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Newsletter Spring 2006

Spring Issue 2006

This is our third issue of GEMaffairs, and we are excited about the information we get to provide for you - our customer! In the Spring 2006 issue, we are presenting April, May and June Birthstones, as well as a couple of tidbits on both Mother's Day and Father's Day. Enjoy your spring, and make sure you have us bookmarked - http://www.gemaffair.com/. Happy reading!

DIAMOND: April Birthstone
The most popular gemstone in the world - the Diamond - receives special attention during April. Diamonds are the April birthstone. Diamonds are made of 100% carbon. Their crystalline structure is very close-knit. If you X-ray a Diamond, you will see that each of its atoms is linked with four other equidistant atoms. This tight bond is what yields the hardness. They are the hardest naturally occurring substance known. The main reason for their popularity is their refractive power. When cut properly, a Diamond (definition) will return an immense amount of light, which is what generates its extraordinary brilliance.

Diamonds are weighed in carats or in points. A 1-pointer equals .01 carats. Exposing Diamonds to certain elements of heat or radiation alters their color. That is how we see green, red, pink, yellow, blue... even orange and violet. They really are all beautiful and the color change is permanent.

Diamonds are symbolic of steadfast love; due to this symbolism, they are the gemstone of choice for marriages. One of the largest Diamonds in existence - the Hope Diamond - rests today in the Smithsonian Institute in Washhington, D.C. Starting out somewhere around 1668, this 112-carat Diamond of sapphire-blue color was purchased by Louis XIV as part of the French crown jewels. In 1673, the Diamond was re-cut into a 67-carat heart shape. It disappeared in 1792 after the crown-jewel robbery. In 1830, it resurfaced when a London banker by the name of Thomas Hope purchased it; thus, the aptly named "Hope Diamond."

You can always visit our site and read much more about diamonds in our educate yourself section. We even have a section where you can learn Diamond grading basics. After you have become and informed customer, you should put your new found knowledge to work for you and shop our April diamond jewelry collection.

Clean by lightly brushing it in a bowl of lukewarm sudsy water. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry with a soft lint free cloth.

MOTHERS DAY - Sunday May 14th Honor. For the woman who brought you into the world. We want to acknowledge every mother out there! You have done - and most likely are still doing! - a job that very few men are capable of doing. Being the "Mom." While gifts are not necessary for Mom, it�s the surprise of receiving a gift that really creates a special moment.

Here are some suggested gifts from GEMaffair...
1. A Diamond Gold Heart Pendant, with a chain.
2. A Gold Locket Pendant, with pictures of you already in it!
3. A pair of earrings with her birthstone (if you don�t know her birthstone, see our birthstone guide at www.gemaffair.com)
4. A Ruby and Diamond Ring
5. Any heart-shaped gemstone jewelry - she will get the clear message of love.

EMERALD: May Birthstone
That particular grassy-green we all love. Emeralds are the green variety of beryl that is highly valued as a gemstone. Emeralds, known for their color, and not their refractivity, stand out as one of the precious three colored gemstones. Emerald is the May Birthstone Ring according to the traditional birthstone chart.

Some history of this sensational gemstone leads us back to Upper Egypt, where it is said to have been utilized as early as 2000 BC. Cleopatra amassed a collection, due to Alexander the Great putting so many miners to work.
Some folklore about Emeralds: the stone repels epilepsy. If you place Emeralds in your mouth, they become a cure for dysentery. Emeralds assist women at childbirth. They repel evil spirits. They protect the chastity of the wearer. If Emerald (definition) were used internally, they were thought to have great medicinal value. Also, their refreshing green color was said to improve eyesight.

Emeralds lose color when strongly heated. Many Emeralds have been permanently treated with oils or polymers. These treatments improve the appearance of the gemstone; if properly cared for, the treated Emerald will maintain its appearance.

A mild soap and water solution used with a soft brush is effective. If especially dirty it may be a good idea to take you Emerald birthstone jewelry to be professionally cleaned...oils are occasionally used during the processing of Emeralds, so you may enquire whether the jewel needs to be re-oiled.

FATHERS DAY - June 18th
Dad. He gets a day too. And why not? You love him, and rarely seem to find the time to let him know. And after all, EVERY DAY is kid�s day! So if you want to celebrate your father, we suggest giving him your time. There are some great gift ideas on our website, such as a Diamond & Black Onyx Gold Ring/Money Clip set with "DAD" engraved on it. Come to www.GEMaffair.com to see what else we have!

PEARL: June Birthstone
Separate from all other gemstones, that are generated from earth and heat, Pearls are brought forth organically, from living creatures. They are graded under their own scale of Color, Luster, Surface clarity, Shape, Size & Orient. The outside of a Pearl (definition), called the nacre (pronounced nack-er), is that slightly iridescent substance excreted by an oyster.

Pearls come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors. There are South Sea Pearls, that come from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. While these Pearls are some of the most extraordinary jewels of the ocean around, they are also some of the most expensive.Tahitian Pearls, coming from French Polynesia, (and named after the island Tahiti) come in very attractive black, silver, and gray colors. Some of the most sought-after Pearls today are Japanese Akoya Pearls. These Pearls are generated from the ecosystem at the southern end of the Shima Peninsula, in Japan. They are a brilliant, white color. Freshwater Pearls, tending to be more oblong than round, are also more abundant, creating a more attractive price point.

The oldest known Pearl Jewelry is a necklace found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 BC. In India, Pearls were thought to give peace of mind and strength of body. In Europe, swallowing Pearls - either whole or crushed - cured matters of the mind and the heart. In Muslim faith, there is a saying: "Upon entering the Kingdom of Heaven, you are crowned with Pearls of incomparable luster." To learn more about Pearls, visit our pearl birthstone guide at www.gemaffair.com.

To avoid scratches, nicks or chipping in the soft nacre, keep pearls separate from other precious metals or gemstones by storing them in a cloth pouch or jewelry bag. Wash cultured pearls in very mild, soapy water and nothing else. Wipe them with a soft cloth before storing them.

That concludes the Spring issue of GEMAFFAIRS! Be sure to look for our Summer 2006 newlsetter, where we will share fun information about the Ruby's, Emeralds and Sapphires.