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Newsletter Fall 2006

Fall Issue 2006

Study Up For Fall
Autumn is upon us and youngsters are back to school, furiously studying to make the grade. So here at GEMaffair.com, we thought we'd help by adding some supplemental reading to the list: our special Fall 2006 newsletter!

Even if you're not a student, we know you've got some studying to do. Why? Because Fall means holidays are right around the corner, and the big test is coming up. What test? The test of your love and admiration for your family, friends, and spouse! By carefully studying this newsletter, you'll learn more than you ever knew before about jewelry, gemstones and how to give the perfect gift. So brew up a hot cup of Joe, pick out your favorite highlighter and start cramming. This newsletter is required reading for anyone who wants to ace this holiday season.

Early Bird Catches the Gemstone
The first secret to successful holiday jewelry shopping is WHEN to shop. Here's a helpful hint: NOW! We've just stocked up a rich, impressive and bountiful selection of holiday gems, but it won't last long. The best months for you to buy jewelry are OCTOBER and NOVEMBER, because our inventory is its largest. Remember: we rarely add new items in December... that's when we turn our focus to shipping out all our orders on time. So for the best gift this holiday season, shop early!

Another Note about December
Honestly, we really like December. It's an exciting holiday month in which we're busy packing up and shipping out gifts to happy customers all over the world and even feel like Santa's elves sometimes!

But along with the fun comes a little foible: if you order the day before Christmas, your item just won't arrive on time. If you want your package to arrive by Christmas, the LAST DAY to order is December 20th,2006 when shipping by priority mail. And if you're shipping with express mail, then you get break: for you, the very last day to order is December 22nd,2006.

The Good News is that the United States Postal Service will open all weekend long throughout the holiday season. The USPS will actually be delivering packages on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Christmas weekend 2006! Thanks USPS!!!

Breast Cancer Walk-a-Thon
This year GEMaffair.com auctioned off 20- 14kt diamond pendants to raise $1200 for Tampa Bay's annual breast cancer Walk-a-Thon. The breast Cancer Walk-a-Thon happens all around the United States, and we were happy to provide an opportunity to help the local walkers. Special thanks to our customers for giving so much, so generously!

The Constant Gift Giver
The great thing about the holidays is that they give you many opportunities to score big with your loved ones. Jewelry is not only appropriate for Christmas and Chanukah, it's perfect. And then there's New Years. Imagine handing your loved one a sparkling diamond bracelet right at 12 O'clock.

But with Christmas, Chanukah, New Years and not to mention special birthdays anniversaries and Valentine's Day just around the corner there's a lot to keep track of! It's often smart to plan ahead.

Consider giving matching, complementary jewelry items over the course of the holidays. You will save money and impress your loved ones with your thoughtfulness.

Top 5 Exciting Ways to Give a Holiday Gift
Let's say you're giving your loved one a charm bracelet or an anklet, but you're not sure how, exactly, to give it to her. We've come up with 5 "extra credit" tips to making the act of giving a fun and exciting experience all by itself, and help ACE your test of love and admiration!

1. Treasure Hunt. Hide the jewelry and a series of wrapped up clues, each leading to the next clue. Start her off on a search that will build up her anticipation to a fever pitch. And don't worry: we're confident your gift of jewelry won't let her down at the end.

2. Pierce the ears of an adorable stuffed animal and modestly present her this kind, cozy and sparkly gift. Brilliant holiday gift!

3. One-up the pastry chef by placing the sparkling gems atop the cake or pie decoration. Or, even better, let the chef do it for you!
4. Give the gem in an obnoxiously large package surrounding a slightly smaller package and an even smaller package and so on until she finds her precious present deep inside.

5. Stop her in her tracks by placing the gem at a stop along the way in her daily routine. On her toothbrush, seat of the car, pillow or her favorite sofa. Attach a note to the jewelry box with the words, "I"m looking for a lost home." Then include instructions on how to care for the lost gemstone, like: "love, soapy warm water scrubs, and regular outings."

Featured October Birthstone: Opal
Pop quiz: what do you call the effect of turning Opal (definition of) in the light so it makes that sparkling rainbow color effect? Answer: opalising! (Easy, right?). So if you're thinking about impressing a loved one in October, or any other time, opal jewelry (the original opaliser) is a spectacular way to do it.

Opal's incredible sheen has impressed people throughout the centuries, sparking a number of fantastical fables about its origins. Mostly found in Australia, Opal is, according to Aboriginal legend, what was left behind in the footprints of the Creator when He came to tread upon the Earth.

The opal birthstone is a soft stone, which require a certain level of moisture lest they become brittle and crack. Keep Opals away from hot and dry places of storage. In fact, one great way to care for an opal is to wear it! The moisture from your skin helps keep the Opal soft and vibrant.

November: Topaz
Mythology surrounding the topaz birthstone has it as a sort of sentry stone. Regarded as a protective gem, Topaz (definition of) is said to forewarn its bearer of poisonous substances and guard her from sudden death. Interestingly, Topaz is among the gemstones embedded into Jerusalem's 12 Holy Gates.

Its sparkling hues of bright baby blue and london blue make Topaz visually stunning, with lesser-known varieties splaying out into browns, pinks, reds, transparent crystal and blues.

Avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaning, as Topaz jewelry will crack if exposed to dramatic temperature change. Instead, use a cloth and warm water to care for the stone.

December: Tanzanite
The tanzanite birthstone is a rare gem found only amidst bizarre geological formations surging up from the expansive plains of northern Tanzania. Technically, it is just a blue Zoisite crystal. But the astonishing richness of its color prompted jewelers put it into a class of its own; they named this breathtaking blue wonder after its native Tanzania.

Tanzanite jewelry's striking azure overlaid with mysterious violet can endow its wearer an aura of spunky, yet elegant confidence and authority. A stubborn stone, jewelers take great pains to cut against its defined cleavage and cook out the naturally occurring brownish tint without cracking the stone. Combined with its rarity, this painstaking process makes the gem worth its weight in tanzanite.

Tanzanite is delicate which should be gently cleaned with lukewarm water and a cloth. Avoid commercial and ultrasonic cleansing.

Good Luck on the Test!
You've studied hard, and we're confident you'll make the Holiday grade. For your studying convenience, here's a quick reference list of the most important points you've learned:

1. Shop Early, by November or October

2. If you must shop in December, the very last day to do so is December 22nd.

3. Use any one of our 5 gift giving tips, or take them as inspiration. This will add an extra splash to the exciting gift you're giving. 4. Plan ahead and give a matching piece of jewelry for each Holiday throughout the season.

5. Interesting facts about Opal, Topaz and Tanzanite and if you can casually mention a few fun facts, she'll be that much more impressed!

Thanks for brushing up on the Fall 2006 Newsletter. Good luck on the test and we'll see you in Winter!