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Newsletter Fall 2012

Fall Issue 2012

It’s winter again, time to don those Uggs, a scarf and hat armed with your ice scraper, ready to start the work day, an hour early. Unless, of course, you have live in a more tropical climate like we do here at GEMaffair where our morning consists of sandals, shorts, top, and sometimes a light jacket. Whatever your climate, jewelry is always trending. We’ve compiled a few unique ways to propose to the love of your life, and even things NOT to do! We’ve also added a lot of wedding bands to make choosing the perfect ring easy. We’ve got everything you need for those upcoming holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh my). Continue reading for all the juicy updates.

Winter Proposal Ideas:

1. Time Capsule Wedding Proposal
Sending off a time capsule is definitely not a new concept, but proposing while doing it, is! Tell your girlfriend you want to bury a time capsule. Take here somewhere romantic (surprise her), like a field of flowers for an item you want to collect, with a picnic ready. Say something to the effect of, “The moment I never want to forget, is this very moment.” Drop to your knees, make the proposal, snap a photo together and make sure to add it to your momentous time capsule.
2. Snowman Wedding Proposal
Build a snowman, the way you usually do. You can build any kind of snowman you want. Make it look like you; give it a nice tie and the whole shebang. Add the arms, put on some gloves with the palm facing up. Plant the ring box in it; lead your girlfriend to it. Make sure to come up with some sentimental dialogue, you could even make a sign pointing to the hand.
3. Starry Sky Proposal
It’s not really a starry sky in the sense of the nighttime sky. Buy a kit of stars and apply the stars to the ceiling of a room of your choosing, with your super secret proposal message spelled out. Turn out the lights, and what her be wowed! Don’t forget the ring!
DO NOT: Ask empty-handed (have a engagement ring!), jump the gun, propose in front of an audience, blab about your proposal, or ask at the wrong moment.

October’s Birthstone – Opal

Opal is a personal favorite of mine; the burst of rainbow color in the opaque, lovely white gemstone is absolutely inspiring. Everyone has a stone that they favor above all else, that stone for me is Opal. It’s a shame I wasn’t born in October.

Opal is a word that is derived from the word upala,a Sanscrit name. It has been mined since Roman times. Aztecs loved the stone, exporting it and using it as a trade item. Opal can be found mostly in Australia. Opal is actually impervious due to being non-porous; It will not soak up oil or water. Soaking opals in water or rubbing them in oil will not prevent cracking, this is a myth. Opal comes in a variety of colors from white to blue. It is said that opal is an emotional stone, sorta like a reverse mood stone mixed. This is especially good if the wearer is prone to built up anger, it helps releases negative emotion and eases expressing oneself. Good for the blood and kidneys.

"October's child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know,
But lay an opal on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest."

November’s Birthstone – Topaz

We love topaz. When it comes to topaz, we are a top seller with our selection of mystic fire topaz, sea mist topaz, Neptune Fire, pink topaz and more! Pure topaz is colorless but tinted by impurities, ranging from wine colored to blue-brown. The traditional November birthstone is the orange topaz, however if that does not quite catch your fancy there are so many different types of topaz to choose from. The rarest type of naturally occurring topaz is blue topaz, so if you happen to stumble upon it, then you are very lucky indeed! Topaz is found throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Topaz is thought to exhume the following healing properties: help in digestion, nerves, and metabolism. It supposedly will help promote truth and forgiveness, so if you’re ever having a rough time in this department it will do nothing but good to have one of these topazes on your fingers or around your neck.
“Who first comes to this world below
In dreary November’s fog and snow,
Should prize the topaz amber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.”

December’s Birthstone – Turquoise

What a great month! It’s the time of gift giving, Santa, lighting menorah, and seeing family and friends. It’s the gemstone of good luck and protection, with a dash of success and prosperity. It’s a blue green colored mineral composite of hydrous phosphate, copper, and aluminum with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8•4H2O. The word turquoise comes from the Old French word for “Turkish”, since it was first brought from Turkey. Aztecs know turquoise as Teoxihuitl. The United States is a significant source of the gemstone, found throughout the west continental U.S.

“If cold December gave you birth
The month of snow and ice and mirth
Place on your hand a turquoise blue
Success will bless whate'er you do."

Marine Supply Dock

The season marks the one year anniversary the announcement our brother site, Marine Supply Dock. They offer a variety of boat accessories, hardware, hunting equipment, cleaning components and more. The site has grown drastically, from July of 2011 with roughly 10,000 products to at least double today. Their dedicated team of boating experts are always there to answer all your questions, so that your trip out on the water is one of many, unforgettable boating excursions.
If you or someone you know is a boating, fishing, or camping addict you know where send them! Check out MarineSupplyDock.com to find a vast selection of boating equipment and accessories. Visit their website: http://www.marinesupplydock.com

Holiday Shipping

Back to square one, the Christmas time scramble. Many people opt out of the traditional shopping style and have hopped on the online shopping ship, destination easy, comfortable at-home shopping. We offer custom gift wrap, holiday cards and express shipping in case you have a difficult time finding the perfect gift. Personalize your jewelry with a special engraving at checkout for a unique, priceless gift.

Days to Remember

Make sure to check us out on Facebook or Twitter frequently, we’ll be launching lots of special Facebook only coupon codes. We are where it’s AT on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shop from the comfort of your room, in your jammies, stuffed like a holiday turkey.

** Last Day for Priority Shipping: Noon EST December 20th
** Last Day for Express Shipping: Noon EST December 21st

Fall 2012 Holidays
2 Name Your Car Day / National Custodial Worker Day
6 Mad Hatter Day
7 Oktoberfest / World Smile Day
11 Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
16 Bosses’ Day / Dictionary Day
28 Plus Animal Lover’s Day
31 Halloween
1 All Saint’s Day
3 Book Lovers Day / Housewife’s Day
5 Guy Fawkes Day
10 USMC Day
11 Veteran’s Day
13 World Kindness Day
17 Take a Hike Day
19 Have a Bad Day Day
22 Thanksgiving
23 Black Friday
26 Cyber Monday
1 World AIDS Awareness Day
4 Santa’s List Day
5 Bathtub Party Day
8 National Brownie Day
9 Christmas Card Day
13 Ice Cream Day
21 Mayan Calendar Ends
24 Christmas Eve / Chocolate Day
25 Christmas
31 New Year’s Eve