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A brilliant way to express your faith is through powerful religious jewelry. These items are a representation of one’s beliefs created into fashionable accessories. There are many styles and metal types to choose from within this category, so the right one is waiting for you. Sort through our selection of religious jewelry and begin to articulate your faith.

What to Look for When Buying Religious Jewelry

Selecting appropriate jewelry takes some careful thought about what you are looking for in a religious accessory. Some people connect with and feel closer to certain religious symbols or religious icons and choose to express their faith and their beliefs by wearing religious accessories. Other people may be new to their faith and are simply looking for a way to express themselves religiously; either way it is important to put some thought and some research into different religious symbols before investing in expensive religious accessories. Be sure that whatever piece of religious accessories you choose connects with you personally and allows you to comfortably display your beliefs with pride.

Religious Jewelry Metals

One of the first aspects you should consider is mounting metals. No matter if you are wearing flashy fashion jewelry or high-class designer crosses, the types of metal used in your piece of religious accessories effects its cost, value and overall style of the piece. Religious accessories can be found in nearly any type of metal with a huge variety of gemstone and diamond embellishments and accents to choose from. Sterling silver and other silver alloys are often a very popular choice among religious accessories wearers. Sterling silver is considered a precious metal but is much more economically priced than gold or platinum religious accessories. It’s stunning shiny color makes it a versatile accessory that can be paired with nearly any outfit. White and Yellow gold jewelry is also a popular choice because of its trusted quality, durability and shine. Many religious gold pendants are accented with various gemstones and diamonds to both up their value and their fashion appeal.

Religious Jewelry Embellishments

This brings us to the various types of religious jewelry embellishments. Many people personalize their look by selecting religious accessories adorned with their personal birthstone. Other people prefer gemstone religious accessories because of the vibrant color and captivating sparkle that gemstones add to any piece of jewelry. Other embellishments available in most religious accessories include diamond cut metals and filigree designs that give your religious accessories a little extra flair while maintaining a more mature and humble sparkle.

Christian Religious Jewelry

Cross jewelry is by far the most popular form of religious expression for the Christian faith, with Ichthus fish pendants follow at a close second. Whether the cross pendant is made of gold, silver, diamonds or gemstones it is recognized at the universal icon for Christianity. While the Christian cross is most notably acknowledged to symbolize the Christian religion, fish pendant more specifically represent Jesus and have even earned the nickname of Jesus fish. Today Jesus fish icons have been made into pendants, bracelets, earrings and even car decals so that people can share their love of Lord everywhere they go. Other Christian jewelry includes various saint medallions honoring famous Christian icons, images of the bible and prayer boxes where wearers can place small prayers or tiny mementos.

Jewish Religious Jewelry

The Star of David is worn by followers of Judaism just like the cross is worn for many Christians. The Star of Davis is a six pointed star with a powerful religious background that is used to express the Jewish faith of many Jewish followers. The Chai is another popular symbol incorporated into Jewish jewelry that has several meanings but is most popularly worn to represent living. Other Jewish religious accessories include images of the Torah, scrolls, Hebrew prayers or scripture and dreidels that are most commonly worn during Chanukah.

No matter what religion you follow or your personal religious beliefs, there is definitely a piece of religious accessories for you that can perfectly reflect your faith in style.