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Mens Gift Information

Shopping for guys can be tough. Say he already has the latest electronic gadget and season tickets for his favorite team, now what? There are a number of great men's gift ideas that are special and personal that he will love like stylish gold cuff links or a personalized business card holder. But first, it is important to understand the man before choosing the gift.

Mens Gifts : How to choose the right one

What kind of personality does he have? Is he an outdoor enthusiast, a video-game maniac or stoic reader? How about his profession? Does he wear a suit and tie everyday or does he wear a uniform? These questions can help determine what gift he would most appreciate as well as get the most use out of. For the suit and tie guy, a gold tie clip with a diamond accent is classic and useful. It adds just the right touch to his workday attire.

That is not to say that all men's gifts should be practical, they could simply have meaning for him or express some aspect of his personality. This is where gifts like quirky cuff links come in handy and there are styles to suit every passion a man may have from sports to hobbies. Maybe he is a serious business man during the week, but an avid golfer on the weekends. Golf ball shaped gold cuff links can be serious and fun at the same time.

Mens Gifts: What is the occasion?

Another aspect of choosing the right men's gift is the special occasion the gift is commemorating. It needs to be something special for a birthday or anniversary gift, but he is not the jewelry wearing type. It easy way to add some sparkle to that special guy's wardrobe without compromising his boycott of bling. If he wears cuff links, there are a many elegant designs that also include gemstones. In gold or silver, it is a subtle touch to brighten up his business wear. For a really special gift, opt for a matching set of cuff links and tie clip. He will be the best put together man around the conference table!

Weddings are another popular occasion for shopping for men's gifts. The groom is responsible for buying mementos for his groomsmen and best man. It needs to say that he appreciates them without breaking the bank since he is buying several pieces. For the best man, he may want to get something very special and different from the groomsmen as this is usually his father or his very best friend. A nice stainless steel watch with engraving on the back is a perfect men's gift for this occasion. For the groomsmen, maybe provide them with silver knot cuff links they can wear with their tuxedos. This gift is a token of thanks from the groom to his friends for standing up with him on such a special day.

Mens Gifts : Add a personal touch

While these seem like tiny tokens, they can be made into very special and meaningful gifts. For the guy who may be starting his own business, an engraved gold and silver business card holder with his initials lets him know that someone believes in his success. Or, for Father's Day, the kids can give dad an engraved gold money clip "To the World's Best Dad!" with a funny note asking for their allowance. A special anniversary gift could be oval-shaped gold cuff links with his initial engraved inside. A woman could give her man a gold engraved key fob with a note that says he holds the key to her heart. Engraving and a personal note make all these tokens of thanks or love the best gift ever.

Spice up a simple gold or silver tie clip with the birthstones of the kids or have his favorite saying engraved on his business card holder. With a little engraving or other additions, the possibilities are endless and every gift can be made that much more special. The thought behind the gift.

Please keep in mind that we do not add birthstones to money clips. This is not a service we offer, it is a suggestion we have given that you may implement on your own time with a neighborhood jeweler. Keep in mind when you engrave or personalize a product in any way, you void our warranty.

Take the time to make these seemingly impersonal tokens into something very special. These are items that he could possibly use every day and every day, he'll be reminded of the special occasion and sentiment behind the tie clip or business card holder with a golf ball embossed on the front. A gift doesn't have to be large or expensive to be special. In fact, it is often the tiniest of tokens that mean the most.

These are timeless men's gifts that will last a lifetime unlike the latest electronic gadget that may break or be replaced by a newer better model in a year. And, a tie clip won't disappoint him like his favorite team might week after week.

With a little thought, personalization and a special note, these gift ideas can be practical and meaningful at the same time.