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NASCAR: Not Just for Men Anymore

NASCAR is Fun for the Whole Family

From the roar of the engines, to the smell of the burning rubber, to the blur of the racecars circling the track, there is no question that NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America. There may be a perception that only men are interested in NASCAR, but that could not be further from the truth. NASCAR is actually fun for the whole family: men, women, and the kids! There are an estimated 75 million NASCAR fans. Fifty percent of kids between the ages seven to seventeen report being NASCARR fans. Not surprising to those that love the sport, forty percent of the NASCAR fans out there are women. With all those women, loving the sport, more and more women’s NASCAR apparel and NASCAR jewelry have become available. So what is it about the sport that women love? Really what isn’t there to like? There is speed, an element of danger; cute drivers, great race day food, and a fun festival feel at the track. NASCAR is one of the most social sporting events on the scene. The races last for a weekend (sometimes longer) and everyone is encouraged to bring their friends and family. A lot of times groups camp out or stay in RV’s. There is plenty of time for socialization, and let’s admit it, women love socialization! Of course the opportunity to buy cute NASCAR shirts, purses, and even NASCAR jewelry doesn’t hurt women’s love of the sport. Back to the driver’s for a moment. It’s not just that the driver’s are cute; they are much more accessible to their fans than the athletes in other sport. How often do you see basketball players walking around the stands to greet their fans? The security escorts on the NFL field would go into frenzy if a team quarterback hopped into the stands to shake hands. NASCAR drivers, on the other hand, are happy to stop and talk with their fans during these weekend-long races.

The NASCAR Drivers that Women Love

Women love different drivers for different reasons. Kyle Busch (#54) has become a female favorite for his absolute passion for the sport. He may get angry when he doesn’t win, but there is no denying his absolute devotion to the racetrack. Dale Earnhardt (#5), Sr. was known as the Intimidator and earned the adoration of those fans that just can’t shake their love of bad boys. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88) may be all the driver that his dad was, but his persona is much more southern boy charm. His smile certainly melts as many hearts as his dad’s bad boy intrigue. Juan Pablo Montoya (#42) earns his share of fans with his bad boy looks. This Columbian with dark hair and eyes, melts plenty of hearts! Other drivers find earn the respect of their women fans for being the hometown hero type. Tony Stewart (#33) falls into that category. He grew up so close to Indianapolis that he has earned quite a few fans from that fact alone. Jimmie Johnson’s (#48) boy next-door good looks and winning record wins him his share of female fans. Although he retired in 1992, Richard Petty (#43) was won of the best in NASCAR, it’s even said that he redefined the sport. What woman wouldn’t love a man with that kind of power? Jeff Gordon (#24) certainly couldn’t be left off of a most loved driver’s list. After all, he is one of the most recognized names in the sport! His family man image doesn’t hurt when it comes to earning the love of his female fans. If we are talking about drivers women love, we can’t skip Jamie McMurray (26) known for his beautiful blue eyes and chiseled good looks. Although he is in his forties, Bobby Labonte (96) is still considered one of the sexiest men in the sport.

NASCAR jewelry

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