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Mercury Mist Topaz

Mercury Mist Topaz: What is it?

There is a new gem out on the market called mercury mist topaz. When you see it, you’ll feel like you're gazing into heaven itself. Mercury mist topaz is the perfect combination of natural creation and science. It all starts with a genuine white topaz. Then, scientists apply a thin layer of titanium to the bottom of the stone. The result is this fabulous gem called mercury mist topaz.

Because this has a genuine topaz base, it ranks an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This is a general comparison system used in the gemstone industry with a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest. Mercury mist topaz is considerably hard and creates the most mesmerizing jewelry. If you love sparkle, shimmer and shine mercury mist topaz is for you because it definitely has all of this and more.

Mercury Mist Topaz and It’s Unique Qualities

Mercury mist topaz is so magical. The general appearance of this gem is clear. However, strong ethereal color and light beams from your mercury mist topaz giving this stone unparalleled sparkle and vibrancy. Those born in the month of November will enjoy wearing this avant-garde choice for their birthstone.

Additionally, many favor mercury mist topaz because of its mystical properties. The Roman god Mercury was often associated with presiding over magic. Further, he was believed to be the deliverer of dreams as well as the protector of mortals while they traveled. When you look at mercury mist topaz, it's hard not to believe that the gods didn't send this from the other world. The transparent yet strong colors of pink, purple, blue, green and gold float over the top of this gem like the gossamer wings on Mercury himself.

Mercury Mist Topaz and How to Care for it

Mercury mist topaz is a relatively hard stone. However, that doesn’t mean that you can be careless with your jewelry. Overall attention should be given to avoid hitting your mercury mist topaz against hard surfaces. While this gem is durable, it can break if it's hit at the right angle…so can a diamond.

Keep in mind that mercury mist topaz is coated with a thin layer of titanium on the bottom. Therefore, you only need to clean it with very mild soap and water. Professional ultra-sonic machines are not needed. In fact, harsh chemicals can damage your jewel. If you feel the need, you can GENTLY brush the surface of the stone to remove any debris. A soft natural hair cosmetic brush is recommended. Special care should be taken so as to not damage the coating on your mercury mist topaz or the aurora borealis effect can be damaged.

These few simple care tips will enable you to enjoy your treasure today and then pass it down to the next generation.

Mercury Mist Topaz: Wearing it in Style

Very few stones will bring about happy thoughts like mercury mist topaz. This gem is so versatile and effervescent; you’ll want to wear it with everything. This stone is strong in prismatic color but is virtually clear. This makes clothing so easy to accessorize with jewelry created with this treasure. Suits and that little black dress are taken to new heights when you add earrings or a pendant made with mercury mist topaz. Tired blue jeans and tee shirts get a breath of fresh air with the magic of this stone.

Many say that jewelry marks a moment in time. Whether you choose flirty dangle earrings, classic studs, delicate pendants or statement pieces, this gem is sure to become a favorite of yours as you create wonderful memories while wearing your jewels. Take a look at our wide selection of mercury mist topaz to embark on your fantastic journey now.