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Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry: The Mystic Fire Topaz

An innovative process patented in the late 90s gives us mystic fire topaz jewelry. The patented process uses “physical vapor deposition” to apply a thin layer of titanium to the pavilion, or bottom, of a white topaz. As light waves pass through the stone and layer of titanium it alters the colors produced by the refraction of this light.

The titanium is just an enhancement and does not change the physical properties of the natural stone. Like the heating and irradiation process of clear topaz to produce blue or yellow topaz to produce pink, it is an approved method to enhance the colors of the gemstones.

Designer gemstones like the mystic fire topaz are gaining a huge following as jewelry lovers clamor for new and unique pieces to add to their collection. A lot can be done in synthetic stones, but their value is low because they are created in a lab. When a new piece can be created using a natural stone while maintaining its integrity, it retains its value as a real gemstone.

Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry: Still a natural topaz

A mystic fire topaz bracelet has the same physical properties as the blue, pink or yellow varieties. A natural topaz has a chemical make-up of aluminum fluorosilicate. This chemical structure is commonly reproduced which means there are topaz mine deposits all over the world. The most common supplier is Brazil but, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Myanmar, China, Ukraine and even the United States are just a few of the other topaz producers.

Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry: Mystic fire topaz care

While mystic fire topaz earrings have the same durability of a topaz, extra care must be taken when cleaning because of the enhancement. On the Mohs scale of hardness, topaz ranks an 8. That is just under diamonds, sapphires and rubies. This means the upper portion of the gemstone is resistant to chips and scratches. The problem lies in the thin titanium coating on the underside. This can be scratched or removed by harsh chemicals and aggressive cleaning. The safest method is to briefly soak the stones in cold or tepid water with a gentle soap. Never use a polishing cloth, harsh chemicals or extreme water temperatures.

Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry: Special gemstone for special occasions

Though this specific variety doesn’t become a mystic fire until it has been mined and treated, it is still a topaz. So, technically, a mystic fire topaz birthstone can represent the month of November even though it is really a yellow topaz on the modern birthstone chart. A topaz is a topaz and the color is an individual choice. For the birthday girl who likes to go against the grain, this gemstone is for her. The same could be said for the 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries which are traditionally blue and yellow topaz respectively. Looking at the mystic fire, it is a combination of these colors and more anyway. Topaz is also the healing stone for November on the Indian Ayurvedic chart so November babies should wear a mystic fire topaz pendant against the skin for optimal benefits.

Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry: Lore and Legend

Mystic fire topaz shares the same mystical properties as topaz. If the ancients could have only seen the fire and brilliance of this gemstone, it would have been easy to believe this stone had even more mystical powers than the plain topaz. The Greeks and Egyptians saw the yellow topaz as a symbol of their sun gods, Jupiter and Ra. Imagine their reaction to the burst of color coming from a mystic fire topaz!

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that topaz had healing powers. They would put ground gemstones into wine as a curative for upper respiratory problems. They would soak a stone in wine to help enhance eyesight. Less likely, but still a popular believe was that during times of great danger, topaz would offer a shield of invisibility to the wearer. But, the most helpful property was the belief that the gem could detect poison. Imagine a much hated king or pharaoh dipping a mystic topaz ring into his wine to test it for poisons. Most assuredly they still employed tasters in case the gemstone failed.

For a truly unique gift, a mystic fire topaz necklace will set her apart from everyone else. This gemstone is for anyone who truly loves jewelry and loves making a statement by wearing it. Whether a pendant has a white t-shirt as a backdrop or the plunging neckline of a formal gown, mystic fire topaz complements any style.

For the person who has everything and is tired of the same old gemstones, mystic fire topaz makes the perfect gift or addition to her jewelry box. Sometimes a girl wants to wear a little fire.