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Lemon Lime Green Quartz

What is Quartz?

This mineral is the most common and abundant of the gemstone minerals and it comes in pretty much any color. This mineral is made of silicon dioxide. There are numerous possibilities for the evolution of its name. But, the ancient German word "quartz," seems a likely place to start. While amethyst and citrine are very popular varieties, lemon, lime and green quartz are gaining popularity.

Lemon, Lime and Green

The lemon shade may be confused with citrine, but it doesn't have the orange or brown undertones common with citrine. It is a fairly pure lemon color and can range from pale to vibrant lemon.

Lime or sage-green colored quartz is likely the created variety of green quartz. It is irradiated in the lab using colorless quartz. It creates a lighter shade of green with more yellow undertones than the naturally heated or naturally irradiated green amethyst (which is also quartz). A natural gemstone is still used, but the conditions are all highly controlled so that just the desired colors are obtained.

Again, green quartz can be created either naturally or in the laboratory as described above. If it is an amethyst that is heated in the earth, the green is generally a deep forest green whereas in the lab, it is generally a lighter green such as lime or sage.

Where Does Quartz Come From?

Brazil is one of the most significant mining spots for many varieties of quartz. The stones in a lemon quartz bracelet likely came from Brazil. There are also mines in Africa, Canada, the United States and Europe. Quartz can be found pretty much anywhere. Whether it is gem-grade quality or not is a different question.

Special Days for Quartz

The lemon, lime and green varieties aren't official birthstones, but others are. Amethyst is the birthstone for February and citrine is assigned to November. That being said, green quartz is actually amethyst that has been heated and exposed to radiation, either in the earth or the lab, so it could be used as an alternative birthstone. A green quartz bracelet makes for an unusual birthday present and is definitely a conversation piece. Like the birthstone, green quartz could possibly serve as an alternative 6th wedding anniversary gift as well. Of course, there doesn't have to be a reason to buy or wear these unusually hued gemstones.

Citrine is another variety that is a birthstone. It is given the month of November as well as the 13th wedding anniversary as special days.

More than a Gemstone

Quartz is found in an array of colors and in all kinds of jewelry settings, but it is also used in industrial products. The construction industry utilizes quartz in many of the materials it uses such as paint, sandpapers and other abrasives, cement and glass.

Ok, maybe that isn't so surprising considering the abundance and durability of quartz, but there are more uses that may be. It is also used in components for electronics and watches. This mineral is piezoelectric which means that it becomes a type of magnet when heated or when friction is applied to it. This trait makes it a great controller of frequencies in electronics and keeping time in watches. It is used in laptops, Ipods, cell phones and more. Another use for quartz is in the optical industry where it is ground into lenses and prisms to be used in diagnostic equipment.

The quartz used in industrial products is all man-made. Using a "seed," they grow crystals in a controlled environment so that the purest product is created.

Legend, Lore and History

Quartz has a long history because it has been around for thousands of years. In general, varieties of quartz are used in devices to foresee the future such as crystal balls and scrying stones. Archeologists have also discovered tools and weapons that utilize quartz in African and European regions dating back thousands and millions of years.

Specifically, a piece like a green quartz necklace could be used as a key to unlocking the spiritual world and allowing the wearer to see into it. It offers clarity of mind and decision-making which brings about good fortune. Lemon quartz also has its own mystical properties. An important one is the ability to dispel evil thoughts. Now, this doesn't just apply to bad thoughts against others, but also evil thoughts turned inward on the wearer. It eliminates self-doubt, anxiety and depression.

Caring for Lemon, Lime and Green Quartz

Silicon dioxide is a relatively durable mineral and all varieties of quartz rank a 7 on Mohs scale of hardness. This makes it easy to clean and store a lemon quartz necklace and other pieces. Even pieces that are prone to chips and breaks like rings and bracelets hold up quite well with daily wear. But, try not to test their strength because they can be broken if hit hard enough or in just the right spot.

These citrus-hued quartz gemstones are fresh, fun and fabulous accessories to any spring and summer wardrobe