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Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy jewelry centralizes on the symbol of fashion Jackie Kennedy represented, heavily influenced by French and American born jewelers. Spending nearly half her husband's presidential salary on fashion, Jacqueline Kennedy knew a breathtaking masterpiece when she saw it. Available to you at much less than half of a presidential salary, the Jackie Kennedy jewelry dazzles and charms. Browse our collection of Jackie Kennedy earrings and Jackie Kennedy Sunglasses, turn yourself into the modern day Jacqueline Kennedy.

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Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry

Jacqueline Kennedy Style

Thinking of true style icons, not just masters of fads, there are few women that can complete with the classy elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy . When we picture Jackie Kennedy we remember her pillbox hats, class suits, A-Line dresses, and beautiful accessories. Her style influence has spanned the decades from the 1960’s through today. While her clothes have certainly gotten attention over the years, her accessories were just important to her style. We all remember her hats, scarves, and chic bags, but it was her jewelry that was truly exquisite. Who doesn’t remember her triple-strand pearl necklace that was a favorite piece of her during her first term as First Lady? Another famous piece was the brooch that JFK gave her a few days before his inauguration. It was made of rubies and diamonds fashioned into the look of strawberries and stems. One can’t help but wonder if jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger was jealous when the gold and enamel bracelets he designed became known as Jackie Bracelets because she wore them so often. His gold and enamel earrings shaped like bananas were also a favorite of Jackie Kennedy. Maybe even more famous than her Chanel suits and pillbox hats were her fashion-forward over-sized sunglasses. So popularized by her (after JFK’s death and her marriage to Onasis) that they became known as Jackie O Glasses.

Jackie Kennedy Accessories

If you are like most women, you would die to have style like Jackie’s. Now you can. GemAffair has an amazing line of Jackie Kennedy Jewelry and Accessories. All of the pieces are members of the official Jackie Kennedy jewelry line and come with authenticity certificates. You can now steal Jackie’s style without having a presidential salary. It is rumored that Jackie spent half of JFK’s first presidential salary on her wardrobe. At that point her father-in-law stepped in and took over her clothing costs so that they would no longer be a political hot button. But with prices like these, no need to have a Kennedy for a father-in-law!

Bracelets and Watches

There are beautiful link and rope bracelets in both gold and silver. Many of them are adorned with Swarovski Crystals in a variety of colors. Among the beautiful choices there is a Rustic Howlite bracelet, a great charm bracelet, and a Floating Pearl bracelet, along with a black pearl bracelet set in gold. There are a host of bangle bracelets including a Tanzanite and gold bangle – perfect for those with a Tanzanite birthstone! There is a beautiful three string pearl bracelet, as well. And of course, you will find several styles of the enamel and gold bangle bracelets that Jackie Kennedy was known for. From the causal Patriotic Watch to a Dressy Blue Watch set in gold, the watches are a true find, too.


Among the selection of Jackie Kennedy earrings you will find earrings for pierced ears, but you will also find authentic clip-on earrings, just like Jackie wore. You will find earrings with Swarovski Crystals, those with black or white pearls, and others with Art Deco or Moroccan style. One of the most unique pieces is a pair of beautiful Zirconia Waterfall Earrings. Of course, there are several pairs of earrings pairing gold with enamel to match the bangles.

Necklaces and Pendants

The Jackie Kennedy Jewelry line offers many beautiful necklaces. From crosses, to beaded rope strands, to floating pearls to Howlite necklaces there are so many to choose from. One of the most popular choices is the Jackie Kennedy crystal cross necklace. You will find some mixing gold with enamel and others adorned with Swarovski Crystals. Without a doubt pearls are in the mix. There are single-strand pearls, along with double-strand pearls, and more than one version of the classic Jackie Kennedy triple-strand pearl necklace.

Brooches and Pins

Many of the beautifully crafted brooches and pins match the other pieces in the Jackie Kennedy Jewelry line. For example you will find an Art Deco pin. There are beautiful Sunburst Pins as well as a Sunflower Brooch. There is a delicate Heirloom Wedding Pin Set as well as a funky Ballerina Pin. The Jackie Kennedy Pin Set is as classy as Jackie herself. What line would be complete without a replication of the Jackie Kennedy Berry Pin?


Among the most popular rings in this collection is the Jackie Kennedy Pear-Shaped Anniversary Ring. You will also find a great Opaque Aventurine Ring in sterling silver and a 10th Anniversary Vermell Band in sterling silver. And what would look better with a Chanel Suit than a Solitaire Pink Created Kunzite Ring?


Perhaps the most fun category, here you will find everything Jackie Kennedy. What a better touch for your class dinner party than Jackie Kennedy Candlesticks in a Floral Pattern? From canvas, to leather to a must have Minaudier Handbag with Red Velour Lining and 24K Plating there are a Jackie Kennedy bags for every occasion. It is said that Jackie Kennedy had a big basket of sunglasses next to the door so she could be sure to have a pair every time she left the house. Why not set up a basket just like hers? And with GemAffair’s five different style of sunglasses, you will be set for any event.