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Newsletter Fall 2008

Fall Issue 2008

Welcome to GEMaffair.com Fall 2008 Newsletter. Fall is here in full swing. It is time for the change of the seasons; beautiful, bold colors which can be reflected in your jewelry as well as in the trees. Fall is filled with holidays and those holidays give us an opportunity to show our loved ones how truly special they are by showering them with carefully chosen gemstones from GEMaffair.com. We can't wait to show you our amazing inventory to help you determine your best I love you statement.

GEMaffair's, the newsletter, is proudly entering its third year and we are excited to say that readership is up. Please do not hesitate to send any comments to sales@gemaffair.com We would love to hear from you.

Holidays are Here

Overachievers already have their holiday shopping completed, but most of us are just getting started. Let GEMaffair.com make your shopping a one stop success story. Pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets in every style, color, and size are available at reasonable prices. She will have no doubt that she is cherished after the jewelry gifts she will receive from you.

Christmas and Hanukkah are not the only reasons to give gifts during this holiday season. There are many "lesser known" holidays which create for you terrific opportunities to show your loved ones that you care. After all, we know from research that the most desired gift is one that is for no reason at all.

Browse through the below list of interesting holidays and chose a special one to shower your loved one with unique jewelry.


Be Bald and Free Day October 14
Sweetest Day of the Year October 18
Babbling Day October 21
Punk for a Day Day October 25
Waiting for the Barbarians Day November 4
Marooned Without a Compass Day November 6
Chaos Never Dies Day November 9
Forget Me Not Day November 10
Air Day November 11
Absurdity Day November 20
False Confessions Day November 21
Start Your Own Country Day November 22
Make Your Own Head Day November 28

Now almost everyday can be a holiday and an opportunity to shower your loved one with gifts.

October Options

October is the month of change. School is in full swing. Leaves are becoming brilliant colors such as red, yellow, and orange. Opal, which is the October birthstone, includes all of those brilliant colors and many more with its fiery ever changing color kaleidoscope. Surprise her on her birthday with an opal pendant, opal earrings, or an opal bracelet.

November Provides Variety

November is the season for thankfulness, and November babies can be thankful for the variety of colors that their Topaz birthstone can come in. Although Amber is the traditional topaz color, pink topaz, blue topaz, red topaz, and even a translucent green topaz can all be considered a November baby's precious gem. What more could a girl (or guy) be thankful for. Be sure to show her how thankful you are by giving her a topaz ring, set of earrings, or a teardrop pendant. Topaz is a known symbol for strength and wisdom as well, creating an even better reason to give this amazing stone to your loved one.

Tanzanite in December

Discovered in 1967, tanzanite can be found in blue, purple, or slate gray. It can be beautifully surrounded by yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum in a variety of different jewelry choices. With parties and social events abundant, giving her something bright and glittery will enhance her natural beauty and boost her spirits.

Blue Topaz and Turquoise are also considered December birthstones and any of the three will be a beautiful addition to your December sweetheart's jewelry collection.

Gold is a Great Investment

With the stock market in turmoil and the future uncertain, why not invest in something that has been stable through the ages. Gold prices are on the rise despite the economic decline. Why not invest in something beautiful that you can appreciate while it appreciates. A beautiful ring, necklace, bracelet, or watch will make the love of your life smile while increasing in value. What a terrific combination.

Christmas Shipping Schedule

GEMaffair.com offers you a distinct advantage over most other online jewelry retailers. We use the United States Postal Service, and in doing so are able to have our jewelry delivered 7 days a week throughout December. We can even deliver on Christmas Day, Believe it or not, even if you don't order until 9 am on December 24th, we can get your jewelry to you by Christmas Day as long as you ship the package via Express Mail. We're not encouraging you to procrastinate, but just in case you do, we hope it is comforting to know that we have your back.

If you order via Priority mail, you can order as late as Monday Dec. 22nd at 9am and it should arrive on Christmas Day. Regular mail will not deliver on Christmas Day.

Gift Giving Ideas

Stuck for a great idea for giving your loved one that perfect gift? Need ways to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry" but just can't seem to find the creative juices? We have just the thing for you. We are in the process of creating a "gift ideas" section just for you. This section has been written by women, specifically for men who need a little help in the gift giving department. It will be full of step by step ideas (and detailed checklists) for giving the perfect gift (from choosing the occasion to choosing the gift) as well as various ideas for specific gift giving reasons (engagement, apology, etc.) Some of the titles are as follows:
  • Brand New Undies
  • Happy Trails
  • No Reason at All
  • Say it with Flowers
  • So You Think you Can Dance
  • The Thrill of the Hunt
  • Will You Marry Me
It is our goal to make gift giving "guy proof". :) Look for the completed version in early 2009.

It Is More Blessed to Give

During these horrible economic times, the holidays are a stress creator for many people. Why not give back to those less fortunate. Buy a meal for a needy family for Thanksgiving. Serve at a soup kitchen. Purchase gifts for those in need this Christmas.

Contact your local churches, homeless shelters, battered womens shelters, or Salvation Army to find out how to give to those in need. The gift does not have to be a monetary one. Give the gift of time and service and you feel the real meaning of this holiday season. It really is more blessed to give than to receive.

Happy Holidays from your most versatile and amazing ecommerce jewelry company, www.GEMaffair.com