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Necklaces are an important jewelry accessory for every outfit. Depending on the necklace, they have the potential to add a little pizazz and a lot of sparkle giving your outfit the color boost it needs. Our necklace collections include something for everyone - including gemstones, toggle and fashion necklace designs. Browse our many necklaces to select one that is perfect for you and yours.

A Quick Guide to Necklace Accessories:

You walk out the door and just as you do you glimpse yourself in the mirror. Somehow, you nearly left your house without donning any kind of necklace accessories. How on earth did that happen? Anyway, the mistake has been identified and the necklace solution is not far away for fashion professionals…but what about you? Does a yellow dress pair well with gold necklace, or can you wear a v-neck with a long, fashion necklace? So many choices! Fear not, for thoust can refer to the condensed guide to neck accessories for assistance, forthright! First we shall consider the following elements of an event. Is it informal formal, formal formal, or informal informal? For instance, informal informal could be going out to coffee with a best friend while formal formal could be that incredibly important business meeting with your boss’ boss on Thursday. As the scale of formality rises, the bulk and length of the necklace falls in an inverse relationship. This is only one element to consider. Next, take into account attire. Attire, in relationship to necklace accessories, is characterized by neckline, color, and type of ensemble. Questions that will be addressed include in what context to wear a diamond necklace, fashion necklace, gemstone necklaces or gold necklaces.

Necklaces Dress Code

There are two possibilities to an event, formal or informal, but these options are paired together for a scale of formality. Starting at the beginning of the scale, let’s discuss informal-informal.
Informal-informal (or casual-casual) is an activity or event in a casual company in a relaxed environment. In this case, pairing an elegant diamond necklace would not be the optimal choice. An expensive diamond necklace would be too flashy or extravagant. Considering what I said earlier, there exists a reverse relationship between formality and necklace extravagance. Starting at the bottom of the totem pole, fashion necklaces would be perfect for casual attire. Informal-informal attire can also include subcategories of ‘leisure attire’ or ‘active attire’.
Informal-Formal (or semi-formal) is what you could consider for a holiday event with relatives and in-laws, or perhaps a first date. It includes both ‘business casual’ and ‘smart casual’ categories. For instance, a simple floral dress is appropriate for this kind of event. A proper match to the semi-formal event would be gemstone necklaces. They are fashionable yet do not overwhelm the ensemble, thus a perfect match for this occasion.
Formal-Formal (or please god don’t let me mess this one up) is the most important, vital event where is essential to dress to impress. The kinds of attire for these events are business attire and black tie attire. It’s best to whip out that cocktail or little black dress, but what necklace goes well with elegant, formal dresses or business suits? Diamond necklaces and gold necklaces are perfect choices. Colors of attire tend to be solid at these events, so it’s much easier to pair necklace accessories while avoiding clashing.

Necklaces by Color Code:

The Two-Thirds Rule: Using a color wheel, you can apply this rule to match colors. To summarize, the two-thirds rule involves three different colors for a triad color combination. Simply draw an equilateral triangle on the color wheel to find colors for your ensemble, using two colors for the attire and the remaining for the necklace accessory. Color combinations: Blue-green, red-orange, and citrine. Pair a blue green dress, with red-orange bracelet, and a citrine colored pendant on a gold chain.
Complementary Colors Rule:The two colors rule, the colors are on direct opposite sides of the color wheel and create such a perfect contrast for a great match. Violet and yellow are an amazing combination exemplified by a violet dress with white fringe and a yellow-gold necklace. We have a large collection of necklaces to accessory any ensemble; we hope this condensed guide has been helpful guide to solving your fashion dilemma. Good luck!