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Make a Statement with Fashion Rings

They are on the red carpet and in the malls. They are big and chunky and they are simple and elegant. They are fashion rings, but they also go by a couple of different names. Diamond fashion rings are also called cocktail rings. Another name for these trendy accessories is right-hand rings. Whatever they are called, the fashion ring illustrates the evolution of style and expression in jewelry.

Fashion Rings: Every day is a special occasion

Whether it was gold, diamond or had other gemstones, it used to be that women had to wait for a man to give them a ring. With the emergence of rings for the sake of fashion in the renaissance, women are buying their own bling. While birthstone rings do make fabulous birthday gifts, there is no need to wait until that day rolls around. Whether she buys it herself or someone else does, it makes a great gift anytime of the year. Designers are getting creative with pieces like these - making shapes and abstract designs for a truly unique statement.

Claddagh rings are typically given for a special reason. The tradition of this style is that it is a pledge to another of love and fidelity making them common as tokens of friendship and love. How the piece is worn lets people know if the wearer is single, considering or married. If worn with the heart facing in towards the knuckle, it means the wearer is in love, engaged or married. Worn out, it means the wearer is looking for love. That being said, a single woman could buy one for herself simply because she loves the history and the heart and hands design. But, she better be careful how she wears it, especially if she is looking for love!

Some designs are simply fun and different. For the fashionista who adores marine life, there are fashion dolphin rings. To make it even more intriguing, the piece may have two dolphins, one in yellow gold and the other in white gold. For the sweet young lady, there are all kinds of petite butterfly rings to choose from. But, for the bold woman, a big chunky piece in the shape of a butterfly or flower is reminiscent of grandmaís jewelry box and is an increasingly growing trend.

Fashion Rings: Styles for everyone

There really is something for everyone in the fashion rings category. Celebrities can be seen wearing giant chunks of ring on the red carpet, but that may not be for everyone. Funky retro, classic and chic, bold and brash - designers know that everyone is different. That is why there is such a huge selection of fashion rings on the market. If it seems overwhelming, try on different styles to see how it looks. Try it on different fingers and hands. Once the look and the fit is right, thatís all there is to it.

Fashion Rings: How to wear them

It really is a preference as to how to wear fashion rings. If the woman is single, her left hand ring finger is up for grabs and makes a nice spot for a diamond cocktail ring. If she is married then shift it to the right hand. Of course, it is also a popular trend to wear fashion rings on the thumb and even the index finger. Wide band birthstone rings would look great on the long index finger. The fun butterfly, flower or dolphin rings could go on the thumb. Some might even want to make use of the pinky for smaller more delicate looking pieces.

Fashion Rings: Taking care of your pieces

It is relatively easy to care for most fashion rings. If there are gemstones, clean them according to the recommendations of the more delicate stone. While a diamond can take anything, an opal cannot, so clean according to the opals and not the diamonds. If the piece is all gold, warm soapy water and a polish with a soft cotton cloth should be sufficient. If the finish is plain and there are scratches, have a jeweler buff them out and return it to its original shine. If it has a matte finish or other designs, do not use the buffing machine. Just soak it for a while and then polish with a cloth.

For silver fashion rings, only use cleaners specifically designed to clean silver and remove the tarnish, otherwise it could damage the finish. There are creams, pastes and cloths that easily remove the black spots. Try to store silver pieces separately and in silver keepers if possible. If not, at least keep them in a soft jewelry bag or their own compartment of the jewelry box.

The pieces that are shaped like butterfliesand such need to be scrubbed well with a medium to soft brush. There are a lot of prongs and the setting is intricate leaving a lot of nooks and crannies for lotion, soap and dirt to collect.

Women have declared their independence in more ways than one. They buy their own fashion rings and wear them however they want to, man or no man. Of course, that is not to say that they donít still love to get tiny boxes filled with trinkets like fashion heart rings from their significant others!