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Jewelry is one of the most popular gift choices because it always elicits the right response from the receiver. It's always welcome and never expected. Jewelry is the perfect gift and a custom engraving can make it even better. Engraving allows you to fully customize your own jewelry and allows you to create one of a kind pieces for your friends and family.

The possibilities are endless because just a few words say so much more.

Engraved jewelry can immortalize both feelings and events. It can be used to celebrate life's important milestones like graduations, engagements, births, weddings, promotions, or special day you want to cherish forever. Engraved jewelry can show appreciation, send thanks, love, comfort and support. And since you are completely in control, you can personalize pieces to fit your style.

Engraving Services

GEMaffair.com offers premium professional engraving in both block and script fonts for a flat fee of just $9.95. All engravings are done in-house by one of our G.I.A Graduate jewelers in a state-of-the-art gem lab with the most advanced equipment. We can customize any purchase - from gold to silver to platinum to stainless steel - to fit your needs and all in less than twenty-four business hours.

Engraving Ideas

Over the years, we've been asked to engrave just about everything in our inventory from wedding rings to key rings. Some choose engraving to immortalize important events, show thanks, or to send messages of love. Some of the most popular reasons for choosing to engrave jewelry include:

engraving ring idea image
Mother's Day
engraving pendant idea image
Father's Day
engraving pendant idea image
Birth Announcements

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Engraving Tips

If you're thinking about customizing your jewelry with custom engraving, there's a lot to think about. What is the engraving for? What do you want to have engraved? What style of font do you choose?. Should you engrave text or a date? We'll outline some of the easiest ways to exactly figure all of the answers to these questions out so you have the perfect custom piece.

What is the engraving for?

First, think about the purpose and ask yourself, "Why do I want the engraving?" Are you celebrating an event or date? Are you adding your own twist for a personalized, one of a kind piece? Are you sending a message of love to a friend or family member? The answers to these will help guide you along the way.

What do you want to engrave?

Think about what you want engraved. Almost anything with a solid surface can be engraved including the interior of a ring, the inside of a locket, dog tags, I.D. bracelets the back of a watch and more. Sometimes the answer is simple and answered when you decide what the engraving is for.

engraving tips ring For instance, if you're buying an engagement or anniversary ring, you'll know your focus. If you're celebrating your child's graduation or first car, you would have a lot of options. You could choose a key chain, a bracelet, a ring or necklace. If you're creating a keepsake for the birth of a child, you might want to choose something like a child's I.D. bracelet, a picture frame or bank. If you're buying your mom a special gift for Mother's Day, you might want to look at having a locket engraved or buying her a birthstone pendant with a personalized engraving. The options are endless. Just be creative and have fun!

What do you want engraved on the piece of jewelry you've chosen?

Since we've figured out what you're going to engrave, we'll have a better idea of what we can engrave. Think about how much surface area there is and that will dictate both the size and length of the engraving. Even though space is a factor, you can still say a lot without using a lot of words. Think mainly about the questions you've answered already. Are you celebrating an event or date, are you sending congratulations, is the engraving meant to be a miniature immortal love letter, or are you personalizing a piece for your own purposes?
You can check here for a list of engraving ideas.

What do you want the engraving to look like?

When deciding between script fonts and block letter fonts, think again about the purpose. Romantic messages tend to lean more towards the script side where as men seem to prefer the more bold, geometric lines of a block font. The type of font can change the aesthetics greatly so it's another excellent way to further customize your piece.