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Jewelry Engraving Ideas

Find the Perfect Engravable Gift Men's Bulova Watches Engravable Wedding Bands Engravable Gifts Gold Bracelets Ladies Bulova Watches We've gathered a massive list of quotes for jewelry engraving. Some are short, some are long, but they're all from the heart (even if a few are a bit silly). Below, you'll find the Internet's most comprehensive list of engraveable phrases and quotes - many of which we've been asked by our customers to have engraved on their jewelry. You can choose directly from the list, change them to suit your needs and personality or simply use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique engraving. With engraving, the possibilities are endless.

Jewelry Engraving by Category

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Love - Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary Engraving Ideas

While Love Engravings are traditionally set aside for engagements, weddings and anniversaries, engraved jewelry is perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all. Engraving gives you a way to impart some of your personality onto that beautiful bauble you've purchased. And an engraving will make sure that he or she never forgets that moment. We can guarantee that an engraving from the heart will make any gifting opportunity memorable.
Choose your length:

Short Love Themed Engravings - one or two words
These short little phrases are great for rings or small pendants. You don't need a lot of text to get your message across. These engraving ideas are short, sweet and to the point.

Medium Love Themed Engravings - Three to four words
This is the perfect size for standard rings, lockets and I.D. bracelets. You can get more personal, add an inside joke that only you and the one you love will understand or hint at your true feelings.

Long Love Themed Engravings - Five or more words
You can use longer engravings for I.D. bracelets or non-jewelry items like watches, business card holders, frames, banks, or any metal keep sake.

Short Love Quotes for Engraving

Some are funny. Some a sweet. Some won't even make sense because they're inside jokes, but they can all give you a better idea as to what a good jewelry engraving can be. It can be anything you want!

I Love You Forever Destiny Only You My World
Say Yes Always All Eternity This Love Olive Juice
Love Together Forever This Bond Friends & Lovers Je t'adore
This Union Our Story My Miracle Love Affair Our Fairytale
Tookie With Love Goober Butt My Strength All for You
My Reason Hello, Baay-bay Soulmates Love Flourishes Love Endures
My Star Hey Dork! Poodles! My Me Affection and Truth
My Strength Hold me Up Heart Thief! Smooth Criminal Love Always Wins
Love Bandit Love Monster Mini-Handcuff You're My Everything Honeymoons Rock
'Til Death Always Know My Angel Partners in Crime Gruesome Twosome
Pretty Lady! All Mine Sugar, Sugar Sexy Time? Re-donk-u-lous
Skidamarinkydinkydink Romantic Message True Love True Romance My Shelter

Matching Love Rings

Ring 1: Lawnmower Man
Ring 2: Domestic Goddess
Ring 1: Thing 1
Ring 2: Thing 2
Ring 1: Romeo
Ring 2: Juliet
Ring 1: To Infinity...
Ring 2: And Beyond!
Ring 1: I Love You
Ring 2: I Love You More
Ring 1: To Love
Ring 2: And Cherish
Ring 1: Peas
Ring2: Carrots
Ring 1: Forever
Ring 2: And Ever
Ring 1: Stinky
Ring 2: Dorkus Aurelius
Ring 1: F-o-o-r-
Ring 2: EEE-var
(Think the movie Sandlot)

Medium Love Quotes for Engraving

These quotes are better for getting out a bit more our of your message. You can have fun and say how you feel, create a long lasting joke or carry on a romantic tradition. Either way, these engravings are perfect for almost all types of jewelry - just ask your jeweler if the length will work with what you need.

You & I Forever Keeper of my Heart Dreams Come True You're my Rock Love You Forever
You're the Lucky One Now You're Mine For All Time We're Getting Hitched! All for You
We Just Fit Always Looking Forward Our Love is Destiny My Everything and All Anything for Love
We Rock the Casbah This is the Stuff More Than Love You're my Firefly A Promise Kept Forever
Our Story Rocks You are my Sunshine Tear the World Apart My One and Only Dreams do Come True
Angels are Real Love Endures All Things Eyes Like the Sea Put This Back On! You're in Trouble Now
Best. Story. Ever. All I ever Wanted You Stole My Heart You're my Conan Every Other Night?
Giggedy-Giggedy-Goo We'll Rule the World It Will Only Get Better Let's Grow Old Together Young at Heart
You Complete Me Peas and Carrots Kingdom of Two No More Shoes I Fell Hard
U Wore Me Down I Swear to... Let's Love and Cherish! We Rock Together No Cape Necessary
Gah! Close the Drain Muffin Loves Schnookums This Vow Forever Wolverine-Man Loves You We're Better Together
As You Wish Nothing without You Why I do What I do

Longer Love Quotes for Engraving

These quotes are the longest, so choose your surfaces wisely. Most of these would be difficult to fit onto a ring or even a locket - so they're best reserved for bracelets or keepsake items. Even though they're a bit more difficult to place, the fact that they say so much gives on the incentive to find that perfect engraveable object just to use them.

