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Fall Issue 2007

The Friendly Fall
Fall is the time of year when squirrels and chipmunks scramble to stock their nests with acorns, in preparation for the long winter months ahead. Humans, for our part, have traditionally taken in the harvest. Yet for all the taking in and stocking up, fall is also the perfect time of year to think about giving. Not only does GEMaffair.com launch the holiday shopping season in mid-October, but we encourage you to get involved in charity work. This year, for Thanksgiving, let's be thankful for all the opportunities we have for giving.

On that note we cordially invite you to the Fall 2007 GEMaffair.com Newsletter: this season we give you a helpful checklist of ways to teach your children about charity, we also announce good news from this summer, provide a close up look at three beautiful birthstones, and remind you that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner - and GEMaffair.com has a way to save you time and money when you give jewelry to friends and loved ones!

Holidays on the Horizon
While many stores inaugurate the shopping season over Thanksgiving break, we at GEMaffair.com will have already been wrapping your presents for five weeks! In mid-October, our elves get to work, each equipped with a roll of wrapping paper, freshly inked pens to hand-write your gift cards, and chests of jewelry brimming over with delightful items ready to wrap up and send out to your loved ones, who will sparkle all over with joy when they open up their packages.

This offer is perfect if you're giving jewelry to long distance loved-ones. Why wait for your gift order in the mail, only to have to wrap it send it again? GEMaffair.com wraps your jewelry gifts and ships them for you, saving you time and money!

Christmas Shipping Schedule
At GEMaffair.com we offer you a distinct advantage over most other online jewelry retailers: by using the United States Postal Service, our jewelry is delivered 7 days a week throughout December, even on Christmas Day! (For domestic packages, sent Priority or Express).

Now, while early birds love that we launch the holiday shopping season in mid-October, we also know that many of us simply aren't early birds. It actually seems like there is a professional class of procrastinators who wait to the last minute: many of us know what that's like, and we are happy to have you as customers. In fact, did you know you could order by 9AM on December 24th and still have your gift arrive on or before Christmas Day?

To make sure it gets there on time, we encourage you to take a close look at the following schedule for ordering. When paid for and shipped out by 9AM on any of the dates below, we guarantee your jewelry will arrive by, or on, Christmas Day.

Domestic Shipping: Priority Mail packages must be sent by Thursday, December 20th. When shipping Express then Monday, December 24th is the last day to send. For International Shipping, the last day to ship via Priority Mail is Tuesday, December 18, and Express Shipping can be put off until Friday, December 21st at the very latest.

Breast Cancer Walk
One of the most exquisite joys of the holiday season is the strong spirit of generosity. But for many it's not just about giving presents to loved ones, but also volunteering time and energy to help those who are less fortunate.

And of course, Christmas isn't the only time to give, and so this summer both GEMaffair.com employees AND our customers made a heart-warming contribution to the Tampa 3 Day Walkathon for breast cancer. Not only did our staff go out and volunteer at the event, but GEMaffair.com held a special sale and all the proceeds were donated to fighting breast cancer and caring for those affected. It was a huge success, and an inspiration - the Tampa Bay Three Day shows us that generosity and charity work are viable year-round!

Teaching Children Charity
Here at GEMaffair.com we believe that teaching our children how to give is one of the best ways to show them what is most important in this world. It is also a great way to motivate yourself to do more charity: after all, effective lessons are taught by example. Apart from setting an example, there are great, proactive ways to get your children involved in charity work. Here are just a few:

1. Santa's Little Helpers. Tell your children that in order to make room for Santa's new gifts, they must choose a number of gifts to give to children who are less fortunate.
We recommend about half of each child's gifts' with Christmas around the corner, your children's generosity will be well rewarded.

2. Meals on Wheels. One of the best ways to bond with your family is by helping others together. Volunteer as a family to deliver meals one night per week, throughout the holiday season and perhaps the whole year. After all, it's only 2.5 hours a week.

3. Meals on Wheels, Redux Thanksgiving and Christmas. Long lasting memories are created among families who volunteer at their local soup kitchen for those who are homeless and lonely on the Holidays.

4. Adopt a Family. As an office, GEMaffair.com usually adopts several families-in-need, providing them with Christmas gifts they would otherwise not receive. Your family can do this too, by adopting another family and transforming their Christmas into a joyful experience. Find out how to adopt a family by calling or dropping by your local homeless shelter.

5. Look Left and Right. Do you have neighbors who are elderly or handicapped? Could your children help them by mowing their lawn, shoveling snow out of their driveway, or cleaning out their gutters this summer? Your neighbor's thankfulness will have an impact on your children, and boost their confidence in the power of doing good.

So while charity work should be a year-round practice, the holidays are a great time to learn!

October Birthstone: Opal
October is a magical month of brilliant, changing colors. It would be hard to find anything more fitting than the Opal Birthstone. It is naturally composed of round, microscopic particles that refract light into a dazzling spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue yet all neatly contained within each shimmering gemstone.

Certainly the ancients were inspired by the boldness of Opals colors when ascribing it powers of purity and hope, with which it blessed its wearers. The Greeks even supposed the power of foresight to those bearing Opal. Millennia later, medieval Europeans would associate this stone with powerful eyesight.

It is very important to keep Opal Jewelry in a slightly moist environment, as the stone will actually become brittle if kept unduly dry. For this reason bearing opal(definition) upon the skin is recommended in other words, wear to care. Be forewarned, however, that you might be rendered invisible, if medieval myth has any say these days.

November Birthstone: Topaz
Apart from its famously bold, blue hue, Topaz(definition) can also come bursting into pink, amber, red, completely clear or translucent green, indeed, the Topaz Birthstone aims to please. It also aims to heal, or so thought the people in the past, who would grind up Topaz into a fine dust as treatment for sleeplessness and respiratory ailments. Do not try this at home. Do, however, wear Topaz Jewelry with pride; its allure combines color, elegance and brilliance.

The ancients took to Topaz as a symbol for courage, wisdom and strength, not surprisingly, as even the word Topaz derives from the Sanskrit name for fire. This might explain why the stone responds so dramatically to heat treatment to change its color. Care for your Topaz gemstones by avoiding ultrasound cleaning, but rather carefully washing with warm, soapy water.

December Birthstone: Tanzanite
A favorite among the zoisites, the Tanzanite Birthstone has an entire country named after it! Okay, it was actually the other way around. But the unique and exciting thing about Tanzanite(definition) is its sole place of origin on the planet. You guessed it: the Democratic Republic of Congo. What? It appears I'm mistaken again. The real country of origin is Tanzania!

Such a newly discovered stone only a few decades ago. Tanzanite is far less entrenched in lore as other gemstones are. Nevertheless, Tanzanite Jewelry was made legendary in our day by Tiffany's, capturing the imagination of a generation and garnering December babies with its (mostly) azure beauty. Tanzanite is a very soft gemstone, so gentle care and washing in warm, sudsy water is the best for cleaning. Do not clean with ultrasound.

Thank You!
We at GEMaffair.com would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our customers during 2007. We are deeply proud of making each and every one of you not just satisfied, but delighted with your purchases. You are important to us, and we look forward to bringing you happiness in the near future.