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Journey Pendant

The journey pendant--Life is a journey

Though there may be different paths taken, life is an interconnected journey that always comes back to itself. When a couple gets married, they start this journey together. There are twists and turns, but it is always moving forward and growing with each experience and every passing day. To celebrate these experiences, the journey pendant was created and introduced in 2006. Since it was introduced to the jewelry world, its popularity has grown. People love the sentiment and the opportunity to show the world that they are taking life's trip together.

The journey pendant--How is it different from Past, Present & Future jewelry?

Past, Present and Future jewelry was first on the scene as a celebration of a life together. So, it is similar to a journey pendant in that respect. However, one stone represents each of the phases, so there are only a total of three stones to commemorate the past, present and future. For the journey, because it is long and winding and grows each day, there are many more stones (at least four) to signify where a couple has been and where they are going. The stones may be graduated in a PPF piece, but they are always so in a journey diamond pendant. No matter how many stones are used, they gradually get larger as does the love between the couple.

The journey pendant -- Different Ways to Express the Journey

The journey pendant is more than just a line of diamonds moving from small to large. There are a lot of fun things that can be done with this concept so that the personality of each couple can be captured. Round cut stones are typical for any of the journey designs. The classic design is a dangling wave of diamonds. The smallest stone is at the top and the largest is at the bottom. This is a beautiful design, particularly with a low cut top. Some fancier versions of this style include metal in between the stones, like the tennis bracelet.

Another version uses shapes in the design like the heart diamond journey pendant. This style typically consists of diamonds creating one half of the heart and the other side is plain. Again, from top to bottom, the stones are graduated. Another popular design is the circle or spiral circle. It could represent always coming back to each other if it connects or that the journey is never-ending if it doesn't.

Traditionally, diamonds are the stones used to represent the journey, but that is not a rule. Alternating diamonds with another gemstone like the ruby is a great way to customize the piece. Using birthstones make the sentiment two-fold: celebrate life's journey together as well as the very beginning for her personal journey. While the journey pendant is most common, there are other pieces that celebrate the journey as well. Earrings, bracelets and rings can all be designed to fit the concept.

Journey pendant--Makes Jewelry Shopping Easy

Let's face it; guys can get overwhelmed in a jewelry store. Do they want earrings, a cocktail ring (what's that?), diamonds or colored gemstones- they don't know if they are coming or going by the time they leave. So unless their significant other has specifically told them what they want, purchasing a diamond journey pendant is a safe bet. It takes some of the pressure off and what girl doesn't love diamonds, especially ones that carry a story like a journey necklace does.

And, the diamond journey pendant can go straight from the box to her neck, no sizing necessary like with rings. It is a win-win situation for the guy- his shopping trip gets shortened and he gets to make a romantic gesture without breaking a sweat.

How to care for a Journey Pendant

Let the type of stone and the type of metal dictate cleaning for any piece of jewelry. A gold diamond journey heart pendant is easy to clean because gold can be put in cleaner and diamonds are very durable. The only thing to worry about is tangling the chain in the cleaner, so it might be better to take the pendant off the chain if possible. Scrub the pendant with a soft toothbrush and lay the chain on a soft cloth and do the same. Rinse with water and it looks like new. If gemstones are used along with diamonds, know how durable they are before cleaning them. Silver can be cleaned with silver cleaner to remove any tarnished spots.

In a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a journey pendant for every taste. Whether it is a gift celebrating an engagement, an anniversary or a child being born, this piece of jewelry is a forever memento of the moment. It won't wilt or fade and it carries the story of a lifetime lived. Generations to come can enjoy the sentiment and remember the love of a special couple.