You're my One and Only You Take My Breath Away Until the End of Time Eyes Like the Sea After a Storm
The Moment I Saw You You Changed Me Forever Let's Grow Old Together You're the Best Dish
You Make Me Heart Flutter My Stomach Love You Too You Were My Wish We Make Music Together
My Wish Came True I Caught a Falling Star You are the Sun, the Moon, the Stars This Ring Good for Weekly Takeout
Our Own Little World Dance the Night Away You're my American Idol I Can't Believe You Said Yes
Would You Hold it Against me... Since We Were Kids No Flannel Nightgowns Best Catch Ever
I Wouldn't Throw ya Back Singing in the Rain Attack of the Love Give me some Sugar, Baby
Me Love You Long Time Let's Travel the World I'll Always Have Time for You My Little Buttercup...
You Belong to Me Rock me Like a Hurricane You Shook me All Night Long

Friendship Engraving Ideas

Let your friends know how much they mean today and forever with engraved jewelry. Engraving heart pendants and charm bracelets has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Giving your friends engraved jewelry lets them know that - no matter the distance - you will always be there for them. It makes an excellent gift for wedding parties, a friend's birthday, a new home, a thank you present, or as a gift when a friend is moving away. Let them know you care. Let them know you love them. Let them know you'll always be there for them. Some of the engraving ideas below are funny and some are sweet and others are definitely inside jokes. Regardless of what you choose, it will be perfect. Have fun!

Short Friendship Engraving Ideas

Friends Forever I'm Here Other Half My Rock You Rock
My Chewbacca No Distance... Hip, Hooray My Hero My Savior
Peas & Carrots My Conscience Thanks Best Friends True Friends
Awesome Squad Team Rockin' Frienemies Anytime I'll Answer
My Charlotte My Carrie My Miranda My Samantha My Stanford
Beach Buddies Just Add Us Power Squad For Always I'm Here
Super Friends! Instant Relief My Lighthouse Deadly Duo Bodacious Buddies
Recipe for Trouble Partners in Crime

Medium Length Friendship Quotes for Engraving

Time After Time Count on Me Our Powers Combined I'll be There Remember the time...
Sunk without You We Always Win Autobots, Roll Out! Thanks for Everything You Remind Me to Breath
Light the Way Friends are Forever Talk for Hours You Have the Words Shoe Shopping Accomplice
Road Trip Warrior You're my World Lighthouse in a Storm You're my Sanity Lost without You

Long Friendship Quotes for Engraving

You Know Me Best No Matter How Far Away The Voice of Reason Sunk Without You
Blondie says, "Call Me!" We Always Win We Define Friends Wherever We Are, That's the Place to Be
The Blind Leading the Blind Go, Go Activate Friendship! If You Jump, I Jump Best Friends for Life
It would be perfect if we were gay Super -hero- Friends! More than Friends Love you like a fat kid loves cake!
Spano, Kapowski and Turtle They've got NOTHING on us! I'll Marry You at 35 Friends are Few & Far Between
Lucky to Have You I'll Even Answer at 3am True Friends are Rare

Congratulations Engraving Ideas

Congratulations You Did It! Told You So! We Knew You Could A Job Well Done
Our Champion Movin' on Up What's Next? Success Way to go!
M.V.P. With Determination Conviction Always Prevails We're Always Here for You Check it Off
It's All You Life's a Gamble, You Won! The Future is Yours We're so Proud Promotion Dance!
A New Chapter Begins You Did It! Only the Beginning I Knew You Could This is the Story of Your Life
A New Door Opens

Mother's Day Engraving Ideas

I Love You Mom Mothers are Everything Thanks, Mom Best Storyteller Award World's Best Mom
All I ever Learned... Your Voice is All I need Thanks for Always Knowing I Love that You Worry Mother is God in the Eyes of All Children
I Miss Your Cooking Best Mom Ever! Love is a Mother A Mother is Everything You Could Rule the World
You Are Always Right Thanks for Taking My Side Superhero sans Costume Thanks for Being the Good Cop! I'll Always Need You
I'm Still Your Boofer Mom:Master Toddler Wrangler Mom of Steel My Mother and Friend Your Lessons Stuck. Thanks
You Have Super Powers I Can Never Say Enough

