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Newsletter Spring 2007

Spring Issue 2007

Spring is in the air
A warm Welcome to GEMaffair.com's Spring 2007 Newsletter, a perfect accompaniment to the fresh air and shining sun of Spring. Lovebirds abound through this warming season, which means both newlyweds and diamond anniversary folks alike have a lot to look forward to. So if you want to show someone near and dear to you how you feel, our Spring Newsletter is here to supply you with the means to get the message across. In addition to a bustling holiday roundup, we take you on a tour through the birthstones of the season . From the emerald's spring green to the mysterious, lustrous pearl and the dazzling diamond, there are certainly some special gems and special people to be celebrated over the next few months. So sit back for a minute and discover all the happiness the season has to offer!

Speaking of special people...
There will be one more of them by the time summer arrives. Just in case you missed the news, or are new to the GEMaffair.com family, we'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that the family of company owner Michael Jansma will expand by one. This year, Father's Day and Mother's day will be extra special for him and his wife; they're expecting a boy on May 24th!

Mother's Day made easy
From understated white gold to brilliant topaz , our wide selection of pendants is a great place to start shopping for Mom. Stay close to her heart with our photo pendants . The combination of gorgeous gems, lovely settings on the outside and a picture of you inside will give her instant bragging rights. If you're not sure which necklace would go best with her earrings , consider one of our helpful sets. Carefully coordinated, our sets come in a variety of gemstones and precious metals and are sure to be a hit this May.

Let's hear it for the fathers!
No excuses this year; with GEMaffair.com and Amazon.com on your side even last-minute Father's Day gift giving is a snap. Check out our Man Jewelry selection for products and designs that are sure to please. Clean lines and real leather are the watchwords here. And if classic designs aren't really his thing we've still got you covered. From the Freemasons to John Lennon , we have theme settings to suit Dad�s interests, and the quality gems to back them up.

Here comes the graduate
All that hard work has paid off, and now it�s time to celebrate their success. For him, a racecar themed ring can speed him onto the highway of life. For her, an elegant necklace is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Go ahead and spoil them a little bit now, your graduate deserves it. Our bulova piano clock makes the perfect housewarming gift, and has been especially popular this season. The art deco design signals their maturity, while clockworks by Bulova ensure they'll always be on time out there in the real world.

Wedding season
Blooming flowers, green grass and blue skies draw wedding parties out of doors, and if you're reading this newsletter the happy newlyweds are sure to be even happier and GEMaffair.com offers beautiful wedding and diamond engagement rings , available in sets as well as individual pieces.

Our lovely gem and precious stone accessories are great tokens of appreciation to the bridesmaids and groomsmen for all those rehearsals and behind the scenes help. Steer clear of rings today those are for the new couples and think more along the lines of tennis bracelets for the bridesmaids. Something silver (as opposed to gold ), or some thin silver hoop earrings are also good choices. For the groomsmen, a precious stone tie clip is just the thing to put the finishing touch on their tuxes, or visit our Mens Gifts section for more ideas.

Anniversary reminder
Not that you'd ever forget! While you don't need help remembering (right?), you may find our ring-sizing guide helpful if you want to surprise her this year. For those of you celebrating your silver anniversary in 2007, congratulations from GEMaffair.com. We have many silver items in creative designs you can choose from to match her style from simple, all-silver pieces, to works delicately studded with gemstones.

Clothing considerations
Spring weather means lighter clothing and gentler color tones. Some fun and festive jewelry accents can make the perfect spring outfit even better. The lighter hairdos of spring puts dangling earrings back in style for the next few months, while towards the end of spring and when it's definitely sandal weather a toe ring or belly ring can make for exciting accessories. Our anklets are surprisingly affordable, and offer the right amount of bounce and spring spangle in attractive designs.

April Birthstone: Diamond
Perhaps the most astonishing thing about diamond birthstone is its age. Diamonds are often billions of years old. Not millions, but billions.
They are squeezed out from the center of the earth, representing the compression of carbon under pressure and heat conditions that humans (despite having split the atom) still cannot properly synthesize.

Diamonds (definition) are the hardest substance found on earth ("diamond", in fact, comes from an ancient word for "invincible"), and as such have a wide variety of applications in industry. Scientists have managed to synthesize very small diamonds for industrial polishing and grinding. But the gem (the rarest form of diamond) remains inimitable.

Diamonds are distinct. Unlike most stones, valuable diamonds have no defects, and their shading and symmetry is unlike any other gem. Those who have had the privilege of owning a diamond know the entrancing effects of looking into the shadows of its depths.

Unlike gold, which is most precious when dissolved and reformed by craftsmen, diamond jewelry , to a much greater extent, stands on its own. Great stashes of gold are throughout history stolen and vanish through the ages into jewelry, ornaments and even silk clothing. Diamonds, on the other hand, are stolen, sold and stolen again, all the while remaining whole.

Consider the Hope Diamond . It has traveled the world from India, through the courts of pre-industrial Europe, and can currently be found at the Smithsonian museum. It is almost a living character in its own story, firing imaginations around the world through its mysterious past and inspiring rumors of its having been cursed. Our diamond products are covered by Amazon.com's A to Z guarantee , and GEMaffair.com assures you all our diamonds are shipped curse-free.

May Birthstone: Emerald
Give that special person born in May a stone that brings out the color of spring, all year round. And color is really what the emerald birthstone is all about. Unlike most gems, the richness of an emerald's verdant hues is its most important characteristic. This is for three reasons. First, emeralds bear the marks of their past, and wear them well. Much of the pleasure of owning emerald jewelry lies in observing the ways in which the earth has imprinted itself on your particular gem over millions of years. Emeralds display a significant amount of variation depending on where they were formed, making their blemishes something collectors tend to embrace rather than overlook or avoid.

Second, the texture and density of emeralds(definition) make them one of the more difficult gems to shape. Rather than the intricate geometric planes of the diamond, emeralds are cut to include broad flat surfaces where possible, with several-angled corners. More often than other valuable gems, emeralds may simply be smoothed and rounded so as not to risk damage through attempts at more complex shapes.

Third, the color of a real, quality emerald fascinates even the most, um, jaded of gem collectors. Rich emerald green is color found nowhere else. Larger, older emeralds tend to present the better color. Emeralds with a hint of blue are the more common variety, and so are less valuable though they are also beautiful gems.

June Birthstone: Pearl
While most precious stones are forced in the furnaces of the earth, pearls are spun like a spider's web by oysters in the depths of the sea and the prey, an intruder such as a tiny pebble. Oysters spin a material called nacre around the intrusive object in order not to be damaged by it.

Methods for locating pearls have become more refined. Much in the same way silkworms are farmed, the collection of pearl oysters has often replaced diving. The pearl birthstone remains a valuable item, and is most popularly set without adornment on a necklace or pair of earring studs. Pearl jewelry is also commonly adorned with white gold. Pearls are stones that give their wearer an air of elegance and are best when worn simply.

Prior to modern harvesting techniques, cultures would go to great lengths to obtain a pearl. The Ama of Japan are women who free dive for pearls, carrying on a tradition dating back thousands of years. Japan has a proud history of culling from the sea, and the women who became Ama took on one of the more difficult jobs in a difficult field. Coping with minimal opportunities to resurface, cold water, and the occasional shark, their labor is effective testimony to the allure of the pearl.

The tradition is dying out in an era where traditional culture is less valued. Luckily, these remarkable accidents of nature aren't going anywhere. Pearls remain a timeless gem.

See you in the summer!
We hope you enjoyed the Spring 2007 Newsletter! We'll be back next summer to inform you about another exciting season of jewelry. Happy Spring!