Represent your brotherhood with an item from our Masonic jewelry collection. Each specific piece we offer is designed with the Mason spirit and thought in mind. All of these are made of solid gold and will go look great with you everywhere you go. Celebrate your path as a Mason with something from our Masonic jewelry selection.

Jewelry for the Masonry

Jewelry is worn for various reasons such as fashionable ornaments, status symbols and as a sign of membership to tribes, cultures, families and various organizations such as the Freemasons who wear what is known as masonic jewelry. The freemasons are a worldwide organization or society made up of over sixteen million members. This esoteric society has been active since the 16th century and has long been misconceptualized as a secret society though they do keep a low profile. This organization which does mostly charitable work within the communities in which a lodge (headquarters) is present while upholding moral uprightness, is publicly known though some of its practices are privy only to its members. Their rituals and secret practices give them an air of mystery to the common folk which leave them open to rumor and misconceptions. Freemasons all over the world can easily recognize members through the use of masonic jewelry.

What is masonic jewelry? They are jewelry worn by members of freemasons as shown in the 2004 film National Treasure in which case was a ring with the freemason symbol worn by FBI Agent Peter Sadusky. This allowed the protagonist Ben Gates to fraternize with the agent because it is assumed that the agent’s freemason membership makes him privy to the same secret information Ben knows. It is assumed that freemasons are privy to some historical and political secrets regarding their respective countries. Masonic jewelry may be any type of jewelry like rings, pendants, cufflinks, bracelets and tie clips with the masonic symbol on it. These tokens signify their membership and are often worn with pride. The masonic symbol is composed of a square and compasses, tools which assist in building by literal masons. In this case, the square is said to symbolize virtues the member must uphold and the compasses are said to symbolize advancement measured in degrees.

Those seeking membership petition themselves to local freemason lodges where the members vote them in. Only men with good morals and reputation and can marry the teachings of earth and science with the belief in a supreme being can qualify to be a freemason. Masonic jewelry is then awarded to members or can have them fabricated by freemason accredited jewelers. When freemasons wear masonic jewelry more specifically masonic rings, they are bound to continually quest for life’s knowledge, live a life full of virtue and good tidings for others. Many well-known personalities and several politicians are members of the freemasons, many of whom have made their membership known to the public.

Not anyone can purchase masonic jewelry since jewelers have to be accredited by the lodge or commissioned by members and the jewelry especially the rings have to be tailor fitted to the member’s finger. The materials used in the ring depend on the member’s standing or position with gold being the highest. Jewelry worn by non-masons is considered fake or stolen. Several major jewelers who support niche jewelry are already accredited and sell masonic jewelry in stores or on-line. They come in various designs and materials depending on the tastes of brotherhood members.