Father's Day Engraving Ideas

Thanks, Dad Best Dad Ever Daddy's Little Girl Dad's Biggest Fan Hero without a Cape
Dads Rule the World A Dad Knows it All Dad, Fishing IS fun! I am Older - You Were Right World's Best Dad
The Dadinator! Monster Eradicator You Always Knew Thanks for Giving me the Courage You're a Hard Act to Follow
Garage Guru Ruler of All that is Technical Captain Remote Control I Owe You Thanks, Dad
Darth Dader! Let Mom Cook... Dad's Man Jewelry To Dad, From the Rugrats Pop
Dad Have I "Manned" up yet? I Love You, Dad Best Father I Can Always Learn More

Say Thanks with Engraved Jewelry

Thanks It Meant the World When in Need My Savior I Owe You!
You'll Never Know How Much You're Words Meant the World Pay it Forward You Held Me Up A Small Token
I have Always Relied... The Smallest Things Mean the Most A Jewel for My Jewel A Gem for a Gem I'll Never Forget
Words are not Enough A Million Thanks In Your Debt Kindness Moves Mountains A Port in the Storm
My Knight in Shining Armor My Gratitude Words Can't Express

Religious Engravings

WWJD In His Name Mysterious Ways For Him Seek Him Always
Praise Him Fear No Evil For His Glory What Would Jesus Do The Glory of God
God Always Listens God is Always There Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil In Hard Times & in Good Someone to Watch Over

Foreign Language Quotes for Engraving

Say it in another language! Learn how to say, "I love you" in different languages; learn famous Latin quotes perfect for engraving or grab the popular phrase of the day. If you're looking for something specific, give us a call at 1-800-471-GEMS and we can help. Engraving jewelry with sayings from different languages adds personality, celebrates heritage and - in some cases - opens a door to the past.

I Love You in Different Languages
Je T'adore
I Love You
Ta Gra Agam Ort
I Love You
Ich Leibe Dich
I Love You
Ti Amo
I Love You
Eu Amo-te
I Love You
Te Amo
I Love You
Ya Lyublyu Tebya
I Love You
Is tú mo ghrá
I Love You
Is tú mo ghrá
I Love You
Wo ie ni
I Love You

Irish Love Sayings
Mo Chroí
My Heart
Eternal Love
A Chuisle mo Chroí
Pulse of my Heart
Tá tú go H-álainn
You're Beautiful
Mo Cairde
My Friend
Go Síoraí
Le Grá Go Deo
Forever with Love
Cronaím Thú
I Miss You

French Love Sayings
Mon Cheri
My Love
Je suis folle de toi
I'm Crazy for You
L'amour n'a pas de Prix
Love is Priceless
Amour de ma Vie
Love of my Life
Je t'adore
I Adore You
La plus Belle
The Most Beautiful
Tu es ma meilleure amie
You are my Best Friend
Coeurs Qui S'aiment, nul Besoin de Paroles
Hearts in Love need no Words
Précieux comme l'or
Precious as Gold
Amour est éternel
Love is Forever

Famous Foreign Language Quotes
  1. "Il vaut mieux faire que dire"
    Language: French
    Translation: Doing is better than saying
    Alfred de Musset

  2. "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur."
    Language: French
    Translation: We see well only with the heart
    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  3. "Amor vincit omnia."
    Language: Latin
    Translation: Love Conquers All

  4. "Ricordati di stanotte, perché quest'oggi è l'inizio dell'eternità ."
    Language: Italian
    Translation: Remember Tonight, for it is the beginning of Always
    Dante Alighieri

  5. "Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur."
    Language: Latin
    Translation: Anything said in Latin sounds profound

  1. "Dum spiro spero."
    Language: Latin
    Translation: While I breath, I hope

  2. "A mali estremi, estremi rimedi."
    Language: Italian
    Translation: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  3. "Il n'y a qu' un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé."
    Language: French
    Translation: There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved
    Georges Sand

  4. "Quod me nutrit me destruit."
    Language: Latin
    Translation: What nourishes me also destroys me.

  5. "Tout pour un, un pour tout.."
    Language: French
    Translation: All for one, one for all.
    Alexandre Dumas