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Newsletter Fall 2010

Fall Issue 2011

New Items

With our growing popularity among jewelry lovers and fashionistas comes a growing collection of jewelry. This holiday season GEMaffair has expanded our jewelry collection to make sure there is a variety of styles and colors in each category to meet everyone’s jewelry needs (and wants). Just look for the red sunbursts highlighting our newest jewelry editions. Browse our items by category, birthstone and metal type or try narrowing your searches by typing keywords into our search box to find every kind of "heart pendant" GEMaffair has to offer.

Religious Jewelry

Among our most popular items is our large collection of religious jewelry. With so many important religious holidays approaching, check out our religious jewelry for gemstone crosses and Star of David pendants to give as thoughtful gifts for those of faith.

New Website Features

We're very excited to announce that we now have a fully functional product review section for every single piece of GEMaffair jewelry. Even though we love our jewelry and do our best to bring you accurate and fair descriptions of our products, sometimes a second opinion will ease all your worries about buying jewelry online.

The best part is that once you purchase one of our items, you become more than qualified to write a review of your own! Although we love to hear good things about our company and products, we also appreciate and respect honesty. We aim to give you the most precise information and truthful descriptions. If your opinion of your purchase challenges our descriptions, we vow to review and change any inaccurate or misleading information based off your review. We prefer satisfied customers and are doing everything possible to make purchasing our jewelry online a no brainer. So please, after buying some fabulous diamond earrings from our website, take a few minutes to write a quick review because at GEMaffair, your opinion makes a difference.

October Birthstone

Opal is one of the most unique gemstones that offer a rare shimmer of color that you won't find with any other gemstone. This stunning October birthstone has Latin origins meaning "precious jewel." The Romans nicknamed it "Cupid Paederos" which translates to "child as beautiful as love." It was once believed that opals were a piece of heaven
that fell to earth during a terrible lightening storm. Because of this belief, ancient cultures once set opals in their crowns and necklaces to ward off evil and protect their eyesight. Aside from their alleged mystical powers, opals have always been appreciated for their incomparable beauty and idolized for their ability to refract specific wavelengths of light causing this gem to reflect a subtle glimmering rainbow of color.

November Birthstone

Classic citrines come in a delightful orangey/yellow color with warm golden undertones. Named after the French word for "lemon," these juicy November birthstones are a popular form of quartz. Historically, citrines did not become popular till the Romantic Period; when artisans discovered their sensational ability enhance the shine of yellow gold jewelry. It is believed by many that citrines were once amethyst gemstones subjected to unbearable heat that drastically altered their color. Today fine craftsman of the trade are able to intensify citrine's natural glow and even darken their color by heating the gem. Aside from November birthdays, this gemstone is often gifted to the sick because of its symbolism for hope and strength.

December Birthstone

December birthdays are afforded the wonderful gemstone of blue topaz. The word topaz derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "fire." Although blue topaz is anything but fiery, this delectable gem was thought to cool boiling water and even hot tempers. It is believed to be an all natural healer. Ancient civilizations used this gem to cure insanity, weak vision and insomnia. This gemstone traditionally comes in three different shades named Sky, Swiss and London blue. Often times dark blue topaz is used as a substitute for sapphire jewelry. Blue Topaz is also a symbol for love and fidelity.

Holiday Shipping:

It's definitely that time of year again and GEMaffair knows that with all the hustle and bustle of the season sometimes you just can't help but wait till the very last second. That's exactly why we offer custom gift wrap, cards and express shipping available till the very last day possible. We want to make sure everything is perfect for the big day and make your life as easy as possible so that you can enjoy the holidays rather than rush through them. So pick out the perfect piece of jewelry, design your custom gift wrap, leave a sentimental note and leave the rest to us.

** Last Day for Priority Shipping: Noon EST December 22nd

** Last Day for Express Shipping: Noon EST December 24th