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Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry

Mystic Fire Topaz Information

The birth of mystic fire topaz

Patented in 1998 by Azotic Coating Technology, Inc of Minnesota, the designer gemstone world would never be the same. Some times called Carribean Topaz or Bermuda Topaz, these little gems (pun intended) aptly named mystic fire topaz (definition) took the market by fire storm several years later at the Tucson gem show in early 2003. Ignored by many for the first 5 years, designers and high end jewelry manufacturers made up for lost time quickly buying and ordering intensely large amounts of mystic fire topaz from Azotic sparking the 2003 Christmas mystic fire topaz jewelry craze. The orders were so large and so numerous that the supply of white topaz gemstones (used in the creation of mystic fire topaz) was seriously constrained for a while.

Mystic fire topaz jewelry takes center stage

Easily one of the fastest upward trending gemstones of our time, mystic fire topaz has rightfully earned it's reputation as one of the all time most popular designer gemstones brought to market. This sparkling myriad of blues, greens, purples, reds and browns is eye capturing indoors, but easily one of the most active brilliant stones on the planet in natural sunlight. Mystic fire topaz jewelry almost overnight was being designed by mom and pop jewelry stores, large chains and of course, all the tv stations. Mystic fire topaz jewelry, had, well, caught fire. Still today mystic fire topaz jewelry remains one of the fastest growing designer gems. Mystic fire topaz jewelry sales across all markets increases year over year. As many collectors fall in love with the rainbow of colors set in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and even some in platinum, mystic fire topaz jewelry continues to outpace most other designer gemstone jewelry on the market.

How do they make mystic fire topaz gemstone?

Azotic uses a process called Physical Vapor Deposition to apply an extremely thin layer of titanium to the pavillion of the natural white topaz gemstone. This thin layer of titanium allows light to pass through itself and the natural gemstone but changes the light refraction properties to an unbelievable array of colors. The pavilion is the underside of the gemstone, so the top of the gemstone is still natural (no coating) and therefore very resistant to every day use. This makes mystic fire topaz not only unbelievably lovely, but also very durable and perfect for jewelry.

Mystic fire topaz gemstone as a birthstone

The November birthstone is topaz according to the modern birthstone chart according to the American Gem Trade Association. Since a mystic fire topaz is actually a naturally occurring topaz that is accented by placing a thin film of titanium on the pavilion of the stone (which changes the color emitted from the stone but does not chemically alter the make up of the stone)to create a designer topaz, then one could certainly say that mystic fire topaz jewelry can be included as a November birthstone and therefore referenced as designer November birthstone jewelry.
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Caring for mystic fire topaz gemstone jewelry

Because there is a thin layer of titanium applied to the underside of the gemstone, anything that will scratch that layer or deeply scratch the gemstone on the top ( table or girdle) will change the way light passes through the stone and therefore change the array of color emitted from the stone. So, do not use harsh abrasives or any type of polishing cloth on this gemstones. It is recommended that you follow the same care and cleaning practices that you should with opals and pearls. Heat or high temperature also may change the refractive properties of the thin layer of titanium, so it is strongly suggested to only use color or luke warm water. Do not use a ultrasonic cleaner or a jewelry steamer that contains acidic solutions or abrasive solutions. Simply put, warm water, mild dish soap, Windex or other ammonia based cleaning products (not chlorine or bleach based) with a light soaking will make your mystic fire topaz jewelry shine like the sun once again !

With proper general care, mystic fire topaz gemstones will last a lifetime.