning pearl. Sadly, though, there are very few pearls found in nature. Humans developed a technique to create cultured pearls. Basically this procedure involves adding a piece of shell to the inside of an oyster.

The pearl birthstone comes in many several shapes and colors. Usually the pearl is a round shape and is white or cream colored. You will, however, find black pearls or varying hues of pastel pearls. Sometimes a pearl is shaped more like a tear than a sphere. The luster of a pearl depends on how the layers of the pearl were actually formed. Luster improves when the layers are slimmer and more numerous in a pearl.

Those whose birthday falls in June are lucky to have such a gorgeous, timeless gem to represent their birth. The simplicity of a strand of pearls makes it a classic. Pearl necklaces and pearl earrings are often worn at weddings, as items passed on for posterity from one generation to the next. Pearls are also said to represent love and to alleviate emotional imbalance. As a symbol of love, the pearl is quite appropriate to give for any occasion.

There you have it!
Undoubtedly the gems of the spring season are remarkable. The diamond birthstone, the emerald birthstone, and the pearl birthstone are all extremely popular and universal. In essence, they match the season they represent. So, enjoy the spring season and the celebration and joy of life that come along with it. See you in the summer!